Dyson Now Sells Three Kid-Size Toy Vacuums, Modeled After Its Popular Grown-Up Ones

published Oct 19, 2019
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Dyson vacuums are so notoriously expensive, we wouldn’t expect anyone we know to give one to us as a gift (although we would happily accept it!). The kids’ toy version, though, is much more accessible, and if you have (or know) a kid who loves playing at domestic chores — cooking play food in a play kitchen, dusting with your animal-shaped dusters — this could be their dream holiday present. And it looks like the Dyson toy vacuum line has grown in the past year.

In addition to the Dyson kids’ ball vacuum we wrote about last fall, there are two more models available on Amazon: a stick vacuum, and a traditional upright vacuum, both modeled after the grown-up Dyson vacuums we’ve been eyeing every time we go to Costco. 

These other models haven’t caught up with the ball vacuum yet, in terms of review numbers. So far the stick vacuum and upright one have 236 and 579 ratings, respectively, compared to the 4,124 of the ball vacuum. Reviews of these are also more mixed, to be honest, especially for the upright vacuum, though it does have one advantage over the other two, mentioned in the customer Q&A section: It stands upright on its own when not being used, which might make for easier storage.

All three of these vacuums “work” in that they produce a bit of suction and have a removable dustbin, but don’t count on them to work like an actual Dyson vacuum cleaner miraculously on sale for 90% off.

“Yes it really works,” writes one reviewer of the stick vacuum toy. “To those parents who say it doesn’t have good suction just remember this is a toy! If you want a good suction buy a real vacuum and pay an expensive price so your kids can really do house work. If this toy had great suction you know it wouldn’t be $ 40 bucks. And as long as your kid is happy who cares how much suction it has. The thrill for them to have the same vacuum as an adult is the cool part.”

Last year, when we wrote about the Dyson kids’ ball vacuum toy, commenters pointed out that the ad reinforced stereotypical gender roles by featuring a girl and using language about “role play” and developing critical life skills, which many read as an implication that girls should naturally be practicing to clean houses. The three toy vacuums now all include images of both boys and girls. 

If you do choose to give one of these vacuums as a gift, just be sure to think about the individual kid you’re giving it to, and their own personal preferences. Regardless of gender, do they enjoy cleaning (or playing at cleaning, at least)? Then go for it! Otherwise, put the money towards a full-size Dyson of your own.