I Don’t Have a Green Thumb, But These Stylish Planters Are Keeping My Plants Alive

published Jun 13, 2022
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Credit: Amber Kelly

I’m a proud mom of two English ivy plants. The rest are lost causes. No, they’re not neglected, they’ve simply succumbed to their environment: low light, city pollution, a cat, a home invasion (squirrel), and a battle (cat vs. squirrel). This is why I’ll be buying more Loop Living self-watering wall hanging planter bundles to add to my collection, which adorns my space like a gallery wall of plants.

Bright, natural light in my apartment is a rare sight, but when it does come, it cheekily aims itself at the back wall of my living room, spitefully dodging each and every floor plant I have. Plant stands could never quite reach the light, nor did they protect my plants from my cat’s frequent and destructive munchies. I’d also failed too many times at hanging plants from the ceiling to attempt that route again. Discovering Loop Living’s wall hanging planter bundles gave me some relief — maybe I could display my plants in a cool way while keeping them fed and away from my cat. It was the installation I was worried about.

But take it from me: There’s nothing to worry about. Loop Living’s wall planters come in a small, lightweight box along with the screw and anchor needed to install them. They even have how-to videos that clearly visualize the assembly process, which I found extremely helpful, just be sure to hang your plants on a concrete, brick, or studded wall — no drywall! I apprehensively started with just one planter from my bundle of two, but I was able to install the floating hanger arm in no time at all. The rope and wooden hoop planter holder are already attached, so not only was the hardest part already done… It wasn’t even that hard! Once I had my plant happily repotted in its new Loop Living self-watering planter (there’s a video on that, too), I nestled the small dish that’s included into the hanger’s wood hoop, following suit with my plant. Done.

Here’s the exciting part: One week later, my English ivy (for which I had little hope) was thriving. Like, twice-as-many-leaves thriving. The self-watering mechanism involves rope that extends through the bottom of the planter and rests inside the small dish. The dish acts as a water reservoir, feeding water to the rope which slowly carries moisture back into the plant. Now, I can leave for weeks at a time and not worry about my plants. I can even leave the room for a few minutes and not worry about my cat dotting them with bite marks. Not only do I have living (read: thriving) wall art now that gets me all the compliments, but it’s art that sustains and fortifies itself, growing, changing, and getting more beautiful over time. When’s the last time anything under $100 did as much for your space?

Buy: Wall Planter Hanging Duo Bundle, $86.40 (previously $96)