The 22 Best Green Living Room Ideas That Are So Serene

updated Nov 2, 2023
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When it comes to choosing a paint color for your living room walls, why not think outside the box a bit and go for a shade of green? No matter if you’re choosing a color for a small living room or a large one, green is a perfect shade for incorporating serenity into your space, and bringing the outside in (perfect for dreary winter days when the sky is an unending shade of gray).

Scroll through the delightful green living rooms below to gather inspiration for paint colors and other shades that pair well with green.

1. Moody Green

The dark green living room in this vintage-inspired Brooklyn apartment is giving us all the moody vibes.

2. Patterned Wallpaper

A deep green wallpaper with a sophisticated pattern, like the one in this Oregon RV, is a fantastic choice for any living room.

3. Embrace Contrasting Colors

This London home is full of bold contrasting color combinations — take a look at their stunning living room, which features green walls paired with bright purple and blue furniture.

4. Consider Coastal Hues

A muted green living room makes this rustic Hawaiian gazebo-turned-homestead feel extra coastal and cozy.

5. Paint Your Fireplace Green

Feeling bold? While white fireplaces aren’t uncommon these days, a green brick fireplace is an unexpected-but-fun choice. Just take a look at this Ohio home!

6. Explore Vintage Themes

In this Victorian living room, a floral green and blue wallpaper is a colorful way to embrace the home’s history.

Credit: Pati Robins

7. Curate a Gallery Wall

A deep green living room is perfectly complemented by a gallery wall that’s full of personality, as evidenced by the eclectic living room in this Wales home.

8. Pretty In Pale Green

If you’re not into the moody look (a la the dark, deep green living rooms in this list), try a softer approach: The pale green walls in this Michigan farmhouse are peaceful and charming.

9. Create a Mural

This L.A. abode is just too cool with its fun patterned mural, plentiful plant life, and inviting green sofa. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all have such stunning walls?

Credit: Abe Martinez

10. Try a Funky Sofa

Can’t fully commit to green? Start with a green couch and a patterned rug that also features the shade, as was done in this Austin, Texas, abode. Before you know it, you may find yourself picking up a paintbrush and feeling ready to go all in.

Credit: Claire Bock

11. Pick a Pattern

Come on, don’t be shy! If patterns are your thing, go wild, just like the residents of this London flat did in their living space. Smaller pieces like a throw pillow and lamp shade help tie the various shades of green together.

12. Experiment With Mint

We promise you that mint isn’t just a color reserved for nurseries. It can look lovely and sophisticated in your living room, too! This Dutch home manages to incorporate green in a way that’s subtle but still plenty sweet.

13. Go Modern

This downtown L.A. home is full of spunk (and amazing architecture — check out those gorgeous exposed brick walls and those dreamy beams). The living room is full of green glam vibes, thanks to the statement sofa.

Credit: Emma Fiala

14. Try Some Teal

While teal is generally considered more of a blue-ish green, it still falls into the green family and can be a very calming and soothing shade. This Minnesota home features a nice and moody living room that would be oh-so-perfect to curl up in as the snow falls.

15. Make a Sunny Combo

Green walls paired with a warm yellow couch equals happy feels. This London home is warm and super inviting because of this fabulous color combo.

16. Compare and Contrast

A large green wall makes a major impact in this home in Qatar. Wood shelves and other neutral pieces pop against a bold background.

17. Paint a Stylish Statement

Once again, a statement wall wins! We love how the vibrant green plants add even more energy to this boho New Mexican space.

Credit: Minette Hand

18. Go All In With One Shade

Go a step further and paint your built ins and door a moody shade that matches your walls perfectly. It creates a super cozy, cave-like effect. We love the delightful shade featured in this Virginia Victorian home.

Credit: Mike Hetu

19. Let Your Walls Shine Bright

This sunny living space in a Michigan home is colorful and collected, featuring many of the owner’s vintage finds. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright hues like this one.

Credit: Stacy Sheppard

20. Combine Light and Dark Greens

Stacy Sheppard gave her living room a mini revamp both by painting the walls green and adding lots of plant life, too. The darker furniture pieces keep the space looking natural and relaxed.

Credit: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman

21. Add Some Texture With Painted Frames

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess chose to make an accent wall in her living room and added texture by hanging thrifted picture frames and painting over them—how clever? This technique is a great way to keep a solid color from looking too one-dimensional.

Credit: Ashley Mayes

22. A Splash of Sage

How cozy looking is this space by Ashley Mayes? We love how the black coffee table and oversized light fixture pop against the forest green walls.