11 Editor-Loved Furniture Finds We Were Obsessed With This Year

published Dec 20, 2023
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It’s not easy to buy furniture — even when you’re the editor of a lifestyle publication. There are so many options to choose from, and so many sources to shop from, that even those with the most resources can have trouble knowing where to turn. At Apartment Therapy, we know that the struggle stays real. Even when it’s possible to make selections with the push of a button and have it delivered in a matter of days, the option of ease doesn’t make the decision process any easier. If only others could help narrow the options down. 

Well, thankfully, our editors have spent the last year testing a wide range of furniture, and they have thoughts. They’ve either tried out something that went viral on social media, tested their luck with a brand that’s enjoyed steady online buzz, or even opted to scroll through the options in person. Below, read the 11 editor-favorite pieces that we couldn’t stop raving about this year — from sofas and benches to office and dining chairs — and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for. 

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was $94.99

Working from home comes with a lot of upsides, but one of its downsides is clear from the start: You usually spend hours on end seated in one position. Enter: This TikTok-approved Pukami office chair, which has a sleek armless build that allows workers to sit cross-legged if they so choose. Commerce SEO editor Sarah Vazquez ordered this chair off Amazon after scrolling past it, and was able to assemble it entirely in about 20 minutes. But that wasn’t its main appeal — its cushy seat was. “The seat is made from memory foam that is super supportive for both my hips and spine,” Vazquez wrote. “And yes, with this chair I can finally sit ‘criss-cross applesauce’ as I do my work — something I never thought would be possible, especially as a plus-sized woman.”

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Shopping for sofas online can be a lot of fun, as it eliminates having to sift through giant furniture showrooms, but it can also be nerve-wracking to spend so much on an item you’ve never seen in person. Burrow’s Range Sectional Lounger looks beautiful on a screen, and luckily is just as appealing in real life. “I chose the four-piece sectional lounger — so it’s three seat cushions with one extension — and when I first set it up, I made sure the sectional’s footrest was on the right side of it,” wrote former Deputy Lifestyle Editor Madeline Bilis. “But most importantly, this bad boy can change shape to fit seamlessly into my next home, no matter the layout of the room.” Another bonus? More pieces can be added to its frame, if Bilis ever needs more seats.

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West Elm
was $799.00

We’re all guilty of making concessions about old and uncomfortable furniture, simply because we’re not ready to go through the purchase of expensive replacements. That’s where writer Meg Asby found herself when her wobbly dining chairs were on their last leg (pun intended). She finally decided to buy six Slope leather dining chairs from West Elm, and years later, they’re still as good as new. “If you can swing the cost, these chairs are a buy-it-for-life investment,” Asby says. “Seven years later, our chairs are still in fantastic shape, despite daily use. I fully expect that someday my grandchildren will be earning their right to sit in the very same seats my children occupy now.” If that investment seems like too big of a budget-buster, wait for the brand’s rolling sales. This style is bound to be included soon.

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Albany Park
was $2047.00

In a perfect couch-buying world, all sofas would be soft enough to lounge on for hours on end, but still firm enough to keep their shape through it all. Alas, that’s often not the case — unless you have Albany Park’s 84-inch Kova Sofa and ottoman. According to Commerce Editor Britt Franklin’s review, the softness comes from the hypoallergenic vegan fill, which is a new feature of the sofa’s redesign. Other standout details? “Because the ottoman can be moved to either side of the sofa or completely out of the way, you’re able to make it as comfortable as you need it to be at any given time,” she writes. “Truly, the updated Kova Sofa feels like an upgrade from the former model. It’s more plush, so it’s easy to sink down and really nestle in for a while.”

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An all-white couch can be a tough sell, but if you’re considering the two-seat coconut sectional from Homebody, Style Editor Blair Donovan thinks you should go for it. Based in California, this direct-to-consumer furniture brand built this sectional to have soft yet stain-resistant upholstery, so the messes of everyday life don’t blemish this beauty for long. “Folks, I’m not at all being hyperbolic when I tell you that Homebody’s design is one of the — if not the — coziest, never-want-to-get-up kind of couches I’ve experienced in my life thus far (I’m currently even writing this review from it, TBH),” Donovan writes. “I mean, you’re essentially lounging on a giant, luxurious, yet supportive pillow.” While the cushions do have to be refluffed, that was her biggest qualm. And it’s not that big of a problem — especially if you’re after a casual-cool look.

