Aldi Has a $15 Mini Dyson Dupe for Children

published Dec 1, 2023
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Why is it that kids love pretending to clean with toy vacuums and brooms, but then when they’re old enough to do chores, it’s like cleaning tools are made of poison? The answer may remain a mystery, but now, you can give the cleaning-happy kid in your life a mini replica of a vacuum cleaner, that’s a dead ringer for a Dyson. This new product at Aldi means a child in your life can feel useful, plus it’s a cute gift for under $20.

During your next visit to Aldi, keep your eyes peeled for the new kid-sized vacuum, which is $14.99. The 2-in-1 Tidy Vacuum Duo from Kidoozie is available at select Aldi locations, and you can even adjust the item’s height to 18 or 19 inches for a comfortable glide across the floor. The item playfully resembles Dyson’s fully-functional vacuum for children, but Aldi’s version is much cheaper and will fit into smaller spaces.

Remove the stick attachment and twist on the item’s nozzle for handheld play, and you’ll begin to see the vacuum “pick up dirt” after the button is pressed. Similar to an actual vacuum cleaner, the colorful faux debris (which is included in the package) will swirl around in the internal chamber, and your place will be super “tidy” in no time. This vacuum cleaner requires three AA batteries, which are included in the purchase, and it’s recommended for kids ages three and up.

In case you’re not located near an Aldi or have trouble finding the item at your local store, Amazon also has the handheld cleaner available online for $19.99. According to the Amazon reviews, the toy makes a “gentle but convincing sound” that mimics an actual vacuum cleaner, so it’s bound to convince a child that they are a hard worker. With this tiny vacuum, there’s no need to worry about the nooks and crannies hidden between the sofa cushion, because this will surely do the job.

Buy: Kidoozie Tidy Vacuum Duo, 2-in-1 Stick and Handheld Toy Vacuum Cleaner, $19.99 (normally $34.99)