Nine Ways To Take Paper Snowflakes To The Next Level
The thought of making paper snowflakes may remind you of childhood memories of cutting out wonky, misshapen snowflakes only a mother could love. While the concept remains the same, this time around, the look is much more sophisticated— and your improved motor skills will come in handy. Armed with a quick tutorial, some project inspiration and a pair of scissors, you’re ready to snip your way to a winter wonderland.
Nov 30, 2016
What I’ve Learned About Christmas Trees (& Life) From Dolly Parton
I’m a life-long Dolly Parton fan and recently went to her concert here in St Louis. As always, she charmed me with her humor and humility, and her unapologetic “what you see is what you get” attitude, combined with love and acceptance for others. She’s brassy in the best possible way, and the queen of one-liners. Here are some of my favorite Dolly quotes from over the years, peppered with a bunch of Christmas trees that would make her proud.
Nov 29, 2016
This Designer Trick Will Make Any Small Space Look Larger
Try this over the weekend.
Nov 28, 2016
This Budget Buy Is The Only Holiday Decoration You Really Need
The holidays are here, and if the more traditional combos of red and green or blue and silver aren’t your ideal color schemes, you can still add some festivity to your decor by taking it in a more neutral, simple-chic direction. One way to do that is with strands of simple white lights. If you still want a bit of color, natural elements like greenery and branches are the perfect complement to twinkling lights.
Nov 27, 2016
This Weekend: Focus On This One Final, Often Forgotten, Thing
Have you been run ragged this week — getting your guest room ready, ensuring the holiday menu is set and special diets are accommodated, or finalizing travel plans? If so, in all the chaos, you might be neglecting this one not-so-little thing… Go Easy On Yourself: Thanksgiving is just the beginning of the busy season. Pace yourself by practicing some self care, making sure you’re tending to yourself as well as others. This is your holiday too.
Nov 24, 2016
Bed Bath & Beyond Wants You to Drink While Holiday Shopping
Bed Bath & Beyond has been trying to think outside the (big) box this year. The retailer’s newest plan to boost its bottom line? Opening a bar and restaurant in Brooklyn. The New York Post is reporting that the company is planning to open a restaurant serving wine and beer as part of its BEYOND at Liberty View store in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
Nov 15, 2016
Your New Winter Hobby: Custom Candle & Container Combos
It’s that time of year where we prepare to hibernate. That means cozy socks, piles of blankets, and lots and lots of candles. Thankfully making all those candles on your own is easier than you think. The best part about it is that you can make candles that are completely custom for you — which means your favorite scents in containers that match your style or space. Here are nine great DIY candle and container combos to help keep you busy (and cozy) this season.
Nov 14, 2016
Holiday Party Must Have: IKEA Bar Cart Hacks
Bar carts are entertaining secret weapons: 1) They free up kitchen storage from all those liquor bottles; 2) they encourage guests to help themselves; and 3) when styled nicely, they just look so festive, sparkly, and adult-ish —they are party decorations on wheels. While IKEA doesn’t sell one per se, their products offer endless opportunities to hack a bar cart that’ll cost less than a round of drinks.
Nov 10, 2016
Before & After: Adding Wow to a Home Workspace for $35
Sara is running towards the thesis finish line (go Sara!) and decided to revamp her work space to make it more comfortable and inspiring. Her sister gave her a back-friendly desk as a gift and she was able to add color and style to the space for under $35! From Sara: Since last month, I’ve been working from home two or three times a week because I am way more productive there and, as I have the deadlines for my Ph.D. thesis looming, I can’t afford any distractions.
Nov 9, 2016
Decorating Ideas Worth Stealing: IKEA Holiday Catalog
IKEA’s winter photoshoots are treasure troves of seasonal inspiration. Even if you don’t buy a single ornament from them this year, take these styling tips and decorating ideas back to your own home. Some are tweaks on familiar tradition, but all of them embrace the warm atmosphere and special feeling of the holidays. Go Dark: Instead of bright colors and garish decorations, go for a moodier, cozier space (lead image above).
Nov 8, 2016
Before & After: Hooray for This IKEA Hamper Hack
Out of context it is kind of hard to tell what this is, let alone take a guess as to what it’s going to become. Surprise! It’s an old IKEA hamper! After you’ve recovered from that news, scroll down and see Dan’s impressive hamper hack. From Dan: I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I saw this a few years ago on Apartment Therapy and knew I had to repurpose an old IKEA hamper that was collecting dust.
