Every Prime Day Home Deal You Need to Snag ASAP

updated Jul 12, 2023
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July is a month for enjoying yourself, taking some time off, and getting ready to save a lot of money during Amazon Prime Day. While we’ve found lots of great deals leading up to the two-day event on Tuesday, July 11, and Wednesday, July 12, the seriously impressive sales are finally here for the taking. Whether you’re in the market for electronics and tech accessories, vacuum cleaners, or things that simply make your home more comfy or orderly, you’ll find them all discounted on Amazon during their Prime Day extravaganza.

To take full advantage of this annual sitewide sales event, we recommend you sign up for a Prime membership. Prime members do get access to exclusive deals, so right now is also a smart time to sign up. And to make sure you enjoy all the biggest discounts that Amazon has to offer, check out our top picks right here. We did all the digging and searching for the best of the best deals, so all you have to do is click add to cart.

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was $139.99

All the stains and messes on your rugs, carpeting, furniture, and car seats will virtually disappear thanks to this portable steam cleaner. It works by both vacuuming up debris and steaming surfaces with water, which gets them looking totally refreshed. This is the ideal cleaning tool for parents and pet parents alike.

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was $399.00

Save $120 on the world's most popular smart watch. Its screen is crack resistant and you can wear it while swimming, and its flexible band stays comfortable on your wrist all day long. Whether you want to track your physical activity or sleep patterns, control your iPhone, or just have a stylish watch to show off, this one device does it all.

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was $45.99

Save big on these tried-and-true teeth whiteners. They're recommended by dentists as a safe and reliable method for achieving near-professional-level results at home. Because these are rarely discounted by this much, you'll want to stock up on a couple of boxes.

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was $799.99

There are two things that make this Dyson stick vacuum special: its large-capacity waste bin and its two batteries (that give you a combined 120 minutes of cleaning time). In addition to its anti-tangle brush roll head, you get a low-reach adapter that helps you clean underneath furniture and a light pipe crevice tool that illuminates dark areas to help you see all the dust the vacuum picks up. Dyson also claims this model gives you 80 percent more suction power than their V8 vacuum.

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was $129.00

Enjoy crystal clear sound without distractions with these Apple AirPods that boast built-in noise-canceling abilities. These earbuds work with both Apple and Android devices and include a charging case with an Apple Lightning port. They're less expensive than newer AirPod models and make a fantastic gift.

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was $379.99

A slightly smaller version of the stand mixer that's on everyone's wish list, this 3.5-quart model works just as well and is compatible with all of KitchenAid's attachments, from their pasta roller to their shaved ice tool. It's available in nine different colors and includes a wire whisk, dough hook, and flex edge beater (which scrapes the bowl sides better than their original beater).

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was $109.96

Besides flossing regularly, the other way to instantly boost your dental health is by using this electric toothbrush. It has a self-timer to let you know how long to brush the different quadrants of your mouth and includes a carrying case for traveling. The battery lasts for two weeks on a full charge, and you get a total of three brush heads with your purchase.

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was $299.99

Quickly clean the air in your home or office with this powerful yet quiet air purifier. It takes only 12 minutes to clean the air in spaces up to 635 square feet and only 60 minutes to clean the air in spaces up to 3,000 square feet. You can also control the device remotely on your phone via an app and get real-time reports on your home's air quality.

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was $199.95

This Nespresso coffee machine is perfect for small kitchens because it has a tiny footprint and a moveable water tank that you can position to your liking. The machine can brew four different cup sizes and is compatible with all pods in the Nespresso Vertuo line — and by the way, you get some free sample pods included in your purchase.

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was $66.00

Choose between 12 patterns in sizes ranging from 2 ft. by 3 ft. mats to large area rugs in round and rectangular shapes. These rugs are an easy — and space-saving — way to add warmth and charm to any room of your home, and you'll definitely find one here that fits your style.

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was $499.00

Improve your mattress with this Tempur-Pedic mattress topper that's covered in a machine-washable cooling layer to keep you comfortable in the summer heat and all year round. You can use this topper on any mattress to instantly enhance your sleep sanctuary. Check out our full review of it here for more details.

