10 Products AT Readers Couldn’t Stop Buying in January

published Feb 5, 2024
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Living room and dining room area of a large home with wooden floors and black accents.

We cover a lot of products each month at Apartment Therapy, and when our readers like them just as much as we do, our work feels that much more rewarding. Whether we’re reviewing a closet organizer that tackles your messy handbag collection or a piece of cookware that we’re using for daily meal prep, it’s always fascinating to see which picks get picked up by you. Last month, we covered a number of cool products that made both decorating and organizing our spaces more exciting. When January came to a close, we once again wondered, which of those picks did you love, too?

We looked through the data and were delighted to find that so many of our favorite home finds have been such major hits with our audience, from a plush mattress topper that’s currently on major sale to a TikTok-viral office chair that allows you to sit cross-legged. Some of the top performers were expected, while others served as somewhat of a surprise. And, because you’re also probably curious to know which products your fellow readers have been using, we’re sharing the list. The products below are the best of the best — according to, well, you!

1 / 10
was $41.99

More than 13,900 Amazon shoppers agree: these zippered clothing storage cubes are a smart buy. They help you get your closet in order and have windows to show you what's inside so you won't accidentally "lose" what you put in there. They're also durable and easy to carry, which makes them great to have during your next move.

2 / 10
was $200.00

A mattress pad is the perfect solution when you’re dealing with a mattress that’s not quite as plush as you’d like. This one has extra deep sides to ensure that it won’t budge over time, and the hypoallergenic down alternative fill will help you get a better night of sleep. 1,200-plus perfect ratings can’t be wrong!

3 / 10
was $94.99

A TikTok-viral product, this chic office chair features an extra wide seat that makes sitting cross-legged not only possible but comfortable. With a modern design and multiple color options, it's also a pick that will blend perfectly into most spaces. SEO commerce editor Sarah loves hers, writing, "This chair is as comfy as it looks. The seat is made from memory foam that is super supportive for both my hips and spine. And yes, with this chair I can finally sit 'crisscross applesauce' as I do my work."

4 / 10

This past month, Target released a new line of mini table lamps that'll dress up any nightstand without taking up a ton of space. This marble lamp is unlike anything we've seen before with its low base and tall, cylindrical shade. It'll match a variety of interior design styles and add a modern touch.

5 / 10
was $69.98

Whether you use this four-drawer piece as a dresser or a nightstand, it's sure to hold a lot. Plus, it's quite stylish. At first glance, you’d never be able to tell that the drawers are made of fabric, but what's most important is that they're spacious, sturdy, and lightweight. The frame is metal and weighs under 14 pounds, so moving it between areas won't be a hassle.

6 / 10

If this shelving system looks familiar, that’s because it strongly resembles IKEA’s Kallax unit, which is slightly more expensive. Walmart shoppers note that the organizer is strong and durable thanks to its iron frame and particleboard construction, and they enjoy that it comes in four neutral finishes. Use it in the living room, bedroom, kids' room, or office as a practical storage solution.

7 / 10
was $19.99

Owning multiple pairs of leggings is convenient... until you have to store them. That's where these specially designed hangers come in. Each one has 10 clips that’ll hold your activewear upright, keeping leggings free of wrinkles and drawers free of clutter. The clips are purposely made to be large and bear a decent amount of weight, so you can really use them to hold a variety of garments and accessories, including jeans, T-shirts, bras, scarves, ties, and more.

8 / 10

This hardcover rolling suitcase has earned lots of devoted fans because it's incredibly tough, it has convenient features (such as a built-in lock), and its internal shelving system is top-notch. Best List editor Britt was impressed by its functionality and storage capacity when she took it on a week-long trip. "The shelves expand, making everything inside accessible, so you don’t have to worry about unpacking to ensure that your clothes are neat and organized," Britt wrote. "Along with the shelving system, I found the zipper compartment… to be wonderfully spacious… Best of all, I didn’t have to force it closed!"

9 / 10

Say goodbye to messy drawers and medicine cabinets once you snag this handy organizer set. It comes with six rectangular bins that fit inside drawers and cabinets of any depth when you place them side by side. If you really want to maximize your storage space, you can even stack the bins on top of one another. Their non-slip feet ensure that they won’t budge, even if you slam the drawer.

10 / 10
Nathan James
was $289.99

We've been loving Nathan James' chic and affordable furniture recently, and evidently, so have you! Just have a look at this storage cabinet. If you haven’t hopped onto the fluted-wood bandwagon yet, it’s not too late to make a statement with this design detail. The cabinet would be perfect in an entry or dining area.