These 10 Patios Will Make You Want to Paint Your Floors

updated Jun 26, 2019
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(Image credit: The House of Wood)

Patios are a tricky thing to upkeep, what with them being outside in the elements all year long. If you took the time to thoughtfully decorate your outdoor space, then you’ve probably noticed a few of the most common pet peeves that homeowners face. Rugs get sun bleached and crack from the intense summer heat, concrete gets dingy and grimy from alternating rains, and a bare floor slab has a tendency to make the space feel unfinished or in-progress. But what’s a person to do?

A great workaround is to invest in a couple of stencils and play around with painted patio floors. From faux-tiles, to mid-century prints, to elaborate area rug designs, there is something for every aesthetic. To get you thinking what you can do with your own concrete slab, check out the painted patio floor inspiration below!

1. Beautiful Blues

(Image credit: Old Brand New)

Do you see this beautiful blue and black alternating tile work? These actually aren’t carefully placed tiles, but painted concrete! This DIYer, Dabito from Old Brand New, built a pergola in his backyard, but after just six months the white concrete floor began to turn grimy. He wanted to leave his jute rugs out by the couches all year as an accent to the decor, but living in New Orleans and experiencing the amount of rain they get made that option a non-starter. So the solution was to bring out a stencil and create a more weatherproof solution, and we couldn’t be more impressed!

2. Faux Jute Rug

(Image credit: The House of Wood)

For those that would love to have just an accent on their patio instead of a whole faux-tiled design, then you can copy Jen Woodhouse and create a DIY concrete rug. After finding that one too many patio rugs faded from the constant barrage of sunshine in her backyard, Jen decided to just paint one directly onto the concrete. The end result was a beautiful Mediterranean area rug created with a concrete stain.

3. Get Graphic

If you like to work with a little more negative space and have a less busy pattern, then this geometric gray and white design is a great quirky and understated choice.

4. Classic Black-and-White

Transform drab cement patios into a black and white monochrome haven with this eye-popping tile tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Featuring alternating triangles that come together to create a retro-chic pattern, it will make your house plants and ferns in the outdoor nook really pop.

5. Nothing But Neutrals

If you love the way stenciled concrete looks but don’t have the kind of style that calls for bold, look-at-me-designs, then you can create a more quiet space depending on what paint colors you choose. For example, this patio has a tranquil, beachy air thanks to its beige and white stencil work.

6. Getting Fishy With It

Trade in traditional tile motifs for a statement making fish-scale design. This black and white floor motif adds some major drama to the backyard space.

7. Stare Worthy Stairs

If you have a deck or patio with stairs, stencil faux-tiles onto the steps to create a cohesive and luxurious aesthetic in your backyard.

(Image credit: Etsy/StencilsLabNY)

If you’re ready to create your own painted patio, places like Etsy have a beautiful selection of tile stencils. This particular pattern is a modern geometric print, and you can use it on everything from accent walls, floors, patios, staircases, and even backsplashes.

(Image credit: Etsy/StencilsLabNY)

Want to introduce Palm Springs circa the 1950s to your pergola? Look no further then this floral stencil.

(Image credit: Cutting Edge Stencils)

For those a little more confident with their painting skills, this stencil can be painted using three different colors, allowing you to create a more elaborate design by breaking up the circles from the flower motifs.

If you’re tired of throwing away weather beaten rugs or walking across grimy concrete, give this painted patio idea a go this summer. It will completely transform your backyard!