The Game-Changing, Hands-Free Vacuum That’ll Make Your Dustpan a Thing of the Past (It’s on Sale!)

published Sep 29, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Sweeping can be therapeutic in its own strange way, as if you’re literally pushing out stress and creating a clear space for yourself. Unfortunately, picking up what’s been swept is another story altogether. In my experience, if the dustpan doesn’t clip directly onto the broom, it gets easily lost, and I end up haphazardly using a piece of paper or a flat object to try to scoop it all up. Wouldn’t it be nicer if that pesky dustpan problem completely disappeared? Enter: QVC, home to all sorts of extremely useful cleaning and organization products, including the EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor-Activated Vacuum. It’s a stand-out pick that stands in for your dustpan (or lack thereof), making cleaning your space easier than ever before.

No, that’s not a spaceship you’re seeing, it’s the EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor-Activated Vacuum. While the word “vacuum” might bring to mind a variety of stick vacs, handheld, and robot cleaners, the EyeVac is totally different in its hands-off approach. It works in conjunction with your sweeping, staying put and sucking up all the dirt and debris that you push toward it. That means you can skip the last-minute search for a dustpan (or dustpan equivalent… ) and save your back from strain. “This is the best thing ever! I have never had a dustpan like this,” wrote one reviewer. “You put the dust in front of the pan and it just vacuums it up. I will never have to bend over to pick up dust off the floor again.”

The corded EyeVac Touchless Vacuum is equipped with a 1000W motor, dual filters, and a bagless one-gallon canister to hold all that gunk and junk that gets swept off of the floor. It works best on hard floors, and you can set it to either automatic (touchless) or manual modes. If you’re doing a lot of cleaning at once, opt for automatic; if you’re just picking up after a quick spot-sweep, put the vac in its manual mode and collect the mess when you’re done. “I so love this product! I detest having to sweep,” commented another shopper. “I can never find a dustpan to sweep up the dirt then I was scrambling for an old envelope or ‘junk mail’ to use instead. With this EyeVac, I don’t need to do that! It’s in a corner spot and all I need to do is sweep the dirt there and the vacuum cleans it up for me.”

From dogs to cats and even parrots, EyeVac Home’s sensor-activated vacuum has been a game changer for pet parents of all kinds. “I ordered this specifically for the kitty litter that seems to be all over the floor,” said a reviewer. “I’ve tried several different types of vacuums and they tend to spit the litter out of the brush heads, requiring extra work to pick up. But the EyeVac is perfect! Just sweep it all near the EyeVac and it disappears, leaving no mess behind. Great product!” In addition to kitty litter, the vacuum picks up dog hair, bird seed, and more. Another QVC shopper shared, “We own a beautiful African Gray Congo parrot who thinks throwing her food all over is cute! My poor vacuum cleaners were wearing out! Then I found this wonderful alternative, and WOW! This beautiful and astonishing cleaning tool has saved the day!”

Normally retailing for $129, you can get the EyeVac Touchless Sensor-Activated Vacuum right now for just $79.98. It’s available in six colors — Rose Gold, Matte Black, Silver, Black, White, and Gunmetal — and is sleek enough to sit subtly on the sidelines as a functional and effective piece of decor. (Yes, really.)