40 Black Rooms That Make You Want to Go to the Dark Side

published Jul 17, 2019
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Black might be an obvious choice for the clothes that hang in your closet, but it has yet to become a go-to shade for walls. In an age when cool, California-inspired homes filled with neutral hues are seemingly everywhere, black rooms can seem, well, gloomy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is, a black wall (or a black-painted room) can be equal parts sophisticated and soothing. Below, 40 black room ideas that will make you want to go to the dark side:

Credit: Minette Hand

Go for Gold Accents

As this studio apartment in New York City shows, black bedroom walls always add a dramatic touch. The addition of a simple gold frame creates a luxe contrast to that delicious drama. Black and gold always look great together, and this room is no exception.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Mix and Match Black Paint With Lighter Furniture

Not into bright colors but still want to add personality to your space? This Montreal house tour assures us that it’s totally possible. This dining area is eclectic—we see you, artfully mismatched chairs!—without being too busy, thanks to the presence of black wall paint.

Credit: Minette Hand

Opt For Light-Colored Bedding

Artist Shayma Golden has a bedroom full of personality and flair. Large art pieces stand out against the pitch-black wall, while light bedding keeps the room from feeling gloomy.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Use a Washed Wall Finish to Soften it Up

Just because you’re embracing the black wall trend doesn’t mean your space needs to be pitch-black. Take a cue from Helen Ward’s UK home and opt for a washed wall finish. The colorful bedspread and planter accessories keep the space bright and cheery.

Use Wainscotting to Break it Up

This moody bathroom is almost too pretty to use! The London homeowners wanted the space to have a “traditional” feel, as they explained during their house tour.

Splash on Chalkboard Paint So You Can Sketch it Out

We can never resist a good chalkboard wall, and this fun kitchen tugged at our heartstrings. Chalkboard walls are great for homes with kids, but really work in a range of spaces. Need somewhere to jot down your to-do list? Want to create an art mural? The options are endless.

Make a Statement With a Black Hallway

If you don’t want to commit to painting an entire room black, a hallway can be a great place to start. The artwork hanging in this London flat stands out without being too overpowering. Plus, the shade makes it super easy to camouflage any accidental nail holes!

Credit: Cathy Pyle

Get Creative in the Kitchen

White kitchens are beautiful, but we see a ton of ’em. Instead, think outside the box and opt for a dark space. Black and brown don’t always complement each other, but the combo definitely works in this English abode.

Hang Some Bright and Colorful Artwork

We see you, oil portraits! Black walls provide a blank canvas to decorate however you please without looking stale and stark. We love how the green, blue, and gold pieces in this nineties-inspired room mesh together perfectly.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Camouflage Cooking Stains with a Black Kitchen

We spy another chalkboard wall in this Brooklyn house tour! The dark paint shade is a great choice for the kitchen, as it will hide any accidental food splatters and other casualties associated with this highly-trafficked spot.

Use Black Walls to Play Up the Bohemian Vibe

Black walls go boho in this cozy Boston bedroom. A warm orange pillow and plants make even a dark hue feel sunny and serene.

Or Lean Hard Into a Monochromatic Look

As this UK rental shows, black curtains and furniture pair nicely in a black painted room. When a room is rooted in solids, it’s easy to switch up additional accessories like pillows and throws as you please.

Let Black Paint Define a Simple and Sleek Space

Embrace your inner minimalist by using black paint in a sleek and modern space. This Alaska home features a black bathroom that oozes a Scandinavian sensibility. “We designed and built the entire home from scratch ourselves,” the homeowners explain.

Credit: Kim Lucian

Opt for an Accent Wall

Not ready to paint an entire room? A black accent wall, as seen in this California apartment, makes a great backdrop for favorite art pieces without requiring a major commitment—or tons of labor.

Bring Black into Your Outdoor Spaces, Too

Outdoor spaces don’t have to be full of bright colors to feel welcoming. Colleen Pastoor of Lemon Thistle created a sweet backyard with black rattan chairs and a D.I.Y. screen. We’d be totally down to gather out here with a book and cool drink in hand.

Mix Black Paint with Some Farmhouse Flair

Pastoor also brought the deep color indoors with this black-painted room. The hue looks lovely with her selection of rustic furniture, which we don’t see as often against sleek backdrops like this one. A knit rug keeps the space feeling cozy, which is key for any bedroom.

Credit: Sherry Hart

Play it Up with Panels

Think a basic black-painted wall is boring? Add some paneling! Sherry Hart of Sherry Hart Designs chose to paint her bedroom wall black as part of her fall 2016 One Room Challenge makeover. She also added the panels in the re-design process, which add some visual interest.

Credit: Bazaar

Use Black Paint to Designate a Cozy Corner

Don’t have a room that’s large enough for a home office? You can still get creative and transform a neglected nook into a useful work station, like Lindi of Love Create Celebrate did. The addition of black shiplap helps section off and define this unique space.

Keep Everything Else Simple and Minimal

Who needs a headboard when you have an accent wall? Minimalists, you’ll want to steal this look, stat! Portland resident Kristen Shenk said that the addition of greenery breathed some life into her sleek bedroom.

