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Get the Look: Historic Meets Modern for a Soothing Blend
James loves antiques and family heirlooms, while Kristen is drawn towards modern styles. The end result of their combined tastes in their Charleston home is “historic meets modern” — vintage accents mixed with items from modern brands like Anthropologie (spot the beautiful leather sofa in the living room). Shop the links below to incorporate a similar style in your home.
Jan 21, 2017
A “Just-Moved-In” Tour of a Chicago Bungalow
Amy's only lived here for little over a month, but she's created an eclectic space, filled with unique furniture and accessories from antique stores, estate sales, and her travels.
Jan 15, 2017
If You’ve Ever Dreamed of Owning a Dreamy Boutique Hotel, Read This
Tucked away in the gated Ocean Park community in San Juan, The Dreamcatcher guesthouse features nine unique rooms and three suites, each one featuring its own distinct style. And though The Dreamcatcher became a beautiful space organically, co-owners Sylvia and Stephan put in countless hours and hard work, as most major renovation projects require.
Jan 13, 2017
Get the Look: A Comfortable, Classic & Rustic Mix
Mimi and Harper’s Nashville home is calm, comfortable, vibrant and eclectic all at once. They achieve this look by mixing traditional pieces with eclectic, rustic accents and art. Use the links below for inspiration to get a similar cozy look in your home.
Jan 12, 2017
Get the Look: Woodsy Cabin Meets ’70s Vibes
Jen says her Oakland home’s style is like a modern cabin with strong ’70’s vibe. If you love bold patterns, vintage furniture, and lots of plants, you might find the links below useful to incorporate a similar style in your home.
Jan 10, 2017
Transformation Inspiration: How a Couple Turned a Boring Rental Kitchen into a Highlight of their Home
Joe and Kim’s Chicago apartment is a beautiful example of what patience and collaboration can do for an apartment. If there’s one room that demonstrates the effort they’ve put into their home, it’s the kitchen. By organizing kitchen necessities out in the open, filling the space with plants, and displaying meaningful pieces, they’ve created a room where they can watch the sunset as they cook dinner or enjoy their morning coffee.
Jan 6, 2017
Get the Look: Modern, Crafty Farmhouse Chic
Dan and Yves’ Chelsea home is modern and artistic, with farmhouse accents, crafty DIYs, and unique art pieces in every room. Some may call it “eclectic” but we call it “farmhouse chic.” Find some of the beautiful pieces featured in their home (or something similar) using the links below.
Jan 6, 2017
Get the Look: “Less is More” Creative Style
As an artist, Antje wanted a home with bright natural light so she could create art. She found that in her open-plan studio, located in the historic Alfama district in Lisbon, Portugal. In the three years she’s been there, she’s filled her home with wonderful antiques and vintage accents, as well as her beautiful art. If you agree that “less is more,” check out some of the links below to shop for similar styles in your home.
Jan 4, 2017
A Look Back at the Smallest and Coolest Homes You Had to Offer
We loved every single one of our Small Cool contest submissions this year, and readers could surely find inspiration in every entry for living with limited square footage. These are some of our favorite rooms and spaces from the contest that made an impression, whether it was through playful, unique decor, beautiful storage solutions, or off-the-grid styles of living. If you’re a fan of smart, small space living, we invite you to catch up with all of the entries.
Dec 27, 2016
The Year’s Most Inspiring Tours of Teeny-Tiny Small & Stylish Homes
We’re always inspired by the teeny-tiny spaces we get to see here on Apartment Therapy. While each one of these spaces has their own distinct style, they all have one thing in common: the people who call them home effectively utilize the space to suit their lifestyle. That’s what creating a home is all about.
Dec 24, 2016
A Light and “Lovingly Cluttered” California Apartment
Name: Kendra Gilbert Location: Tower District — Fresno, California Size: 1,250 square feet Years lived in: Rented 1 year Kendra’s apartment is in Fresno’s historic Tower District neighborhood, which features some of the area’s most beautiful housing — preserved apartment buildings, craftsmen bungalows, and beautiful mansions.
Dec 16, 2016
Get the Look: Fearless & Colorful
A variety of styles blend together to create comfortable spaces in Heidi and Erik’s Cleveland home. Mixing so many different textures and colors can easily overwhelm a room, but in their home, it feels natural. Check out the shopping sources below to get this unique “mixed and matched” look in your home.
