The Brand Behind Some of My Favorite Kitchen Cleaning Products Just Relaunched Two Fan-Favorite Fall Scents

published Aug 15, 2023
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basket of fall-themed cleaning products
Credit: Grove Co.

During my time as a writer for Apartment Therapy, I’ve gotten to try a number of different home cleaning brands. Cleaning supplies are a product category I’m always down to test because, unfortunately, the task is unavoidable and never-ending. Among all of the items I’ve tried, three of my favorites come from Grove Collaborative. If you’re not familiar, their site carries a wide range of brands that are sustainably focused, whether that entails reducing plastic waste, using non-toxic ingredients, or practicing cruelty-free manufacturing. Personally, though, I love Grove Co.’s own line, which recently shared some exciting news.

Now that fall is fast approaching, they’ve released an autumn-themed, limited-edition collection called Traditions Aglow. It has everything from dishwashing supplies to scrumptious-smelling candles, and all of the items are available in two fall-inspired scents. The scents were released around this time last year and sold out within two weeks, so there’s no telling how long they’ll be available. But if the fanfare is any indication, these products really work, and they smell wonderful, to boot!

By far my favorite product from Grove Co.’s cleaning line, this surface cleaner concentrate will have all your counters and tabletops sparkling in no time. I got my set in a different scent five months ago, and despite using it every day to wipe down the kitchen counter between meals, I still have about half a spray bottle left. All you have to do is mix the concentrate with water, give it a slight shake, and spray! You can even purchase the two-pack with one of Grove Co.’s glass spray bottles, which I also own and love, and three microfiber cloths. In addition to completely degreasing your kitchen and removing food stains, this surface cleaner will leave the vicinity smelling like limited-edition Harvest Apple, a blend of crisp apples and warm, woodsy spices.

The other scent in the Traditions Aglow collection is Spiced Pumpkin, which carries notes of caramelized sugar, buttered pumpkin, and toasted almond spice. It goes without saying that this one’s for the pumpkin spice lovers out there, so grab a bottle of it in the form of Grove Co.’s best-selling dish soap. You can either buy a refill and pour it into your own container, or purchase a refill along with a glass dispenser. When I first tried the dish soap, I was initially skeptical that it might not be effective, as it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. In reality, this soap suds up like a dream and removes all residue, which can also be said of the hand soap from the same line.

In short, we can’t promise that these fall-themed products will be available for much longer, so we suggest stocking up on the collection now. If you love getting into the seasonal spirit, we have no doubt that you’ll enjoy the exciting new scents. And most importantly, your kitchen will look all the more clean and cohesive for it.