Nov 8, 2016
Countdown to Christmas: DIY Advent Calendars for the Modern Home
In December, every day leading up to Christmas is like a lil’ mini Christmas with the help of an advent calendar. Whether you fancy the minimalist look, or you’re waiting for inspiration to strike from the Target seasonal section, these 10 simple, no-frills DIY advent calendars are likely to fit in to any holiday decorating scheme. → Magical Mini Gifts That Are Perfect For Christmas Advent Calendars 1.
Nov 7, 2016
Simple 5-Minute Projects Are the Secret To This Small Kitchen’s Success
We recently finished redoing Tara’s rental kitchen, transforming it from a 1970s nightmare into a more livable and lovable space. After doing the more substantial stuff — like painting cabinets and redo-ing the floors — we added a bunch of space-saving storage to make it a small kitchen superstar. It doesn’t take much, just a few 5-minute projects here and there.
Nov 6, 2016
This Weekend: Don’t Let This Stand In The Way of Your Holiday
There’s a lot of pressure around hosting this time of year. When guests arrive, you’re not only spending a lot of time with those friends and family, but you’re also responsible (at least in part) for their holiday memories. With only a couple of weekends until Thanksgiving (and plenty of other holidays on its heels), are you and your home ready? If not, then this weekend, smooth the way to a stress-free experience where Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.
Nov 4, 2016
Before & After: Long Neglected Chairs Finally Find Time To Shine
Patience is a virtue for both Faith and these poor little ripped up chairs. After waiting a few years, they finally got their day in the sun — and boy was it worth it. From Faith: Back when I first opened my shop in the later part of 2012 I was in a real junk-hungry state. Possibly it stemmed from being overly optimistic, like that pathetic chic who still sees potential in her boyfriend even though he’s in jail, again.
Nov 4, 2016
Start Prepping For the Holidays With Your November Checklist!
As both the weather and daylight shift this month, we’re spending more time indoors — preparing for the upcoming holidays, welcoming guests, and prepping the house for winter. Your job is to keep both the cold (and colds!) at bay, and make your home a warm and comfortable place to be. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 3, 2016
Before & After: Chalk This Pretty Chair Up to Chalk Paint
Krys has a totally understandable addiction to thrifted chairs. This lovely lady got a stunning makeover with the help of some chalk paint and a very glamorous upholstery. From Krys: Confession: I’m a little bit of a chair hoarder. If I see a vintage chair at a flea market and it’s under $20 I usually end up coming home with it.
Nov 2, 2016
Budget Friendly Fixes for a Sad Sad Sofa
Your sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, and maybe your whole home, so you want it to look nice. Unfortunately, a sofa is also one of the most expensive furniture purchases you can make, and sometimes buying a new one just isn’t in the cards. Whether your sofa is saggy and sad, or just plain ugly, we’ve got some suggestions for budget-friendly ways to give it new life — and a new look.
Oct 31, 2016
Before & After: Beautiful Beam for a Bedroom
Liz’s bedroom was already a cozy and serene space with a sloped ceiling and white plan walls, but she wanted to add a little something special. From Liz: To get this project started, I adapted a few ideas from one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna Sue. This girl has added amazing faux wood beams in her home and recently did a bathroom makeover with lace curtains around a clawfoot tub that seriously left my jaw on the floor. It was to die for, you guys!
Oct 31, 2016
Before & Afters on a Budget: Under $1000 Kitchen Renovations
Are you looking to update your kitchen on a budget? This round up will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to make your dream a reality, without breaking the bank. These $1000 (or less) makeovers prove that a little can go a long way to make a space feel new.
Oct 30, 2016
5 Chunky Yarn Projects You Can Arm Knit (Besides a Blanket)
Super chunky knits are all the rage right now (we even had Kaitlin arm knit us a blanket on Facebook Live). After watching a cozy throw get knit in just 15 minutes, I wondered what other cool things you could make with this gorgeous bulky yarn. Here are five more projects for your home that you can arm knit in an afternoon: Who can say no to a chunky knit pillow? This is the sort of cushion cover that would cost nearly $100 at a store, but you can make for about $30 in yarn.
