The 9 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing Home Renovations, According to the Property Brothers

updated Apr 14, 2021
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The Property Brothers just completed 400 home renovations, so they’ve seen their fair share of best and worst practices people make when working on their homes. Drew and Jonathan Scott have had a few mishaps themselves — from Drew’s 12 pairs of split pants over the years, to four incidents of throwing each other into a pool (or another body of water).

As you can imagine, the brothers learned a lot from all the reno projects they’ve tackled throughout the years — including important steps that are commonly forgotten, which then lead to bigger problems. But luckily, in the Renovation Issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal, they shared findings that will hopefully prevent others from making the same mistakes.

Here are the most common things people forget when they take on a home reno project, according to the Property Brothers.

1. Make a storage plan.

You don’t want to be figuring out where to store all the contents of a closet while you’re also trying to remodel it. Make a plan ahead of time as to where all your stuff is going — whether it’s a storage unit or an extra bedroom — and clear the space in advance.

2. Think through your layout carefully.

Sure, you can probably fit a bathroom next to your child’s play room, but why would you want to? No need to hear Mindcraft during your bubble bath. Think through the logistics of how each family member will use the space ahead of time.

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3. Install enough outlets.

We’re all attached to our devices much of the day, and that means we need more outlets than we did a decade ago. Don’t forget to install counter-height outlets for kitchen appliances as well as plenty of home office outlets. Nobody has ever said, “Why are there so many outlets in here?”

4. Choose durable materials.

People with pets and kids may watch HGTV renos and think, “That would last one day in my family.” If so, opt for more durable materials so your house is usable for your specific needs, in addition to looking pretty.

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5. Double-check that you have the right permits.

So you’ve hired a contractor. Great first step! Are you sure they have received the permits you need to move forward? Instead of assuming so and regretting it later, make sure to ask. This will prevent a logistical headache if they’ve missed something.

6. Breathe easier.

Renovating can be dusty. Take some precautions such as putting up tarps to protect non-renovated living spaces, using a filtration system like Molekule, and changing your air filters frequently

7. Save on future energy bills.

It’s not as fun as choosing kitchen cabinets, but investing some of your reno budget into foam insulation will save money down the road on energy bills and make you more comfortable in your own space. Foam insulation is sprayed into the space behind your walls to decrease air flow coming in from the outside into your home. Just make sure you to bring in professionals as the chemicals can be hazardous.

8. Put your health first.

No home reno is worth your lungs! Watch out for lead, asbestos, and other issues, which you can test your home for — especially if it was built more than 30 years ago — in advance of the renovation.

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9. Go stand at the curb.

What does your home look like from the outside? Increasing curb appeal, both for yourself and to sell in the future, is a significant and often overlooked home reno opportunity. Check out your landscaping, siding and paint color, and other features to upgrade the great outdoors as well.