10 Editor-Tested Sleep Essentials That’ll Make You Feel More Rested During Sleep Awareness Month (And All Year Long!)

published Mar 1, 2023
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I’m pretty sure March was chosen to be National Sleep Awareness Month, because it’s when we change to daylight saving time and have to reconcile our internal clocks with the ones on our phones. It makes sense: The best time to take stock of your sleep habits — and consider trying out new ones — is when they’re already thrown a little out of whack and need adjusting. Luckily, those habits don’t all require you to change your behavior; we’ve found lots of products that help you get better sleep without adjusting your routine.

Of all the mattresses, pillows, blankets, and bed sheets that our editors test, a few of them continue to stand out above the rest. These are the bedding essentials that our editors love for themselves and recommend to friends and family. They actually help us sleep (and some of us can’t sleep without them). And to help you start getting more sound sleep this month, we’re sharing our editors’ top 10 bedding goods. Pick any one of these to upgrade to and you’ll notice the difference on the first night — seriously!

1 / 10
was $419.00

Because this topper is made with the same proprietary foam that Tempur-Pedic uses in their award-winning mattresses, it's a great way to get the benefits of a more expensive, high-tech mattress at a fraction of the cost. This model is also better than other mattress toppers on the market because it has a removable cover that you can wash and is highly breathable so you stay comfortable while sleeping. It helped our shopping editor Britt Franklin get a better night's sleep, and she found it to be a superb value "It’s great for those who prefer a soft-but-firm feel for their bed and don’t have the extra cash to shell out for a brand new mattress," she wrote.

2 / 10
Cushion Lab
was $135.00

Our editors found this contoured pillow to be the best option for side sleepers, although when testing it, our Best List Editor Britt said it was great for every kind of sleeper. "The best thing about the shape of the Deep Sleep Pillow is that it’s contoured for comfort for all types of positions," Britt wrote. "It has high and low neck supports and side-sleeper bolsters that create a cushioned cradle whether I turn to the left or right, as well as ample support when I am on my back." Not having proper support from your pillow can easily throw off your sleep, and this one makes sure you're always taken care of.

3 / 10
was $289.00

Apartment Therapy's Shopping and Style Editor Blair said this quilt is one she will want to keep forever because it strikes an ideal balance between feeling lightweight and cozy. "The former can likely be attributed to its 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton construction, while an insulated, overstuffed fill makes up the latter — and thus, the high-quality cloud-like allure," Blair wrote. It keeps you comfortable whether you're a hot or cool sleeper, and you can keep it on your bed year round.

4 / 10
Helix Sleep
was $2373.80

If you have a few minutes, Helix's sleep quiz will pair you the perfect mattress for your sleeping style. But our editors still recommend their Midnight LUXE as the best all-around mattress for everyone — back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, you name it! This hybrid mattress uses memory foam, gel foam, and wrapped coils to offer superior support. Our Deputy Lifestyle Director Madeline also liked the Midnight LUXE's quilted pillow top layer (because it means she doesn't need a mattress topper) and said overall, "I feel like a queen sleeping on a Queen."

5 / 10

Having the right environment to fall asleep in is crucial to maintaining good sleep hygiene, and noise is a big contributing factor. Our editors found this to be the best overall sound machine, considering its impressive collection of sounds, and they liked all the extra features that put it over the top. It has a programmable light that mimics the sunrise to help you wake up more gently and can be paired with a free app to create a customized light and sound schedule to fit your sleep patterns.

6 / 10
My Sheets Rock
was $199.00

These earned the title of best cooling sheets because they do an amazing job of regulating your body temperature while you're sleeping. Their fabric, a rayon made from bamboo, has a wonderfully soft texture and is naturally great at wicking away moisture. Our Commerce SEO Editor Sarah Vazquez described the fabric as offering the smoothness of silk and breathability of cotton. “Not only did I sleep soundly and comfortably, but I also woke up sweat-free and without a hair out of place.”

7 / 10
was $179.00

Our editors found this 100-percent cotton duvet cover to be their favorite. It gets its high-end look from the sateen weave, which has a shiny appearance, and our shopping editor Britt Franklin appreciated that its lightweight construction kept it from being too heavy or trapping too much heat. With 14 colors and patterns to choose from, it can also update your bedroom's entire style.

8 / 10

By having its down fill sewn into small, discrete boxes, this comforter's fill won't bunch up or shift around on you while you sleep. That makes this more enjoyable to use in the long run and helps it feel lighter, which AT contributor Stella loved. "It quite literally feels like sleeping beneath a cloud," she wrote. "It's lightweight but instead of feeling hollow or bouncy, it feels like it’s giving you a gentle hug every time it settles on top of you.”

9 / 10
was $30.99

Even if you don't have trouble falling asleep at home, a good sleep mask can be a lifesaver when you're doing long-distance plane or train travel (or just sleeping in an unfamiliar place). This mask was our editors' top pick because it did the best job of blocking out all light, thanks to its "nose wing" design that keeps it secure against your entire face. They also like that the jersey cotton material is comfortable yet breathable and that the adjustable strap lets you find your perfect fit.

10 / 10
was $42.99

A great silk pillowcase needs to do at least three things: resist wrinkling, zipper shut, and not tear. This one checks all those boxes and comes in at an impressively affordable price, so it was a clear winner for our editors for best silk pillowcase. If you haven't tried one before, they're great at keeping you cool while you sleep and can even be gentler on your facial skin than cotton pillowcases. Our contributor Allie found this one held up well over time, too: "After washing, sleeping on, and comparing it to the others tested, MYK’s pillowcase remained the softest with the least amount of post-wash wrinkles.”