Oct 25, 2016
10 DIY Art Projects That Really Get Your Message Across
Lightboxes allow you to add a soft glow to your home whilst communicating whatever’s on your mind, be it your all-time favorite tweet, a declaration of love, your current prediction for Gilmore Girls‘ final four words, or a gentle reminder that rent is due. Every bedroom needs this one—it provides a lovely glow, and allows you to share sweet, dirty, and/or practical messages. Also lead image above.
Oct 21, 2016
3 Small Effort/Big Impact DIY Ideas to Steal from this Small Providence Condo
Sometimes it’s not the wall knocked down or the whole room painted that’s the visual impact your room needs — a small detail can pack a decor punch, too! The proof is in Erin and Tobin’s cute Providence condo: I spotted three small but mighty mini DIY projects in Erin and Tobin’s home — the kind of ideas you can do without a lot of time, tools or money. See if they’re small DIY details that could add personality to one of your rooms.
Oct 20, 2016
Built-ins on a Budget: DIY Ways To Get the Look Without a High Pricetag
Find out how to hack or recreate these covet-worthy architectural details.
Oct 19, 2016
The World’s Tiniest Decor: It’s All Just Too Damn Adorable
I had a dollhouse as a kid and have been a “miniac” every since. Thankfully it’s my job to share this stuff, because I could look at these all day and not get a damn thing done. Prepare to enjoy tiny versions of all the home stuff you love in real life. If you like high-end furniture and shopping accessories, check out Phillip Nuveen’s collection of Herman Miller (as shown above), Chanel & Louis Vuitton creations. Above, a miniature fish tank from Kristi on Etsy.
Oct 18, 2016
Halloween Makeup in a Minute: The Eye-Catching Venus Flytrap
Stunning, yet strangely unsettling, the prey-snatching venus flytrap is what Halloween dreams are made of. To channel the creepy-cool vibe, we used liquid eyeliner and magenta lipstick for a look that’s a cinch to recreate—even in your office bathroom before dashing off to the Halloween parade. You can pair this tutorial with a Venus Flytrap Fascinator, but the effect is captivating even on its own.
Oct 16, 2016
Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas that are Drop Dead Gorgeous
This Halloween, we’re delving into our dream worlds, crafting simple costumes that present a slightly unsettling version of reality—what if lobsters were hairpieces and eyeballs were as large as our heads? To pair with our Surrealist headpieces, makeup artist Jessica Sanner of Rouge NY schemed up some easy, last-minute makeup looks that take your face from ordinary to extraordinary, without having to blow your entire paycheck at Sephora.
Oct 15, 2016
This Weekend: Refresh An All-Important Feature This Fall
In the winter, your home’s windows work hard. Hopefully you’ve prepped them for the cold (and if not, weatherize first)! Because windows let in precious light and help you connect to the outside world during dark, bleak months. Make them more valuable by washing the glass, swapping out your old curtains for some new ones, cleaning the ones you have, or adding a refreshing little detail. Daylight hours are dwindling and all this helps really make the most of what you’ve got.
Oct 14, 2016
This Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Trick is Totally Transformative
So that Game of Thrones costume you were planning to sew a month ago just never happened? And now it’s an hour before the Halloween party? Don’t panic, procrastinators. Just reach into your makeup bag, grab some lip liner and the boldest red lipstick you own—this Surrealist makeup trick will rearrange your face in 5 minutes flat.
Oct 14, 2016
The Best Things You Can Do to Your Bathroom for Under $100
Bathrooms usually need the most work, but simple sounding changes can quickly tally into a 4-figure bill. When your budget’s not ready for a remodel, set your sights on smaller DIYs you can tackle yourself. Grab a Benjamin and a basic tool kit—here are 7 projects to easily take on this weekend. The magical powers of a single gallon of paint never ceases to amaze me.
Oct 13, 2016
Before & After: A Shiplapped Space for Under $150
After giving herself awhile to settle into her new space, Courtney decided it was high time for a workspace makeover. From Courtney: Since I work from home, I wanted to have a workspace that was inspiring and energizing to be in. After living and working in our home for over a year, I decided it was time for a change. I chose shiplap because it was inexpensive but made a big impact. After having the plywood underlayment cut at my local home improvement store, I went to work.
Oct 13, 2016
Contouring Like You’ve Never Seen it Before: Halloween Edition
What do you get when you give the contouring makeup trend a Surrealist spin? A defined jawbone, bright red eyebrows, and a look that screams “Halloween!”. You don’t need to be an artist to make this a reality—just use any clean paintbrush you have on hand and let your facial features be your guide. Top it off with a Dali-inspired Lobster Fascinator for a playful, low-effort take on high art.