Dec 14, 2016
Get the Look: Modern, Minimalist & Earthy
Erin and Tobin’s condo in Rhode Island is a perfect blend of minimal decor and bright, bold colors. The bright yellow backsplash and colorful poster in the kitchen contrast the white, modern IKEA cabinets, and the beautiful yellow lounge chairs in the “record room” add a pop of color to the light and airy room. Check out the sources below to shop some of the items featured in their gorgeous Providence home.
Dec 9, 2016
Get the Look: French Country With Modern Whimsical Accents
Julie and David Holdsworth’s magical, French country-style home is filled with beautiful antiques and traditional furniture, but features unexpected accents in almost every room, such as Julie’s beautiful sculptures in the dining room. To get this beautiful style in your home, check out the sources below for inspiration.
Dec 7, 2016
Get the Look: Playful, Imaginative, & Whimsical
Steve and Sarah’s beautiful home in Illinois showcases their personalities perfectly: playful, imaginative and whimsical. Their home features accessible furniture, as well as unique art and decor that is meaningful to them and their children. If you love this beautiful style, you can get the decor for your own home using the sources below.
Dec 3, 2016
A Bright Organic Modern Apartment in Chicago’s Logan Square
Name: Joe and Kim Klomes, plus their cats Laszlo & Eames Location: Logan Square — Chicago, Illinois Size: 690 square feet Years lived in: Rented 8 months Kim and Joe’s Chicago apartment is inspiring for many reasons, but most importantly, it shows both their personalities and illustrates the true potential of patience and collaboration when decorating a home.
Dec 3, 2016
An Exuberant Couple’s “Decor Hunter” Home in Puerto Rico
Name: Sandra Lobos, Juan Carlos Ferrer, and their cat Mimí Location: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico Size: 1,600 square feet Years lived in: Renting 4 months It’s a surprise that Sandra and Juan Carlos‘ apartment in Puerto Rico is so minimal, considering the two have such playful, exuberant personalities.
Dec 2, 2016
Get the Look: Beautiful, Functional & Modern
Jan-Nicolas and Vincent’s Montreal home is beautiful and modern, yet functional and happy at the same time (just take a look at the bright yellow stairs leading to their third floor flat). You can find some of the custom pieces and unique art that fill their home using the sources below.
Nov 29, 2016
Get the Look: A Happy, Cozy & Inviting Home in Melbourne
Dawn and Darren keep it simple in their inner-city Melbourne home. The decorations are minimal and they only invest in pieces that are bold, bright and certain to make anyone smile. You can shop some of the items in their home using the sources below!
Nov 26, 2016
Get the Look: Eclectic, Timeless & Family-Ready
Jamie and AJ’s family-ready home is eclectic, timeless and fit for their entertaining lifestyle. To shop some of the gorgeous pieces featured in their open, airy home, check out the sources below.
Nov 24, 2016
Bold Colors & Positive Vibes in a Puerto Rican Guest House
Name: The Dreamcatcher Guesthouse, owned by Sylvia and Stephan Location: Ocean Park — San Juan, Puerto Rico Size: 4,000 square feet Years open: 4 years When my partner and I drove into the gated Ocean Park community, we had to circle the block a couple of times before we found The Dreamcatcher guesthouse, where we were staying during our trip to Puerto Rico. Aside from a bold red fence, its plant-covered facade is non-descript, showcasing only small black letters on a white wall.
Nov 22, 2016
Get the Look: Organic, Floral & Full of Nature
Plants, flowers, and minimalism combine with pops of color and woodsy, cabin-inspired elements: welcome to Dave and Kelly’s Chicago home. Check out the shopping links below to get a similar cozy vibe in your home. charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 20, 2016
Get the Look: Travel-inspired & Contemporary
Kristen and Michael’s historic home in Rhode Island is filled with beautiful items featured in Kristen’s shop, as well as treasures they find on their travels. To get this contemporary and travel-inspired look in your home, check out the sources below, which include some of the fabulous items in Kristen’s well-curated shop. charset="utf-8" src="
Nov 18, 2016
Get the Look: Smart, Neat & Orderly
When two people with a background in architecture and design join to create a home, it’s no surprise that the outcome is clean, smart and functional. Check out the sources below to shop some of the items in Verónica and Pol’s Scandi-inspired Barcelona flat. Sofa — IKEA Pillows — IKEA Biker poster — Similar: Art.
Nov 14, 2016
Get the Look: Colorful, Playful & Quirky
Chad’s Cape Town basement apartment is gorgeous and beautifully put together. But guests might not be quick to notice the quirk and playfulness in each room, and that’s exactly what makes his space so inviting. Check out the sources below to shop some of the bold items featured in his home.
