The Fall Resolution You Should Make, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Sep 19, 2023
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When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” he was definitely onto something. This time of year is the start of a lot: back-to-school season, the Jewish New Year, fall, and, of course, all of the apple picking, crunchy leaves, and spiced lattes you wait for all year. All of which makes it a ripe season for setting intentions and resolutions.

My fellow zodiac nerds will be happy to hear that there’s an astrological explanation for this phenomenon. In the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of fall almost always corresponds with the start of Libra season. As one of the zodiac’s four cardinal signs, Libra is associated with initiation, so it’s no wonder that this time of year seems like a renewal.

Are you curious about making a fall resolution but unsure where to focus your energy? Consider looking to your zodiac sign for ideas. Astrology offers insight into virtually every aspect of your life and personality — including your values and inclinations.

Keep reading to learn more about the ideal fall resolution for your zodiac sign. If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, even better! Also consult the recommendation for your Moon sign (your physical and emotional needs) and your Venus sign (what you find pleasurable).

Aries: Fall into fitness.

Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and physical activity. Although you have the intrinsic motivation to move your body, your cardinal nature means you sometimes struggle to maintain momentum. This autumn, commit to falling (or falling back) into fitness. You may find it helpful to add novelty to your workout routine.

Taurus: Make your bed every morning.

Taureans answer to Venus, the planet of romance and pleasure. As a fixed Earth sign, you also value creature comforts. I’m willing to bet that your bedroom is a cozy oasis — so cozy, in fact, that you might not make your bed every day. This fall, resolve to start doing so. Think of it as a daily gift to your future self, who will appreciate climbing into a tidy bed at the end of the day.

Gemini: Tackle your to-be-read list.

As a clever air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of learning and communication, Geminis crave mental stimulation. Sate your trademark curiosity by making a dent in your to-be-read list (aka TBR) this fall. Whether you prefer fast-paced novels or dense works of nonfiction, you’ll enjoy the intellectual enrichment.

Cancer: Cook some new recipes.

Sentimental Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which governs your physical body and how you nourish yourself. Your sign loves comfort food, so why not add some new recipes to your repertoire? As fall begins, resolve to experiment in the kitchen with different meals and seasonal flavors.

Leo: Go for a walk every day.

In body astrology, Leo rules the heart and circulatory system. Get your blood pumping by going on daily walks around your neighborhood à la TikTok’s “hot girl walks.” These outdoor excursions double as an opportunity to show off your cutest autumnal attire — and as a confident, expressive fire sign, you’re always ready to stunt.

Virgo: Commit to a sleep routine.

Practical Virgos also answer to Mercury, hence your detail-oriented nature … and loud inner critic. If your mental to-do lists are keeping you awake at night, consider committing to a healthier sleep routine this fall. Simple changes, such as journaling or limiting your screen time before bed, can have a profound impact.

Libra: Reinvent your look.

Libras are also ruled by Venus, which governs aesthetics, and as a cardinal sign, you’re primed for fresh starts. Lean into this season of renewal by reinventing your look. Whether you spring for a new haircut or totally overhaul your wardrobe, you’ll delight in the opportunity to present as your best self.

Scorpio: Learn or hone a new skill.

This fall, put that Scorpionic stamina to good use by learning or honing a skill that interests you. Like Aries, your sign answers to Mars, which primes you for decisive action. You’re also one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac. Once you set your mind to something, you have the patience to see it through.

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Sagittarius: Explore a new place.

Sagittarians are famous for their wanderlust — thank your ruling planet, Jupiter, which is associated with travel and expansion. Indulge your desire for novelty by exploring a new-to-you place this fall. Whether you embark on a foreign escapade or a weekend trip upstate, you’ll find the change in scenery stimulating.

Capricorn: Take charge of your finances.

With stern Saturn as your planetary ruler, Capricorns value discipline. You’re also an Earth sign, which means you tend to prioritize practical matters. This fall, resolve to take charge of finances. You can start by making a household budget or getting clear on your savings goals — and if you’ve already covered the basics, consider setting up a meeting with a financial planner.

Aquarius: Prioritize your mental health.

Airy Aquarians are naturally cerebral and independent. However, you may struggle with intellectualizing your emotions instead of actually feeling them. Prioritizing your mental health is a great goal to set this fall. That can look like setting up a consultation with a therapist, starting a meditation practice, or committing to journaling regularly.

Pisces: Explore your artistic side.

Pisces also answer to grandiose Jupiter, but your watery nature makes you more emotional and creative. As the temperatures cool this fall, resolve to explore your artistic side. Consider signing up for an art class. Alternatively, if you’re already a bonafide aesthete, experiment with making art in a new medium.