Oct 13, 2016
Before & After: A Fireplace’s Terrific Tile Turnaround
Tiffany hit the rental jackpot with a gorgeous old fireplace. The only catch is that it came with not-awful-but-not-great yellow tile. Well, all praises be to contact paper because Tiffany was able to totally change the look of the tile and remain on her landlord’s good side. From Tiffany: One of the things that I knew I wanted to change in my rental was the yellow tile surrounding my fireplace. I’ll admit that once I moved in, the yellow tiles grew on me.
Oct 11, 2016
Venus Flytrap Bait: The World’s Cutest Butterfly Dog Costume
Now, this is what we call a couple’s costume. You get a cute-yet-creepy Venus Flytrap Fascinator, your pooch gets a sweet set of monarch wings to go along with it. Crafted from lightweight felt that’s looped right onto your pet’s harness, this is a costume your dog won’t mind prancing around in.
Oct 11, 2016
20+ Two-Person Costumes You Can Totally Pull Off This Halloween
Because every Burt needs an Ernie, Thelma goes with Louise, and who wants to see Siegfried without Roy? It’s more fun to dress up with someone else for Halloween, and it’s doesn’t need to be your honey. Team up with a friend for the party or parade, and use these two-person costumes ideas for inspiration. 1. Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things, from Shrimp Salad Circus 2. Unicorns from Brit & Co. 3. Zoolander and Hansel from Brit & Co. 4.
Oct 10, 2016
Kathy Covered Her Rental Cabinets With Wallpaper & This Is How It Went
Being a part of a military family means two things for Kathryn Bauer: renting and moving often. So she has a lot of experience creating comfortable, welcoming homes out of standard government-issue housing. When she and her family moved into their most recent rental in Japan, she countered the blank white space with personality-packed floral wallpaper on her cabinets. One year later she’s packing to move to a new home, and is back to tell us about her whole experience.
Oct 9, 2016
Super Surreal Nail Art: Sky’s-the-Limit Digits
If there was ever a good time to suspend reality, All Hallow’s Eve is it. Give gravity the night off and pair your Dali-inspired Lobster Fascinator with sky-high nails dotted with cotton ball clouds, a design created just for us by NYC-based nail expert Mei Kawajiri. Sure, you may not be able to do much while wearing these mini sculptures, but they’ll undoubtedly win you the dreamiest costume award.
Oct 9, 2016
Stacy Covered Her Rental Countertop With Contact Paper & This Is What Happened
Stacy’s rental bathroom started out just fine. She had white and grey tile floors, a grey-blue wall color, and a white pedestal sink. The bathroom was tiny, but there was a separate counter and mirror from the sink, with plenty of space to store her products. The only trouble was the green countertops, which made the bathroom feel dark and dingy despite it being light everywhere else.
Oct 6, 2016
Don’t Dilly-Dali: Make this Lobster Costume, Pronto!
You’ve probably seen Dali’s iconic Lobster Telephone, well now we present to you, the lobster bow. Stylishly Surrealist, this fascinator uses an oversized plastic crustacean and excessive amounts of royal blue veiling to full effect. We recommend pairing it with some next-level contouring and a side of butter.
Oct 5, 2016
DIY Furniture Knock-Offs That Really Knock It Out of the Park
Once upon a time there used to be a fairly definitive line between what a person should buy and what was possible to DIY. This is not the case any longer. Thanks in part to the maker movement growing to epic proportions over the last decade, and the buzzing blogosphere that churns out jaw-dropping tutorials at record speed, our collective confidence and relative body of DIY knowledge is out of sight.
Oct 4, 2016
DIY Costume in a Snap: Venus Flytrap Fascinator
A lot pretty, a little creepy—this Venus Flytrap Fascinator is exactly the look we’re going for this Halloween. Constructing this headpiece is less work than assembling a head-to-toe costume, but the look is still every bit as eye-catching. Watch the how-to video to see how it all comes together.
Oct 3, 2016
Renters Weigh In: Are Temporary Adhesive Design Products Still Working Months Later?
We write all the time about DIY ways to deal with what the rental gods gave you, and the solutions to temporarily mask the old and the ugly. But how do they do in real life? We recently asked a bunch of people about their experiences with various adhesive products — contact paper, window film, and temporary wallpaper — and here’s what they told us!
