Brooklinen’s Massive 4th of July Sale Includes the Bedding That Made Our Best List and More Editor Favorites

published Jun 29, 2022
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When having trouble falling asleep, your instinct might be to reach for some melatonin. Or, you might reassess your pre-bed routine. Are you exposed to too much blue light? Unable to calm anxious thoughts? We’ve all been there, but something you might be forgetting to consider is the comfort of your bed. With record-breaking temperatures making their way through many states, it could be time to switch out that heavy comforter for something more weather-appropriate. Or perhaps your pillows aren’t as soft (or firm) as you’d like them to be.

At AT, there’s one brand we’ve profiled time and time again precisely because its bedding is a foolproof plan against all-nighters. In case you’re still guessing, that would be Brooklinen. Below, we’ve rounded up five editor-tested and approved items from this brand that all but guarantee a full night of z’s. Brooklinen is also running a rare summer sale through July 2. You can score editor-favorites 15 percent off for a limited time.

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With the summer weather kicking into high gear, you need to choose your comforter strategically. Brooklinen thankfully offers one that's great year-round, as AT's assistant shopping editor Britt Franklin can attest. "I grabbed my Brooklinen comforter and draped it over the bed before finally crashing," she shared. "I slept like a baby, and it wasn’t just because of how tired I was, but how comfy I felt all night."

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A pillow with the wrong amount of volume can be detrimental to a good night's sleep. Whether too plush or too flat, you're bound to wake up with a sore neck. But that's not a problem with Brooklinen's down pillow, as AT's Best List writer Kendall Cornish explains. "Available in three different feels — plush, mid-plush, and firm — as well as King and Queen sizes, these Brooklinen down pillows are winners when it comes to luxury bedding upgrades," she shared.

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was $295.00

This duvet cover might be light, but you'll be snoozing heavily despite the sweltering summer months. Plus, the linen fabric is sure to bring some beachy vibes to the bedroom. "I LOVE that I don’t have to sacrifice chic bedding just to stay cool because I have a duvet cover that blends into my summer sleeping habits without causing me to break a sweat," Britt Franklin shared. And we love that for her!

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How about some linen sheets to match your linen duvet cover? This set screams effortless elegance, and it's 15 percent off right now! "Made from 100 percent European flax, each set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that will feel like it's right out of a 5-star hotel," writes AT contributor Alyssa Longobucco.

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Is there anything more luxurious than sleeping on silk? AT's assistant shopping editor Britt Franklin can vouch for the high quality of this pillowcase in particular, which is available in an adorable star pattern. "With Brooklinen’s silk pillowcase, there’s no stiffness or resistance to cause bunching," she shared. "As a result, I wake up with my skin as smooth as it was when I went to bed the night before."