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was $39.97

Because this handheld steamer has a leak-proof head, you can tilt it to any angle without ever spilling a drop of water on your clothes. Use it vertically to gently freshen clothes and release wrinkles, or use it horizontally like a steam iron to press garments to perfection. Amazon reviewers and our editors both love this powerful little tool.

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was $229.00

The one-year membership includes an at-home DNA testing kit that gives you invaluable insights about both your personal health and genetic predispositions. You also get access to the ancestry service to learn about your family history and even potentially locate long-lost relatives.

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We bet this cast-iron Dutch oven will become a central piece in your kitchen for a long, long time. It's safe to use on all stovetop types (including induction) and in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's available in 17 gorgeous colors. Our contributor Stella called it her "most used piece of cookware."

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was $47.97

Nearly a quarter of a million shoppers gave this bed sheet set a 5-star rating, making it one of the most popular bedding finds on Amazon. The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, and the sheets' deep-pocket design ensures they'll easily fit around even the tallest mattresses. This set is available in every mattress size imaginable and in dozens of colors. They're also great to have as backup bedding for when you're doing laundry or if you have guests staying over.

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was $116.00

Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or all of the above, this adjustable pillow is guaranteed to work for you. By removing the fill inside, you can change the pillow's firmness level to suit your needs. It's also built with a layer of memory foam gel that keeps you cool while you sleep (so both sides of the pillow are the cool side). Read our review to learn why our editors love this pillow.

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was $319.99

Upgrade to ultra high definition with this 43-inch flatscreen TV. It has easy-to-access HDMI and USB ports and can either sit on a TV stand or be mounted to a wall. Plus, this model has Amazon's Fire TV built in and can be voice controlled via Amazon's Alexa software, so you don't even have to lift a finger to change the channel.

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was $629.99

A designer sofa that's both chic and functional — what more can you ask for? That's why we love this Novogratz split-back sofa, which has a dolled-up mid-century modern look and can quickly transform from a regular sofa to a sleeper sofa in seconds to suit all your lounging needs.

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was $699.97

All three pieces in this Samsonite luggage set have hard, scratch-resistant shells, 360-degree rolling wheels, and telescoping handles, as well as internal straps and zippered compartments to keep all your belongings organized. Plus, the small carry-on piece has a USB port that you can hook up a portable battery to and always have a spot to charge your devices.

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was $23.99

Each box includes two at-home test kits that deliver quick and accurate results. They supposedly work whether you do or do not have symptoms, and they can detect multiple COVID-19 variants.

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was $19.99

Get all your food container lids in order with this brilliant organizer. It fits inside kitchen cabinets and has adjustable dividers so you can store lids by shape and size. The large organizer can easily hold 20 or more lids, and there are also small, medium, and tall options to fit all kinds of lid collections. Read our in-depth review of it here for more details.

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was $16.98

The soft and slightly plush texture on this waffle knit shower curtain will definitely make your bathroom more chic — on the level of a five-star hotel. Take your pick of a dozen colors and plenty of height options to make sure you get one that works best with your shower. And while they're on sale, it's smart to grab one or two extra. Read our full review of it here, too.

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was $559.99

FlexiSpot is one of the most trusted names in standing desks, so you're getting a great deal on high-quality home office furniture. This automatic standing desk has a bamboo top and metal legs (in white and black options) that raise or lower the desk height at the push of a button. You can even program preset heights to set the desk at your desired levels.

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was $129.00

Our contributor Jasmine was seriously impressed by how much she enjoyed this wireless night light. She described it as "essentially a smart night light that gradually dims to lull you to sleep," and found its morning wake-up routine to be less abrupt than a phone alarm because it gently fills your room with pleasant light.

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was $199.99

While other pet cameras merely show you how your dog or cat is doing at home while you're away, this genius pet camera has a built-in treat dispenser that you can activate remotely with your phone. The dispenser container is easily washable, and the camera has tracking technology to keep your furry friend in the frame whenever you want to check in on them.

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was $49.99

Add all the streaming platforms to your TV with this convenient Amazon Fire Stick. It plugs into your TV's HDMI port and includes a remote control so you can access not only Amazon Prime shows but Hulu, Netflix, Max, YouTube, Disney+, and everything else.