Oct 3, 2016
Get A Jump On Winter With Your October Checklist!
It’s October (gasp!) and the cold — really cold — weather will be here before you can snap your fingers. Get a jump on winter by taking care of a few things in and around the house now, while it’s still bearable temperature-wise, and you aren’t knee deep in snow and ice.
Oct 1, 2016
How to Turn Your Pup’s Poncho into a Cute Costume
If you’re donning a Dali-inspired Lobster Costume this Halloween, then your sidekick should be something that brings out your best—that’s right—glorious butter. Painting a store-bought poncho makes this costume completely no-sew, and guarantees a perfect fit. Laid-back pooches, like our office dog Zuzu (above), won’t mind getting topped off with a silly butter pat hat. Combined, you two will make a delectable duo.
Sep 29, 2016
Before & After: Reviving a Dark & Dated Rental Bathroom
Amy was #blessed with two very crucial elements of a rental makeover success: an apartment with good bones and a generous landlord. She took those gifts and ran with them, turning her bathroom into a totally lovely, stylish and calming sanctuary. From Amy: The first thing I did when I signed my lease was ask my landlord if I could paint the bathroom.
Sep 28, 2016
Win The Halloween Puppy Parade: Cute No-Sew DIY Costumes For Dogs
Start with your pup’s own harness, hoodie or raincoat, and easily transform them into a ridiculously adorable outfit for Halloween — all without a stitch. And hey, want to match your pet? These dog costumes are great on their own, but we’ve even come up with human costumes to match. Together you two will be the hit of the pet parade. A Poncho Becomes . . . A Stick of Butter Above, Zuzu’s yellow raincoat does double duty as packaging for a stick of butter.
Sep 28, 2016
Super Surreal Halloween Headpieces (That Work With Your Own Wardrobe)
Want a one-of-a-kind costume this Halloween? You’re only limited by your own twisted imagination when you make one of these surreal headpieces to wear with a basic black outfit. That’s already a kickass costume, but add in some equally surreal makeup and nail art, and you’re one melted clock away from a Dali painting. Get tons of ideas and how-tos here!
Sep 27, 2016
No Knife Needed: Make Picasso-Inspired Pumpkin People This Halloween
We like to imagine that if Picasso decorated more jack-o’lanterns, they’d look a little something like this. To collage your own pumpkin person, just cut out facial features from magazine clippings and decoupage them onto a real gourd or a last-forever Fun-Kin. This has got to be the easiest jack-o’lantern ever. Magazines Pumpkin, or Fun-Kin, from $20 (fake pumpkins you can keep forever!) Matte decoupage medium, like ModPodge, $1.50 for 2 oz.
Sep 26, 2016
This $5 Buy Is The Key To Your Kick-Ass Halloween Costume
Halloween may be the most fun you have all year, but trying to nail down an unforgettable and unusual costume in the weeks before is just so not. We’ve got something that you can easily make, AND it works with what you already have in your closet. Let your weird and wonderful holiday begin with this one inexpensive purchase!
Sep 26, 2016
How to Make An ’80s-Inspired Patterned Tile Planter With 98¢ Tile
House plants are a great addition to any home and stylish planters make them even more part of your decor. We asked artist and surface designer Dana Finnigan to share her favorite method for making a handmade tile planter — which you can customize with your own pattern. Take it away Dana…. 10 x 10 cm Tiles (or, for U.S.
Sep 24, 2016
Before & After: A Living Room is Lightened & Brightened Up
Barbara was tasked with creating a living space that reflected the personality and interests of her clients, all while making sure it was baby friendly. She added pattern, texture and soothing color to create a welcoming family living room. From Barbara: The clients who just moved into this space really wanted their vibrant and eclectic personalities to shine through into their new home just outside of Boston.
Sep 12, 2016
Before & After: A Multi-Purpose Guest Room Perfect for Sewing & Sleeping
Regine had a blank slate of a room and wanted to maximize the utility of the space while crafting a cool and beachy look. With some smart shopping, she was able to transform this space into a chill and welcoming spot! From Regine: Originally this room was a closet and storage for things that didn’t quite have a place, but it came time to make it an official guest room while also making it possible to turn this into a sewing space where I can make clothes.
