12 Space-Saving Cooking and Organizing Tools from Joseph Joseph Our Editors Can’t Live Without

updated Jan 8, 2024
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When our editors try out new tools in their homes, they consider two facets over everything else: practicality (how well it does what it’s supposed to do) and affordability (whether it’s fairly priced). If something doesn’t tick the practicality box — although ideally it does well in both — then we wouldn’t recommend it to you. After all, if it doesn’t pass muster in our homes, it’s not good enough for yours.

One brand that consistently proves itself to be worthy is Joseph Joseph. All of their products solve problems and make tasks easier, and each one has a simple and stylish design that helps keep the price point low while still looking good in your space. Over time, our editors have fallen in love with some of Joseph Joseph’s goodies, so we’re sharing the best of the best with you. Check out our Joseph Joseph top picks from editors and contributors from AT and our sister site, Kitchn — you might find your next favorite cooking or organizing tool here.

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For a no-drill storage addition, try this cabinet organizer that slides into place. It's the perfect tool for holding rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil, and it can help you reclaim cabinet space by moving those items off the bottom of your shelves. Kitchn contributor Cheryl Fenton said this storage accessory helped her save money, too, by encouraging her to stop buying oversized rolls of aluminum foil (that often went unused) and just buy smaller sizes that fit in this organizer.

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This utensil is an interesting combination of a spatula and a slotted spoon. It's great for scooping food such as shrimp out of its cooking liquid so it can be properly plated and sauced, and it also works for removing pasta from boiling water. Kitchn contributor Aly found that it came in handy in all kinds of cooking situations. "It’s truly a game-changer for anything that needs to be drained, strained, or scooped while cooking," she wrote. "I can really see it becoming a mainstay in my kitchen."

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If you live in a small space, you know the importance of taking advantage of vertical space. When looking for a clutter-free way to store cutting boards, SEO commerce editor Sarah fell in love with this set, which comes with a hanging holder that easily attaches to any cabinet. "As I’ve been looking for a cutting board to replace my larger, clunkier one, I loved the idea of this set not only housing them off and above my countertop but also supplying smaller boards; it was a two-in-one solution I didn’t even know I was looking for."

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was $14.99

By storing utensils in angled slots, this drawer organizer takes up less room than traditional flat organizers, making it great for small kitchens. Kitchn contributor Lisa reported that the angular design doesn't make handles stick up and stop the drawer from closing, and she found the icons labeling each slot helpful for knowing which utensils go where. "The system is basically perfection," Lisa wrote.

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At this price, a complete set of mixing bowls and measuring spoons — that also includes a colander and a mesh strainer — is a great deal. And because you can store them all together they save space in your cabinets and your drawers. AT contributor Sholeen especially liked how they streamlined her kitchen tasks: "Cooking has become less chaotic, thanks to the set. When I’m ready to bake a cake, whip up dinner, or prep a salad, I simply take the large bowl out of my cabinet and I have every single tool I could possibly need at my disposal."

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Because the head on this toilet brush is made of a flexible plastic material, it doesn't wear down or hold onto debris the way that traditional bristle-headed brushes do. Our AT contributor Nicole used this brush for years and found the shape to be an upgrade, too. "The head is D-shaped and flexible, so it really gets into all the crevices, especially under the rim," she wrote. "It cleans just as well as, if not better than, traditional bristles, and since the bristles have a good amount of space it’s also super easy to rinse off."

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was $24.99

This microwaveable popcorn maker is nearly as quick and convenient to use as bags of microwave popcorn, but the end result tastes way better. You get gourmet, stovetop popcorn that's ready in minutes in your microwave, and you can eat right out of the cooking container. Our commerce SEO editor Sarah also likes that this device lets you choose your portion size.

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One side of this cutting board slopes slightly downward and has a border for catching chopped ingredients. It's a subtle feature, but it helps you prep ingredients more quickly and prevents food from spilling onto your counters. The other side has a set of short spikes in the middle that hold large pieces of meat or loaves of bread in place so you can slice them more safely. Kitchn contributor Su-Jit called this her ideal cutting board because she always has it out.

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This Y-shaped dish rack makes the most of your counter space by letting you store plates up top and bowls, mugs, and glasses on the bottom. By not having an X-shape like most compact dish racks, this one gives you more room for a variety of small and medium sized dishes. Kitchn contributor Michelle loves this smart design so much she calls it "the dish rack 2.0."

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was $24.99

Our editors prefer this horizontal knife organizer over big blocky ones because it's compact enough to fit inside a drawer, where it won't take up counter space. For Kitchn contributor Michelle Tchea, this solved her problem of accidentally damaging knife blades by keeping them loose in a drawer where they would get dinged by other utensils. "My life in the kitchen feels calmer and less stress-y now that I have this bamboo knife holder," she wrote.

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These lid holders transform unused space inside your cabinets into an essential storage spot for notoriously awkward-shaped items. Since they attach using adhesive tape, they're also renter friendly. Kitchn contributor Rochelle found they could hold heavy and extra-large lids as well as regular-sized one, so she was understandably impressed. "Because these organizers are so inexpensive, it’s worth springing for an extra set to wrangle all of your lids," she wrote.

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This spice organizer slides onto any kitchen shelf to give you a convenient spot to store up to seven spice jars. Its frame is thin enough to allow cabinet doors to close over it, so you can either install it inside a cupboard or leave it hanging off the bottom. Kitchn contributor Stella noticed it would also be great for holding small cleaning supplies, such as sponges and brushes.