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was $99.99

The Waterpik has done for flossing what electric toothbrushes have done for brushing. This device makes it easy to get a thorough clean every night and is great for improving your gum and overall dental health and hygiene. Your purchase includes seven tips, so you can go a while without needing to restock.

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was $99.99

Pick up the latest Kindle model at a hefty discount, just in time for the summer travel season. This e-reader has a super long battery life — up to six weeks on a single charge — as well as 16GB of storage and an improved screen that's gentle on your eyes and easy to read under all kinds of lighting conditions.

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was $169.00

This power washer works great for getting rid of dirt and stains on wooden decks, porches, and fences, driveways, and cement areas. You can also use it to safely (and quickly) wash your car. Best of all, there are tons of nozzle attachments you can get to make other outdoor scrubbing and cleaning jobs a breeze.

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was $60.63

A hard-working and reliable electric drill makes so many household decorating and improvement projects much easier, and this power drill is an excellent choice. Its battery can be used with other BLACK+DECKER devices, and because the box includes a 30-piece set of drill bits, you'll always have the right tool for the job — no matter what.

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was $49.95

This spacious, insulated water bottle is able to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, so your favorite beverage will always be at the perfect sipping temperature. This model has a wide mouth opening so you can easily fill it or add ice cubes, and the cap has a built-in straw that forms a tight seal when closed. Check out their other color options to find the one that matches your personal style.

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was $99.99

Your summer is going to become a lot more refreshing when you pick up this KitchenAid shave ice attachment. The attachment works on standard KitchenAid stand mixers and creates fluffy mounds of shave ice that you can then flavor with syrups, juices, and fruits of your choice. You also get a few silicone ice molds with the attachment that you can pop in your freezer so you always have some ready to enjoy at a moment's notice.

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was $164.95

AeroGardens make indoor gardening incredibly easy, and this countertop model is perfect to keep in your kitchen or any area where you want to add a little edible greenery. The hydroponic garden has a built-in light that operates on a timer (so you don't have to worry about improving your plant-parenting skills), and the box comes with six different seed pods, as well as a bottle of nutrients, so you can start enjoying fresh basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and other plants right away.

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was $536.18

This memory foam mattress is made up of three layers that work together to support you and create a supremely relaxing sleep environment. The thickest layer is a green tea foam that contours to your body, followed by a layer of gel that help keeps the mattress cool. Then on top is a stretch knit cover that's super durable. You can get the mattress in different sizes and thicknesses depending on your preference, so we're sure you'll find the one that's perfect for you.

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was $329.00

These over-the-ear headphones from Bose are some of the best noise-cancelling devices available. They're great to use on long commutes or on flights, and they're designed to be roomy and comfortable enough to fit around all ear sizes. This bundle includes a protective carrying case, a charging cable, and an auxiliary cable in case they run low on power and you need to plug them directly into your phone or device.

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was $29.99

With this rechargeable, external battery, you'll never worry about your phone running out of power ever again. We like how small it is — about the size of a tube of lipstick — so it takes up very little room in your bag and doesn't stick out too much when you have it plugged into your phone. This model usese a Lightning connector so it's compatible with all current iPhone versions.

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was $189.98

Grab this amazing deal on a Ring camera and Amazon Echo Show bundle before it sells out. The camera has updated features such as improved motion tracking and the ability to send you mobile updates about activity at your front door. Plus, the camera syncs up with the Amazon Echo Show so you always have a convenient place to keep an eye on your home's entrance.

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was $46.99

We recommend getting one of these two-tier organizers for the area under your kitchen sink, and grabbing another one to tidy up the space under your bathroom sink. The bottom shelf extends outward for easy access, and best of all, the device is designed to stay out of the way of your sink's plumbing, so you know it will fit without a problem.

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was $89.99

Cleaning up small kitchen messes and removing dirt and hair from your furniture and window curtains is so much easier with this handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a spacious catch tray that's easy to empty and is designed to pivot so you can reach into sofa crevices and on top of bookshelves. Plus, it only weighs 3 pounds, so it's comfortable for everyone to use.