Sep 10, 2016
Before & After: A Master Bedroom Brings on the Drama
Jessica takes the whole “revamp a room with a coat of paint” thing to the next level. A moody color, some serious stencil action and a metallic accent create a bedroom full of high drama. From Jessica: My husband had trouble sleeping in our very bright master bedroom. I decided to try a deep moody paint color and stencil to make the room more inviting and more comfortable for sleeping. I began with a deep teal paint color.
Sep 9, 2016
9 DIY Ways to Completely Rethink Your Shoes
Maybe you have a pair of shoes sitting in your closet that just needs a little more pizazz — or maybe there’s a certain style that you crave but can’t quite fit in your budget. Whatever the case may be, these nine DIYs are a great way to dress up your heels for fall, and add a little excitement to your wardrobe without spending a lot of cash. DIY jeweled heels from Honestly WTF.
Sep 4, 2016
Before & After: From Boring Beige to Black & White Beauty
Krystal looked at her beige fireplace and saw a blank canvas. She got to work painting tiles to bring some pattern to her living room. From Krystal: I started with a piece of wrapping paper, it was the best paper I had to cut to the size I needed for the tile stencil. After priming and painting the tiles white, I worked on sketching the pattern on the paper which took quite a while, and trust me it’s not perfect! I used a razor blade to cut the stencil out.
Sep 1, 2016
Put the Summer Heat Behind You & Ease Your Home Into Fall With Your September Checklist
September means that fall is in full swing and energy levels get ratcheted up a notch. Summer Fridays are a thing of the past and work and school are in full swing. But the good news is that the scorching days are behind us, and cooler ones aren’t far behind! This month, put the summer heat behind you, and get ready to spend more time indoors. Devote a little time this month to do some projects that will make your home more cozy.
Aug 31, 2016
How To Make New Glass Look Old & Old Glass Look New Again
Glass vases, votive holders, and jars are beautiful finishing touches to any shelf, table, desk or mantel. With so many empty florist vases, mason jars, and basic candle holders in this world, it helps to know how to transform them into a statement piece —no matter what your style. Here’s how to take basic glass and either make it look like an old world collectible, or the newest trend. It’s all possible.
Aug 30, 2016
No Excuses: Easy Ideas for a More Beautiful Bathroom on the Cheap
Short on cash? Can’t afford to remodel? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking bathroom. Try one of these DIYs that will have your space looking like a million bucks. Have an ugly wall-mounted sink? Try adding these DIY gold sink legs, as shown on the blog Lovely Indeed to get the look of a pedestal sink on a budget. DIY cedar bath mat, as seen on Home Free, for a spa-like feel on a budget. DIY pineapple bathmat as seen on Dream Green DIY.
Aug 29, 2016
Color Lovers Rejoice! 4 Easy DIY Projects to Transform an All-White Room
Inspired by tropical trends and natural woven decor that screams summertime, we’ve created some simple DIY projects that work room-altering magic. Start with a $10 IKEA lamp, a $4 pillow cover, an $8 mirror, and those wire baskets you have lying around—add some basic crafting supplies—and presto, each of these items looks more chic. Whether you do one project or dive in on all four, your home is going to get a serious dose of style. This room features four super-easy upgrades.
Aug 25, 2016
9 Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Floors For As Little As $50
If you hate your floors, but are a little short on cash, I’ve got good news. A new floor can cost a ton of money — but it doesn’t have to. Here are nine budget-friendly ideas for upgrading your existing floors so you can get a whole new look without spending a whole lot of money. This vinyl floor cloth, demonstrated by designer Kerra Michele Huerta in an article from the Washington Post, is a great option for renters as well as homeowners on a budget.
Aug 25, 2016
#EntrywayGoals: When Storage Is Tight and There’s No Coat Closet In Sight
The closet by my front door is overflowing with jackets, raincoats, and accessories. It’s packed so tight, I can’t even reach into that closet to grab anything. Heaven forbid I should need to add anything else to the mix. I’ve got to find a solution to keep in-season outerwear at the ready, and a place to stash guest coats at a moment’s notice.
Aug 23, 2016
Before & After: A Modern DIY Fire Pit
With a small budget and a lot of will power, Tanya turned her crumbling fire pit into a super modern lakeside hangout spot. From Tanya: The fire pit that came with my Lake Superior house was slowly crumbling and wasn’t much fun to sit around (I absolutely hate putting chairs on the grass because, living in the country, I’m petrified of ticks).
