The Room You’re Most Likely to Unpack First, According to Your Zodiac Sign

updated Oct 11, 2022
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The stars aligned perfectly and you signed a lease on a coveted apartment or emerged victorious in a bidding war for your dream home. Congrats! Now, it’s time to unpack and get settled in. Sure, you don’t need a full-on horoscope to tell you where to start; but your zodiac sign might inspire you to prioritize one room, or space, above all others. To help, we asked astrologists which room you should unpack first—based on your sign.

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Aquarius: The entertainment center

The first house guests Aquarians are likely to welcome? Their cable and internet providers. This sign is known to have an affinity for technology, explains Los Angeles-based astrologer Rachel Lang. “They would set up the electronics first, especially speakers so they could listen to their favorite podcast or playlist while they unpack the rest of the house,” she says. Psst, Aquarius, here’s a well-curated list of books, podcasts and websites to help you take the best care of your home.

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Pisces: The master bathroom

If a Pisces has pets or children, they’ll likely unpack for them before unpacking for themselves, explains Lang. The selfless sign loves caring for others and will want to make sure their children’s rooms are comfortably set up or that Fido’s stylish bed is perfectly positioned in a ray of sunshine. “That said, it might help for Pisces to unpack their bath products so they can relax in water, their element, after a day of moving,” Lang suggests. We’re guessing Pisces would especially appreciate some spa-like upgrades in their master bathrooms.

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Aries: The living room

“A social Cardinal sign, Aries would likely invite friends to come over and help,” says Lang. Pizza and beer anyone? Because these extroverts will want to be surrounded by their friends, setting up a gathering space is essential. That way they can have a place to relax after moving day and enjoy some celebratory (but easy-to-mix) cocktails.

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Taurus: Your art

Before Taurus starts unpacking boxes, they’ll make sure the rugs are in place and their best paintings are perfectly hung on the wall, Lang says. “Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, and Taurus generally has an eye for design and a unique sense of style,” she says. Their home becomes a reflection of their refined aesthetic.

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Gemini: Home library (or the home bar?)

It’s a toss up for Gemini, and frankly, depends on which one of the twins shows up on moving day (this sign is defined by duality.)

Gemini just might unpack books first and get the home library arranged. “As an intellectual air sign, Gemini generally appreciates learning new things,” Lang says.

Or, perhaps Gemini would get that home bar (or at least bar cart) in top-top shape. Geminis will likely want to invite friends over for cocktails and worry about unpacking later, says Jenna Smith of My Stars! Horoscopes.

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Cancer: The bedroom

The sign of Cancer is linked to the home, says Lang, and they love when their space feels like a nest or sanctuary. “This often starts with the bedroom,” she says. Having a cozy space to sleep and relax is essential for making them feel a sense of home in their new space. Here’s exactly how to create a cozy bedroom, according to Pinterest.

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Leo: Entryway

Appearances matter to the proud lion, who will focus on the front entry first, says Smith. “When you walk into a Leo’s home, you are immediately ‘wowed’ by the interior, and you can’t wait to see what the rest of the place looks like,” she says. Yeah, this sign knows how to make an entrance and that starts with an inviting welcome mat, impressive light fixtures, and a fab front porch.

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Virgo: Kitchen

With a focus on detail, Virgos will want to unpack their kitchens first so they can organize their drawers and cabinets to perfection, Lang says. “Virgo is a health-conscious sign and probably has a host of kitchen tools to make healthy cooking easy,” she says. “The kitchen is where organization matters most.” Budget-conscious Virgos, here’s some tips for organizing your kitchen for under $100.

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Libra: The closet

Libras love beauty, harmony and peace, so it makes sense they have a special appreciation for a sizeable and well-organized walk-in closet filled with their favorite clothes and accessories. “Libra generally takes pride in their appearance and enjoys shopping,” Lang says. “They, like Taurus, are ruled by Venus and have a refined sense of style.”

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Scorpio: Meditation space

You’d think it would be the bedroom for this sexy sign, says Smith. But, plot twist! It’s actually a meditation area, whether it’s in the corner of a living room or somewhere else in the home, they’ll want to make sure they’re maintaining emotional and spiritual balance, she says. Among all the signs, Scorpio is most likely to sage a place and then set up their crystals, incense and candles, Smith says. After the space is set up, here are some guided meditations for every part of the day.

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Sagittarius: The ‘war room’

This sign, symbolized by the bow and arrow, will need a space dedicated to strategy, and that could look different depending on the particular archer, Smith explains. Known travelers, Sagittarius might hang photos of coveted travel destinations. Or, leave it to this optimistic and enthusiastic sign to have a vision board.

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Capricorn: The home office

Capricorns tend to prioritize work, so they’d waste no time getting their home office set up, says Lang. Overall, they’d tend to take a practical approach to moving: Unpack the things they use on a daily basis, and, from there, focus on what they’ll need over the week (or weeks) of unpacking. “They are practical and hardworking,” Lang says. “For Capricorn, they would want to get the job done in record time.” To get started, here’s what to do in the first 24 hours in a new place.