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There comes a time in every young adult’s life when “good for the moment” couches no longer cut it. Those are the types of sofas that you live with on a tight budget — even when they leave a lot to be desired, if only to save on expenses. That’s how Senior Commerce Editor Ian Burke describes the “before” of his sofa situation prior to purchasing this Castlery Owen Chaise Sectional after he moved in with his girlfriend. This sectional is modular, clean-lined, and neutral, with padded arms and a deep seat that Burke loved. “And, because it’s elevated, there’s some room for under-couch storage,” he says. “You can also choose which side you’d like the chaise to face, which is a huge bonus if you’re working with a small space. They also throw in two pillows, which I’ve found to be dangerously comfortable when working on the couch.”

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Raymour & Flanigan
was $1699.95

Now, just because the slew of sofas that have so far appeared in this list have been from direct-to-consumer brands doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a beloved showroom find in the mix. After having no luck with DTC sofas, contributor Caroline Mullen found what she was looking for in the Raymour & Flanigan Wilkinson Sofa, which she spotted in person at the New Jersey store. “I have plenty of praise for this couch, but what sold us above all else was the incredible depth and plushness of the seats,” Mullen wrote. “After months of feeling like we were perched on a piece of cardboard in front of the TV, sinking into the showroom model had us immediately “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” in anticipation of afternoon naps, cozy WFH days, and movie nights.” And even though it has a more traditional silhouette than a modular frame, it still won’t go out of style.

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was $218.89

Two-for-one furniture is always a good idea, and you can’t go wrong with a bench that also happens to be a storage ottoman. This one from DM Furniture was making the rounds on TikTok when former Assistant Editor Savannah West spotted it, and she purchased it from Amazon when it was finally back in stock (leave it to TikTok to sell out furniture when it’s really getting attention). The ottoman could work in a living room or bedroom, and West put hers in her living space. “This bench is even more beautiful in person,” she wrote. “The material is soft, bright, and surprisingly easy to spot-clean. What I love most is that it’s 17 inches deep, so it offers tons of storage space for blankets, diapers, and baby toys that I don’t want to leave out in the open in my living room. I haven’t done much sitting on it, but it’s a great spot to put on or take off shoes, and you can definitely offer it as a perch to guests if you’ve run out of sofa or chair seating.” Consider it an item that’ll be as flexible as you need it to be.

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Sometimes going bold with a sofa can be thrilling — particularly if you’ve been eyeing a certain color for a while. Editorial Assistant Morgan Pryor had never owned her own sofa, and used the opportunity of upgrading to a larger apartment to get the one that really stood out to her. “Since parting with my studio this summer, I’ve been decorating my new place — which has its own separate living room (!!!) — and the first order of business was to acquire a sofa,” she says. “And, after years of window shopping, I knew a green one was the way to go. Luckily, I had the chance to test out Article’s Burrard Sectional, which has completely lived up to my years-long green sofa dream.” The verdant shade has variations in it that conceal spills stylishly, and Pryor appreciates its density. This means that the cushions won’t lose their shape anytime soon, and she can admire this sofa’s good looks for years to come.

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Finding a furniture item that functions as a catch-all in an entryway without looking like it’s trying too hard is a tall order. But Editorial Shopping Director Jada Wong was tired of the area nearest her front door always looking messier than she intended, even after frequent cleanings, and wanted something that could do it all. “Enter: The Article Thari Bench, which is a winner from our first-ever Organization Awards,” she wrote. “Now, the entryway is a much more welcoming area for guests, and much less of an eyesore for me.” This mid-century modern item features a wood front and iron legs, with a cushioned seat on top. There’s also a built-in shelf beside the cushion, for everything from house keys to mail. Nothing is out of place, and yet, everything can stay right here.

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7th Avenue

In the past, if you were brave enough to buy a white sofa, then you had to have a thick skin when it came to the everyday matters of life. In other words, it used to be understood that a white sofa wasn’t going to stay white for long. That’s how General Manager Yasmin Lashley felt about this hue before she tried the modular chaise sectional from 7th Avenue. The fabric on this sofa is entirely stain-resistant, yet despite that hardiness, is still soft. It has memory foam and down-alternative cushions, which are protected by slip covers that can be removed when needed. “It combines the aesthetic I was seeking with utility,” Lashley says. “It’s not like a precious museum piece that you can’t enjoy; I can actually use it day to day and not worry about it getting filthy because the covers are washable.”