31 Easy Ways to Have Fun Every Day This Month

published Jul 1, 2022
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A fun grid of ways to have fun every day this month of July. Including making s'mores, creating popsicles, going to the beach, trying an inflatable pool.
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Long summer days are flying by (seriously, summer solstice is already in the rearview!), and I don’t want to let a minute of sweet summertime pass me by. So I’m committing to one fun summertime activity each day this month, and I’m keeping it easy. From quick activities at home to casual events to host with friends and family, here are 31 easy ways to have fun every single day this month.

1. Mix Up a Summery Cocktail

Whether it’s a margarita, a Southside, or a daiquiri, make this the year you perfect your go-to summer cocktail — the one that everyone comes to expect whenever they show up at your home. Add in a themed glass for a special touch.

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2. Host a Camping Night at Home

Just because the humidity is too much to handle doesn’t mean you have to give up your summer camping dreams. Pitch a tent, hang some twinkle lights, and enjoy a night under the stars inside.

3. Meet Friends for a Picnic in the Park

Pack your basket and meet friends for an afternoon al fresco. Bring along a bug repellent blanket to avoid not-so-friendly critters.

4. Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two cookies (we won’t tell if they’re break and bake!) and ice cream. That’s all you need to make the most delicious, nostalgic ice cream sandwiches. 

5. Play an Old-Fashioned Game of Categories

Who needs to mess with all those board game pieces? Grab a pen and paper and settle in for a fun night of categories, tic-tac-toe, or blind portraits.

6. Try Your Hand at Planting Herbs

No spacious backyard is required when you’re planting a container garden. From basil to rosemary, all sorts of herbs thrive in small spaces, and the satisfaction of discovering your green thumb can’t be beat.

7. Plan a Backyard Movie Night

Stream a summer classic on the big screen — or a simple white sheet. Pop some popcorn, throw a few chairs in the yard, and make some movie theater snacks. You’ll save about $18 a ticket and start a new summer tradition.

Credit: Sofia Rivera

8. Press a Leaf

Add an organic touch to your gallery wall with a DIY project that’s beautifully simple. Press a leaf — maybe something from a hike or a favorite tree — and you’ll have an old-fashioned art project with a sentimental touch.

9. Check Out Your Local Pool

Sure, it’d be great to find a friend whose building has a rooftop pool, but there are other options. Many cities have local public pools you can use for free; all you need to do is show proof of residency. 

10. Make a Yacht Rock Playlist

Even if you don’t know yacht rock, you’ll know it as soon as you hear it. Make a playlist of Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, and other ’70s and ’80s favorites for smooth listening that will make you feel like you’re, yup, on a yacht. 

11. Roast Marshmallows for S’mores

Yes, I’ve totally made urban s’mores by roasting marshmallows over my gas stove. But you can also use a charcoal grill or a fire pit.

12. Host a Crafting Night

Pull out all those old campground favorites, from lanyards to macrame to needlepoint and tie-dye. Set up stations and invite a few friends to flex their crafting muscles. 

13. Wake Up Early to See Five Planets

In the early mornings of July, you can see five planets in the dark sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. You can also catch a supermoon on July 13.

14. Take Up a New Hobby

There’s something about the slow pace of summer that makes me want to stretch my creativity. Wheel throwing is one of those hobbies that sounds so cool and so creative — and summer is the perfect time to try this (indoor) hobby.

15. Book an Out-of-the-Box Airbnb

Booking a beach vacation is great, but what about booking the Mystery Machine? Yes, you can book this Scooby Doo adventure on Airbnb, and summer seems like the right time to throw caution to the wind and snag a night.

16. Log Off Early and Spend the Afternoon Reading

If the weather forecast looks particularly nice, take advantage of it by wrapping up your emails early, grabbing your beach chair and a bestseller, and heading outside (even if it’s just to the patch of grass across the street). 

17. Knock One Hike Off Your Bucket List

You know that hike in your area that everyone talks about? The one with countless Instagram photos geotagged posted from its peak? Make this the summer you knock that one off your bucket list. Trust us, the view will be even better IRL.

18. Throw a Low-Stakes Field Day

Grab a few water balloons and a rope for tug of war, tell teams to wear a specific color, and bring out your most competitive field day vibes (or not!). 

Credit: Lena_viridis/Shutterstock.com

19. Grab Your Binoculars and Become a Birder

Birdwatching, though a timeliness pastime, is having a moment — so why not embrace the trend? There’s no need to buy a reference book for your first excursion, you’ve got your phone. Now see how many species you can spot in your own neighborhood. 

20. Walk a Dog

Even if you don’t personally have a dog, you can still reap the benefits. Sign up to walk foster dogs at your local animal shelter. It’s an excuse to get outside, spend time with human’s best friend, and have a little fun.

21. Cool Off in an Affordable, Inflatable Pool

Invite the neighbors over for a dip in your new 10-foot, $35 inflatable pool. It’s the perfect respite from summer’s most oppressive heat. 

22. Play Hooky

Take the day off and relax in the comfort of your own home. Grab a cooler, sit out on the balcony, read a book. The staycation world is your oyster. 

23. Dare Your Friends to a Game of Dodgeball

Easy games with minimal equipment are the best, right? Grab a ball and you’re all set for a rousing game of everybody’s childhood fave, dodgeball.

24. Gather ‘Round the Firepit

Nights just seem to stretch out longer with deeper conversations and memories you won’t soon forget when there’s a fire (and a few cocktails!) involved. 

25. Get Your Space Primed for Summer

If you haven’t already created your outdoor oasis, now’s the time. You’ll still get a solid two to three months out of your summer sanctuary.

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26. Do a Farmers Market Challenge

You know those fruits and veggies you never pick up at the farmers market? The ones you know are delicious, but you have no idea how you’d use them? Next time, throw them in your bag. Challenge yourself to figure them out. You could end up with a tasty rhubarb pie or savory roasted sunchokes.

27. Go on a Self-Guided Mural Tour

Everywhere from small towns to big cities now boast public art. Take yourself on a self-guided tour of your own city or explore murals on a day trip nearby.

28. Experiment with Popsicle Flavors

Homemade ice cream requires some skill and commitment, but popsicles are the easiest way to make a refreshing treat at home. Try different fruits, syrups, and more.

29. Start Your Day by Exercising Your Brain

Break out an old-school Sudoku book for a brain-stretching, yet strangely calming way to start your day … and, yes, it’s an alternative to the Twitter doom scroll. 

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30. Practice Yoga in the Park

Yoga is great, but have you ever done yoga outside? There’s something so relaxing about a sun salutation as the sun’s morning rays shine down. It’s when that connection of mind and body really makes sense.

31. Hit the Beach

The most obvious way to have fun in the summer sun, right? But even if you can’t get away for a week at the beach, find a way to feel the sand between your toes. It could be a subway ride to the Rockaways, a quick drive to a creek, or another way to look for the unlikely shores that might be hiding in your own town.