Nov 12, 2016
Get the Look: A Neutral Palette with Touches of Color
Natasha’s 450 square foot condo appears much bigger than it is, partly because she keeps a neutral palette of whites, grays and blues in each room. However, she sprinkles color into each vignette whenever possible, such as fresh, pink flowers as a coffee table accent or framed, colorful prints on the wall. The end result: a comfortable, classic space in Montreal that allows her to cook and entertain in peace. Use the sources below to shop some of the items in Natasha’s home.
Nov 10, 2016
Get the Look: A Blend of Modern, Rustic & Bohemian
Though Jordan and Ryan’s Nashville home is filled with lots of one-of-a-kind antiques (95% is vintage, in fact), it doesn’t follow one specific style. There are elements of bohemian, rustic-industrial, and traditional decor in every room that come together to create a charming refuge for the couple. To get this unique look in your home, check out the shoppable links below.
Nov 8, 2016
Get the Look: Artsy, Vintage & Functional
Jaime’s cozy Chicago loft is a perfect example of working with what you’ve got. While not short of beautiful, it showcases how to successfully implement gorgeous yet functional furniture to create an artsy and comfortable space. Check out the sources below to get this artful and vintage-inspired look in your home.
Nov 7, 2016
Get the Look: Sweet & Charming Meets Scandinavian Style
Betsy and Manny went from a tiny New York City studio to a spacious bungalow in Savannah. The new layout allows them to fill the space with functional antique furniture and family heirlooms, as well as modern Scandinavian accents and decor. If you’re into the Scandinavian-meets-craftsman style, check out the sources below to get a similar look in your home.
Nov 6, 2016
A Harmonious Blend of Styles in Oakland
Name: Sam E., Stephanie Libanati and Lorena Jimenez Location: Lower Bottoms — Oakland, California Size: 1,610 square feet Years lived in: 8 months; Rented When Sam E. was looking for an apartment earlier this year, she felt so lucky when she hit it off with Stephanie and Lorena on the day they met.
Nov 5, 2016
Get the Look: Musically Inspired Vintage Style
Rose’s Chicago home is filled with all things vintage, particularly from the 1940s and ’50s. While it’s common to find furniture and decor inspired by those decades, Rose’s home goes all out and features pieces from that point in time. It may be difficult to find some of these unique items for your own home, but you can shop for similar pieces using the links below.
Nov 1, 2016
Fashionable People: Jen’s ’70s Style with a Modern Twist
If you toured Jen’s vintage Oakland home, you know that she’s inspired by the warm, natural style of the ’70s. She creates an inviting, cozy home with mainly items she found at estate sales and flea markets, and her wardrobe is just as much driven by her affection for thrift shopping. Read about the things that inspire her fashion sense and some of her best flea market finds below. Does your personal style influence your home style? Yes. Definitely.
Oct 30, 2016
A California Craftsman with 70s Cabin Vibes
Name: Jennifer Carolina Tredinnick Location: Piedmont Avenue — Oakland, California Size: 788 square feet Years lived in: Rented 7 years Jen loves all of the natural elements of her home: the plants, the original built-ins, the exposed wood, and the permanent golden hour the stained-glass window creates in the living room. She also lives just a couple of blocks from Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue, a commercial neighborhood where some of her favorite boutiques are located.
Oct 25, 2016
A Modern, Industrial Detroit Loft in a Renovated 1920s Building
Name: Jesse and Cali Green Location: New Center — Detroit, Michigan Size: 980 square feet Years lived in: Rented 1.5 years Jesse and Cali’s apartment building is inspiring, not only because they’ve created a beautiful modern and minimal home without splurging, but because of its deep history in Detroit. The building opened in 1926 as a home to graphic artists working in all of the nearby industries, General Motors in particular.
Oct 24, 2016
This Chicago Apartment is Like a 1950s Time Capsule
Name: Rose Schreier Location: Rosehill—Chicago, Illinois Size: 1,100 square feet Years lived in: Rented 6 years Six years ago, Rose was hunting for a cute and affordable vintage apartment in Chicago. When she drove by her current home with a “For Rent” sign outside, she jumped on the opportunity to check it out. She nearly flipped when she saw it: the owner of the property had left the interior virtually untouched since the 1960s.
Oct 19, 2016
Get the Look: Year-Round Spooky Style
Mollie goes all out in her Halloween-ready home in Oakland, and she displays things that most people would find creepy or just plain odd, such as two vampire busts in her living room or ’80s horror films posters. If you’re preparing for a Halloween bash, or if you are inspired by vampires, horror films and all things dark as Mollie is, check out the sources below to add a little bit of spookiness to your home.
