The Must-Do Summer Bucket List Item for Your Enneagram Type

published Jun 22, 2023
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It’s finally summer — the season of fun! Whether your calendar is already filling up with trips and projects, or you’re drawing a blank on how to spend these newly long days, don’t forget to squeeze in the summer activities you love the most. To narrow it down, we’ve chosen one thing you absolutely need to do this summer, according to your Enneagram type. 

If you don’t know your type, you can take an Enneagram test to find out. The Enneagram system is made up of nine personality types that take into account your strengths and challenges. (Everyone has qualities from all nine within them, but there are usually tendencies that dominate your personality). It’s a tool used to help you understand yourself better, and in this case, to help you decide which activities definitely belong on your summer bucket list.

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Type One — The Reformer: Try Plogging

As the reformer, you are principled and purposeful in your actions. Your integrity and constant striving for balance makes the sustainable practice of plogging the perfect summer activity for any type one. The term combines the word jogging and the Swedish term “plocka,” which means “to pick,” and the concept is simple — you collect garbage while exercising outdoors. Your acts of simultaneous community service and self-care make for a summer activity that’s guaranteed to feed your sense of justice. 

Type Two — The Helper: Volunteer 

As the most empathetic and sincere of the enneagram types, your spare time this summer will be well-spent volunteering. Whether that means you joining a plogging group with some type ones, or putting some hours in at your local food bank, your warm-hearted and altruistic nature makes you the model volunteer. Any place that’s looking for extra hands will be charmed by your unconditional love for others, and the act is sure to fill your desire to feel appreciated. 

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Type Three — The Achiever: Plant a Garden 

As a type three, you’re ambitious and energetic. You are also very goal-oriented, so why not engage in a summer activity that elicits some rewards? Gardening provides an opportunity to perhaps re-route your workaholic tendencies into a more therapeutic investment. A successful garden also calls for a bit of endurance, and threes can rise to the occasion. Growing your own food would make anyone feel accomplished — especially the achievers. 

Type Four — The Individualist: Take a Solo Trip

Fours, plan a solo trip this summer to satisfy your introspective nature. As an individualist, you already feel a certain disdain for ordinary living — especially wing fives, who are referred to as “the bohemians” of fours. Take the trip as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, or to reaffirm the parts of your identity you know best. As an individualist, having a strong sense of self is important to you, so set aside the time to renew yourself and your creativity. 

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Type Five — The Investigator: Try Stargazing 

Fives, at your best, you are visionaries who are able to see the world in a new way. So it would only make sense that you spend a summer evening stargazing. Your insight, curiosity, and focus would make you an elite stargazer, likely able to remember where and when you can see the seemingly endless constellations. 

Type Six — The Loyalist: Go Glamping

As a six, your basic desire is security, which is why you’ll be able to kick back and relax while glamping this summer. Glamping offers the best of both worlds: You can enjoy the outdoors while being in a controlled environment with plenty of amenities. Sixes are still fun, energetic, and occasionally spontaneous, so you’ll be able to tack on more outdoorsy activities to your itinerary if desired — with the knowledge you’ll be returning to the coziest of camping conditions. 

Type Seven — The Enthusiast: Learn a Summer Sport

You’re a seven, which means you want to do all the things. You probably want to do everything on this list and more because you never want to deprive yourself of a fun experience. Your constant craving to try new things means you should pick up a summer sport. Whether it’s joining a summer volleyball league, trying surfing, or picking up pickleball, honing in on a new immersive activity will feed your fun-loving soul. 

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Type Eight — The Challenger: Plan a Picnic

If you’re an eight, lend your resourceful nature to a fun and free summer day of picnicking in the park. Since you’re naturally in charge of things, lean in by curating the experience. Assign out what everyone should bring, choose the location, have a rain date, make the playlist, acquire the cooler bag — your decisiveness will be appreciated when it comes to planning the perfect picnic.

Type Nine — The Peacemaker: See a Drive-in Movie

Type nine, you’re the chill friend anyone can take anywhere and the pure embodiment of “just happy to be here.” Enjoy an easygoing outing by seeing a drive-in movie. You can let everyone else argue over which movie to see, because you’ll vibe no matter what you end up watching. You love when everything goes as planned, so you’ll have the foresight to pack chairs, blankets, snacks, and drinks for a low-key and cozy drive-in experience.