4 Sofas All Trendy Living Rooms Will Have in 2024, According to Designers

published Dec 3, 2023
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A living room and dining room area on a carpet with woven chairs.

In terms of living room trends from this year, bouclé and velvet upholstery, sculptural furniture, and analogous colors were all the rage. Comfortable, cushy silhouettes also came to the forefront and will probably stay there for a little while. With a new year on the horizon, I decided to ask a handful of designers on some of the interior trends they’re predicting in 2024 — specifically for sofas. Hint: You can expect clean lines, understated elegance, and a few other surprises. If you’re interested in buying a new couch in the near future, or just curious to know what’s slated to be popular, keep these 2024 sofa trend forecasts in mind. 

Credit: Erin Derby

Single-Cushion Sofas 

Designer Lauren Williamson of Austin, Texas-based Cedar & Oak Homes thinks that the days of getting the remote lost between the couch cushions could be a thing of the past. “Slipcovered sofas with one cushion seem to be showing up everywhere (shoutout to some of our favorite couches from Sixpenny!),” she says. “They create this comfortable, cozy, approachable, ‘stay here for a while’ type feel.” They’re also somewhat easier to clean, too, as you only have to remove one cushion to vacuum out the frame.

Credit: Erin Derby

Traditional Lines

Although the world fell in love with wavy and more fluid-shaped furniture and decor — especially mirrors — Brooke Spreckman, founder and principal designer at Los Angeles-based Design Hutch, says this look already feels somewhat outdated, even for couches. “The wavy velvet-framed floor mirrors — they feel like a trendy TikTok in real life,” she says. “I know that a lot of these obscure, modern shapes were also in style for a while, and I think that trend is on its way out unless you’re fully balancing it out with other more neutral, organic, and timeless elements.”

Slipcovered Simplicity

Because they’re the ultimate furniture workhorse, sofas need to be as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. That’s why Williamson predicts slipcovers will continue to make a living room comeback for both sofas and accent chairs. The designer notes they’re “easy to wash, easy to maintain, and easy to refresh without breaking the bank.” Add a new slipcover and a few simple throw pillows, and you’ll feel like you have a whole new sofa. 

Credit: Tessa Cooper

Quiet Luxury

The economic hardships that came after the indulgent, over-the-top ‘90s and early aughts inspired a pared-back, simplistic wave of design. Today, following the pandemic, that trend continues, as renters and homeowners make more intentional shopping and decorating decisions. “I think what we’re going to see more of in 2024 is a lot of very simple, neutral, earthy, slightly modern styles … I believe that people want a space that can feel warm and neutral, elegant and upscale, yet understated and refined,” adds Spreckman. “The theme of quiet luxury comes to mind, as we’re seeing less flashy and gaudy styles and leaning towards more creative [looks] but understated.”