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This Weekend, We’ll Get You One Step Closer to Catching Up on Housework
Apartment Therapy Weekend Projects is a guided program designed to help you get the happy, healthy home you’ve always wanted, one weekend at a time. Sign up now for email updates so you never miss a lesson. Is there such a thing as being caught up on housework? I never have been. Even if your weekly chores have been completed and the laundry monster mountain has been defeated, there’s probably something around the house that’s been bothering you to get it done.
Oct 13, 2022
This Weekend: Even If You’re Busy, It’s Time To Pile It On
Okay, so it’s the weekend and you’ve been busy — probably the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning and bringing in heavier bedding. We totally get it — but a clean bedroom and freshly layered bed create a domino effect whose benefits multiply. You’ll sleep better, and feel better getting up in the morning. All it takes is a little effort this weekend and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards. Go Clean Your Room!
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