Oct 18, 2016
A Playful Penthouse Apartment on the Beach in Puerto Rico
Carlos' apartment showcases his playful personality, like a Nintendo game system from his childhood, a South Park throw pillow, and mustaches. Lots of mustaches.
Oct 17, 2016
An “Every Day is Halloween” Home in Oakland
Name: Mollie Gilbert Location: Oakland, California Size: 1,325 square feet Years lived in: 11 years, owned It isn’t difficult to find Mollie’s house on her quiet street: Just look for the home with the jack-o-lantern on the porch year-round. If the pumpkin or the “Haunted Mansion” sign at the doorway aren’t an indication of what’s inside, then you’re in for a spooky treat.
Oct 16, 2016
A Sunny Mix of Old & New in California
Name: Celine and Christian Coly (and their son Damase) Location: East Bay — Dublin, California Size: 1,250 square feet Years lived in: Rented 1.5 years Celine and Christian’s East Bay apartment is bright, airy, chic. Most importantly, it’s cozy and comfortable for the couple, their 9-year-old son and guests.
Oct 13, 2016
Get the Look: Vibrant, Fluffy, & Creative
Meghan Shimek’s Oakland live-work studio is full of inspiration, whether it’s her own inspiration that translates to beautiful weaving, or art created by her friends. Check out the links below to get some of these unique items or something similar in your home.
Oct 12, 2016
Get the Look: Beach-Vibes, Boho & Mid-Century Modern Mix
Caryn and Edward’s Santa Cruz home is full of rich and vibrant colors, just like Caryn’s art pieces. The house style is a mixture of boho-chic and mid-century, plus some beach style thrown in throughout (the end of their street has a perfect view of Santa Cruz and the beach). Use the sources below to get the look in your home and shop some of the items found in their beautiful house.
Oct 11, 2016
A Plant-Packed Apartment in Puerto Rico
Name: Adriana Sierra and Victor, plus their sun parakeet Fibi Location: El Monte Norte — San Juan, Puerto Rico Size: 1,000 square feet Years lived in: Rented 2 years When your apartment is surrounded by the lush foliage of Puerto Rico, it’s only natural to bring the outdoors in. Adriana’s San Juan apartment does just that, showcasing thriving plants, natural wood elements, and even a parrot with bright and colorful plumage.
Oct 7, 2016
Get the Look: Happy Californian Style
Jane’s San Francisco home is inspired by her surroundings from architecture, retail spaces, and nature (plus some mid-century modern)—a style Jane calls “Happy Californian.” If you’re inspired by these things, as well as clean lines and craftsmanship, check out the shoppable links below. Teepee — Similar: Etsy Table lamp — Similar: Zinc Door Credenza — Similar: Overstock Mini globe — Similar: World Market Brass duck — Similar: Jet.
Oct 6, 2016
Get the Look: A Classic Style with a Modern Twist
Lauren and Alex’s Pittsburgh home is mid-century modern, but also features lots of traditional elements. In order to highlight some of these classic details, the couple chose to fill their home with traditional furniture and modern accents—a combination that represents their tastes. If you love both classic and modern pieces, use the shopping sources below to get the look in your home.
Oct 2, 2016
Get the Look: Pared-Down Comfort
As a writer and photographer for Apartment Therapy, Emily Billings knows that readers look to House Tours for inspiration. She was kind enough to provide a glimpse into her Boston apartment—where she lives with her partner Max— and also provides links to most of the items in her beautiful home. Check them out below.
Sep 29, 2016
Get the Look: Vintage & Cosmopolitan Style
Lisette’s beautiful, restored flat in Barcelona tells stories of her travels throughout the world with very minimal decor. She has vintage pieces acquired while working in the fashion industry in Hong Kong, and showcases furniture she found while living in Amsterdam. Though some of these items are unique finds, you can find similar styles online using the sources below.
Sep 26, 2016
Get the Look: Vintage Modern Craftsman
Sienna and Javod’s San Jose home is filled with art, mid-century modern furniture, and geometric patterns. Though a lot of the items were made by Sienna or purchased second-hand, you can get items with similar patterns and styles online using the links below.
Sep 21, 2016
Get the Look: Bohemian “a la Francaise”
Marie-Laure and Sébastien’s boho-inspired home in France takes inspiration from nature, such as the pine trees in their backyard and the nearby ocean. If you’ve been looking for more Bohemian-style pieces for your home, check out the links below to shop the style.
Sep 16, 2016