Nico Tortorella Gave Us a Peek Inside Their Beige, ’80s-Tastic Living Room

published Apr 29, 2021
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Credit: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

’80s style is definitely back. From burl wood and pastels, to wicker and even glass blocks, the decade is popping up here, there, and everywhere — including in Nico Tortorella’s living room.

The “Younger” star recently turned their camera on for a chat with Apartment Therapy, and during the conversation, Tortorella gave a mini tour of their living room. While the point was to showcase their houseplants, it granted us the rare opportunity to see what we’re deeming as their beige, ’80s-tastic space.

The first ’80s moment that we noticed, though, was when Tortorella started moving the camera across the room, and a partially mirrored, partially beige room divider came into view. “This screen back here, we just found it in Hudson [New York] last weekend,” Tortorella told Apartment Therapy. “I got this dining room set on eBay for $200 — it’s ’80s, super shiny, and we just found this screen that matches it perfectly.”

And thanks to Tortorella’s partner Bethany Meyers, who’s been documenting their home renovation on Instagram, you get to see both pieces (and an additional credenza) via Meyer’s “Renovation” Highlight. “This room belongs in 80s Miami and I’m here for it,” Meyer’s wrote in one of the photo captions.

As you look around the room, you’ll also notice cream-colored couches with colorful brush marks across them that are a complete blast from the past. Additional retro items include a mirrored entertainment center that ties in nicely with the screen divider, as well as the oval-shaped coffee tables that adds some curviness to the room. And while this isn’t specific to the ’80s, let’s not forget all the gorgeous houseplants that definitely bring in that tropical, Miami-like vibe Meyers spoke of.

While we drool over their current interiors, we can’t wait to see more glimpses of their new home in Weehawken, New Jersey that Tortorella wants to decorate with a “poppy, space-age astro vibe” in mind.