Say Yes to Black Shiplap

This bathroom by Tash and Kes of The Dreamhouse Project was transformed into a moody farmhouse, thanks to the clever use of shiplap. Dark light fixtures and a matching shelf complete the revamp, turning this tiny space into a serious design moment. As if we needed another reason to love shiplap…

Credit: Tricia

Don’t Be Scared to Add Some Texture

We can’t get over this gorgeous guest bedroom set up (seriously, what do we have to do to stay here?!), which features a black shiplap wall and boho details. Blogger Tricia of Simplicity in the South adds texture to the space with straw hats, which she found at thrift shops!

Credit: Monica Wang

Use it as a Backdrop for a Gallery Wall

Brass, faux bamboo, fun fiddle leaves, oh my: This space by Dee Murphy of Murphy Design features so many of our favorite things! Fortunately, the sleek, black wall acts as the perfect backdrop.

Or Feature it in a Home Office

A black wall adds some oomph to this charming English home office without being too loud or distracting. We love the inclusion of black Eames styled chairs—made more comfy with a fur throw—and the fun artwork hanging overhead.

Credit: Viv Yapp

Try a Cloudy Effect for a Shabby Chic Look

S is for serious style! But really, we love this house tour’s cloudy look, which is a neat alternative to the sleek black paint we more commonly see. Faux fur pillows and other shabby chic decor adds a vintage vibe.

Credit: Samara Vise

Curate a Colorful Collection of Curiosities

We bet we’d be pretty productive in Ryan and Amber’s little nook! Stacks of rainbow-colored books, a colorful lamp and poster, and a happy plant add some cheer to a simple space.

Pick a Pattern

This just in: Pattern lovers can still show off their favorite prints in a black room. This Chicago-based bedroom is eye-catching but not too overwhelming, thanks to its black and white hues.

Credit: Julia Steele

Swap in a Tropical Touch

Black, white, and… palm leaf! Go tropical with the addition of one of our favorite patterns and stick to a more traditional palette in the rest of the space. If you ask us, this Nashville home’s use of the palm print packs the perfect punch.

Credit: Ursula Carmona

Feature it in a Mature Makeover

Would you believe this living room belonging to Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona originally had avocado green colored walls? The transformation brings an air of sophistication and practicality to the space.

Dine Next to a Lovely Black Wall

The classy dining area in this San Francisco rental will make solo dinners way more glam. Simple touches like black curtain rods and a matching mirror help solidify the look.

Credit: Kerrie Kelly

Pick Some Black Grasscloth for Added Glamour

We love the use of black grasscloth in this bathroom by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. We’re totally adding a swiggly mirror to our shopping list!

Credit: Haneen Matt

Black Fireplace = Extra Fancy

We love how Haneen Matt of Haneen’s Haven styled her black fireplace area. She deftly mixed elegant items—like the ornate gold mirror and framed drawing—with a modern sconce and abstract art. After all, opposites do attract.

Credit: Ashlina Kaposta

Have Sweet Dreams in a Black Bedroom

As far as we’re concerned, this bedroom would be fit for the ultimate bachelorette pad. Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista created this cozy space featuring chinoiserie nightstands, a tufted headboard, and feminine accents.

Credit: Amy Rogers

Bring the Outdoors In With Nature-Inspired Pieces

Check out those antlers! In this Austin home, the fun statement piece pops on an otherwise solid black wall and dresses up this dining space.

Or Opt for Antlers

Antlers and black walls just seem to go together! In this loft, one piece of wall art makes a major statement against a dark backdrop.

Juxtapose a Black Wall Against a Brighter Shade

If you opt to incorporate multiple paint colors in the same space, don’t be afraid to juxtapose a bright shade alongside a solid black wall as shown above. This ensures the space isn’t too overpowered by what some may consider too bold of a choice for all four walls. Let this glamorous, California cool space show you how it’s done.

Create a Stairway to Heaven with a Black Accent Wall

In this lively, Puerto Rican home, a black wall features funky art pieces galore. If you need a place to hang all of your beloved prints, definitely place some along the stairway to draw the eye upwards and maximize wall space.

Credit: Leigh Anne Rowe

Create Chic Cabinets with Black Paint

Wendy Blackband of Blackband Design styled beautiful black cabinets that display some of her clients’ favorite treasures. A minimalistic approach allows the paint color to shine without being overwhelmed by accessories.

Create With Chalk

A black, chalkboard wall lets you write cute messages to guests and loved ones or create a funky sketch like this one a la this Brooklyn house tour. Either way, you’re bound to have tons of fun deciding what quote or symbol will grace the wall next.

Add in Polka Dots for a Sprinkle of Whimsy

This Michigan home’s bathroom is way more stylish than your average loo—just check out those gorgeous sculptures, the lovely piece of artwork, and that wreath! Small polka dots jazz up the otherwise black wall and create a whimsical flair.

And Plant Some Fruit on a Plain Black Wall

Craving a playful print? Let this New Orleans cottage offer some serious design inspiration. Pineapples always make a space feel more welcoming—they signify hospitality, after all—and can keep a black room from feeling too severe.