How to Fit a Nursery in a Small Space

updated May 3, 2019
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From sleepless nights spent caring for your crying baby to being on bottle and diaper duty 24/7, parenthood is one of the most challenging milestones you may ever experience—and the last thing a new parent should worry about is setting up the nursery.

In a perfect world, you’d have an expansive wing for your bundle of joy to crawl, coo, and play in. But in reality? You’re probably working with a crammed room (if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room at all). If square footage is at a premium, check out these space-saving tips.

(Image credit: Glitter Guide)

Maximize Every Nook, Cranny, and Closet

Got a walk-in closet to spare? Transform it into a nursery as seen in this space from Glitter Guide. Perfect for tiny apartments and starter homes, a walk-in closet can easily fit a small crib, which is all you need before your child starts crawling. Add some temporary wallpaper, a hanging mobile, and presto: A cute micro-nursery.

(Image credit: Design Life Kids)

Defy Gravity

Sometimes the only way to go is up—especially when you live in a small home. A hanging crib, like this one from Design Life Kids, will slowly rock your baby to sleep without taking up precious floor space. Unless you’re a DIY pro, enlist a professional to install this crib for you. Better to be safe than sorry! (And you wouldn’t want to include the pictured throw pillow in the crib when baby’s in it).

(Image credit: The Marion House Book)

Let’s face it: Between the surplus of bottles, diapers, and cute baby clothing, every nursery needs a lot of storage space. Instead of buying an expensive—and bulky—dresser, pick up a couple storage bins. They can fit all your baby’s stuff but are slim enough to slip underneath the crib, as The Marion House Book proves.

(Image credit: Duo Ventures)

Double Duty

Or, if you really need all that storage space, find a dresser that can at least do double duty. After all, why buy a changing table and dresser when you can simply place a changing pad on your dresser like Duo Ventures did? Mic drop.

(Image credit: Crystal Palecek)

Wall to Wall

Have more furniture than your small space can handle? Place them along the perimeter of the room, like Crystal Palecek did in this room. Sure, your space will still feel tiny, but it’ll create a natural opening for your tot to play in.

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Create a Cohesive Space

Just because your home is too small for a separate nursery doesn’t mean it has to put a damper on your style. If the whole family’s living in the the same room, a neutral color palette will make the space functional and easy on the eyes. Let Apartment 34 show you how it’s done.