Aug 22, 2016
Before & After: Freshening Up a Free Dresser
Nicole took one look at this dresser in “horrible condition” and saw major potential. Thanking the furniture gods for the fact that it was a paintable plywood, she set about turning this freebie into a fresh & stylish piece. From Nicole: This ugly red painted plywood dresser was in horrible condition. Missing hardware, holes and scratches everywhere but I loved that it was plywood so I could paint right over that ugly red!
Aug 21, 2016
11 Ways IKEA Can Rescue Your Cluttered Entryway
No matter if you have a non-existent entryway or a spacious foyer, this is one of those spots where clutter seems to pile up before anyone notices. Lucky for us, we can always count on IKEA as an endless source of inspiration for team clutter control. Add one of these hacks or upgrades to your entryway and you’ll gain some extra storage space that also makes a great first impression. When in doubt, wall mount.
Aug 19, 2016
Before & After: A $5 Light Freshens Up
Ashley made some small but seriously impactful changes to this old light. By saying goodbye to a few details and adding a new bulb, she made a stylish and subtle update. From Ashley: Old kitchen pendants or chandeliers are easily found at garage sales and thrift stores. I picked this light up for $5 and knew it had potential. The glass itself was in good shape but the electrical portion of the light had to go.
Aug 19, 2016
Big Impact, Small Effort: Easy Upgrades for IKEA Furniture
One of the best things about IKEA pieces is the myriad ways you can tweak, hack, tinker with, and customize them to create beautiful, unique pieces on a reasonable budget. And the changes you make don’t have to be big, time-consuming ones — sometimes all it takes is just a little effort (and a little ingenuity) to turn a piece into something you’ll be proud to show off. Take a look at these seven super-simple IKEA hacks.
Aug 18, 2016
Before & After: Adding Some Pretty to the Pantry
Ash was about to put his house on the market, so he took a second look at his kitchen and came up with an ingenious and sophisticated idea for sprucing up his pretty blah pantry situation. From Ash: Simply stated, our pantry was an eyesore. It was a little nook of shelves with old curtains pulled to each side. We were going to put our house on the market soon, and in looking at the competition, we kept seeing very similar houses with beautiful kitchens.
Aug 18, 2016
Before & After: Realizing a New Room’s Potential
We’ve been seeing so much really great, eye-catching wallpaper in recent years, that it’s become easy to forget why it had such a bad rap not that long ago. Luckily, Laurène’s pre-trend wallpapered living room is here to remind us. With a super simple paint job and some excellent furniture selection, Laurène was able to maximize the natural light in her space to create a cozy living room/dining area.
Aug 15, 2016
Before & After: Beautifying a Beat Up $5 Furniture Find
Kristine purchased this beat up bad boy for $5 knowing she could make something out of the mid-century style. After some serious blood, sweat and tears it is now a gorgeous patterned side board. From Kristine: I started with this crappy old sideboard which I picked up for just $5… I bought this baby “site unseen” (after a friend sent me a photo) because I loved the clean mid-century lines and generous proportions. I also really liked the fact it looked so disheveled.
Aug 6, 2016
Successfully (& Gradually) Transition Into Fall With Your August Checklist!
August sometimes feels the beginning of the end, and it’s hard to just enjoy these last warm weeks and a relaxed, vacation mentality. Do what you need to do to feel ready and prepared for the upcoming fall season — and all that entails — but also cling to your summer days — because it’s just not over yet!
Aug 4, 2016
Before & After: A Painted Leather Sofa Surprise
I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable brown leather sofa for a while now, and had just about given up when this one turned up on Craigslist. It wasn’t the color I wanted. I was hoping for something a little less Manhattan and a little more Marfa, but for 50 bucks, I figured I could experiment with changing the color. Can you paint a leather sofa? I did! And I’m in love with the results. Let’s take a closer look… And another close up.
Aug 3, 2016
Smart Upgrades That Make Loft Beds Much More Livable
If you’re short on space, lofting your bed is one of the best ways to magically gain square footage. However, sleeping in the sky is not without its challenges—I’m looking at you, late-night ladder navigation. Here are 14 ways to make your loft bed dreamy. The built-in cubby smartly stores extra pillows and blankets—and books, if you’re me. The addition of a bedside outlet is so helpful, allowing for a phone charger, radio, fan, and more.
Aug 3, 2016