The Fall Color That Works for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Living room with pale sage green walls, built in shelves, arched architectural details, modern art paintings, large window, pale gray sofa, natural textile rug, white "balloons" style light fixture

Fall is a fun season for decorating, and with good reason. From a design perspective, it conjures up images of warm, rich hues and natural elements that bring the outdoors inside. It’s also just a great time to switch things up if your home has been feeling stale for the past few months. 

Of course, coming up with a design style is all about personal preferences, color favorability, and more, but if you want to have some fun with it, it can be helpful to know which colors work best with your zodiac sign

To pinpoint the best fall color for each zodiac sign, I spoke with professional home organizer, interior designer, and Substack author Devin VonderHaar of The Modern Minimalist. According to VonderHaar, fall colors include “the darker, richer, earthy” shades of each primary color, such as gold, maroon, moss, olive greens, rusts, and chocolate browns.

While earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are typically more drawn to fall colors than their fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), and air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) counterparts, any sign can get in on the fun. If you’re looking to incorporate fall colors into your space, here’s how to do so in a way that’s true to your sun sign.

Credit: Erin Derby

Aries: Maroon

Reds, pinks, and whites are classic color choices for the fiery Aries. But when it comes to fall, Aries might want to go for “maroons and deeper, richer red tones” and “a creamier white,” according to VonderHaar. 

The red and cream shades in this 500-square-foot NYC apartment are the perfect representation of Aries’ suggested fall colors. The reddish-brown Persian rug and rich red velvet throw pillows perfectly offset the cream furniture and walls, making the room warm and balanced. 

Taurus: Deep Green

VonderHaar says that “deeper green tones would be good for Taureans,” who are known for being steady, indulgent, and sensual. The deep green velvet couch in this eclectic Washington apartment is a great example of how a Taurus can ground a space using dark fall colors.

Credit: Jason Rampe

Gemini: Gold

In VonderHaar’s book, the fall versions of Gemini colors are gold, rust, and sage green. These fun colors represent the Gemini’s extroverted and inquisitive nature, while still embracing the natural elements that are characteristic of fall hues. 

The living room in this botanical, bookish Brooklyn apartment is the perfect fall setting for a Gemini. Its velvet gold couch takes center stage, while leafy green plants provide an important counterbalance. The space also incorporates warm brown tones via elements that satisfy the Gemini’s curiosity, namely the bronze mirror, antler art piece, and acoustic guitar.

Cancer: Navy

When it comes to Cancers, “Anything on the blue spectrum that gets more green works for fall,” VonderHaar explains. “Although navy would probably be best.” 

This serene, minimal, Scandi-inspired space features a velvet navy blue couch that evokes this water sign’s sensitive and nurturing side. Meanwhile, the gold coffee table and bar cart bring an additional fall warmth to the scene.

Credit: Lula Poggi

Leo: Rusty Orange

“Leos are going to go with more bold choices within the fall color realm,” VonderHaar says. “It’s more dramatic.” For example, Leos are well-suited to rusty oranges, maroons, and “that pretty red-orange color that leaves turn.” 

Pumpkins and leaves are natural decor choices for Leos who don’t want to commit to a specific color year-round, but one designer’s Barcelona apartment has a rust accent wall that would make any Leo swoon. It’s bold enough to match Leos’s big-hearted and driven energy, but soft enough to give you that cozy fall feeling. 

Credit: Emy Stenudd

Virgo: Sage Green

Virgos thrive on order, which is why they lean towards “really intentional color use,” as VonderHaar puts it. “They could do greens and browns, but more delicate touches of it than other signs (think: more sagey or lighter, mossy greens).” Virgos may also incorporate fall vibes in subtler ways, such as through linens or artwork. 

The dining room in this renovated Swedish home is the epitome of how a Virgo would approach a fall color palette. Its sage green walls introduce color with a soft touch, while the dark wooden china cabinet in the corner grounds the space.

Credit: Erin Derby

Libra: Light Green

“Libras are more sensitive to color,” cautions VonderHaar, which is why they prefer roughly the same fall colors as Virgos. But for the balanced and fun-loving Libra, “It’s not so much about the color as it is about the thoughtfulness of the pieces.”

This 475-square-foot studio incorporates earthy greens and browns, from its wooden fireplace to its velvet olive green couch and geometric area rug. But it’s also full of personal touches, including artwork over the bed, an ornate mirror in the center of the room, and decked-out bookshelves.

Scorpio: Dark Purple

“Scorpios are at the height of moody Halloween energy, and they’re very into home as a sanctuary, so creating that energy is important for them,” VonderHaar explains. “They would [like] the darkest and deepest of all the fall colors.” This includes dark purple, maroon, and black with gold touches. 

Where better to find spooky Scorpio vibes than a (possibly haunted) historic New Orleans home? This lush abode showcases deep purple velvet accent chairs, white walls with black trim, teal floor-to-ceiling curtains, and a black and gold beaded chandelier hanging beneath the gold star painted on the ceiling.

Credit: Erin Derby

Sagittarius: Berry

VonderHaar explains that, like Scorpios, passionate Sagittarians are well-suited to deep purples, although they may also be drawn to plums and other shades of purple with maroon, pink, or berry undertones.

This 350-square-foot Brooklyn studio shows how Sagittarians can stay true to themselves, while also embracing fall colors. It features a mauve accent wall and plum throw pillows, plus cream and brown tones in the form of artwork, a couch, and a throw blanket.

Capricorn: Wood Tones

Capricorns tend to love “wood tones and deep browns,” says VonderHaar. These colors “serve as reminders to ground deeper into their space because they’re trying to do too much all the time.”

Not every Capricorn can have a mid-century modern home with dark wooden beams and a stone fireplace, but they can bring in wood elements by investing in wooden furniture and artfully placing logs in a fireplace or corner.

Credit: Lucas Saric

Aquarius: Teal

Aquarian colors are traditionally in the bright blue and turquoise family, which is why VonderHaar says that “somewhere between navy and teal would be the Aquarian’s version of fall colors.” But Aquarians are also very thoughtful and intentional when it comes to interior design, so their fall expressions may go beyond color, manifesting as personal touches and thought-provoking decor items.

This 126-year-old London house is unabashedly colorful, yet the lounge incorporates color in a delightfully muted way by drenching its walls, cabinets, and ceiling in a rich, cozy blue. The room also denotes fall with its gold mirror and cabinet hardware and wooden piano and furniture, while its full bookshelves speak to Aquarians’ signature intellectualism.

Pisces: Deep Purple/Blue

Pisces is the romantic of the zodiac, which makes their style sensibilities perfectly suited to cozy, lush fall interiors. According to VonderHaar, Pisceans do well with “deeper purples and blues,” but may also focus on velvet, lace, and other feminine details that speak to their dreamy, whimsical nature.

The bedroom in this designer’s Sacramento home shows how a Pisces can create a space that honors their sensitivity and embraces fall. It includes deep yet muted purple and blue throw pillows, layered bedding, a gray tufted velvet headboard, and airy white curtains that scream romance. Then, it adds warmth with a bedside plant, gold table lamp, and wooden furniture. This sanctuary serves as proof that any sign can master fall decor.