Dyson Released Holiday-Themed Science Experiments to Keep Kids Entertained During Winter Break

updated Dec 24, 2020
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What do you do over the holiday break when there’s nowhere to go but home? Dyson has one activity for your consideration: holiday-themed science experiments.

The James Dyson Foundation released instructions for two challenges to keep the family entertained (find the PDF here). The Frosty Can Snowman requires only a tin can, crushed ice, water, and salt. Together, the ingredients create a chilling reaction that causes the can to frost. Add felt eyes and nose and you’ll have something like an indoor snowman.

The second challenge, the Christmas Biscuit House, is a bit more involved. The instructions explain how to build a gingerbread house with a strong base to make it earthquake-resistant. Once you spend time carefully constructing and decorating the house, you can check its sturdiness by shaking your table. Think of it as high-stakes Jenga. Whether or not the house withstands the pressure, it’ll taste equally delicious.

At the end of each experiment, there’s an info box that explains how it works so you can turn the craft project into a whole mini lesson.

Earlier this year, Dyson shared a whole book of engineering and science experiments geared toward kids. If you have fun with the holiday ones, there are 44 more where they came from, including projects like lava lamps, cardboard chairs, and spaghetti bridges.