24 Inspiring Green Bathroom Ideas

updated Oct 2, 2022
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These days, we see a lot of bathrooms that are rooted in neutrals, but there’s nothing wrong with having some fun with color, whether that’s in the form of wallpaper, tile, or good old-fashioned paint. We’re majorly into green bathrooms these days, as this is a hue that can add elegance and personality to any space. Whether you use green alone, with one of the many colors that go with green, or even as just an accent color, it’s the perfect hue to create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom. 

The bathroom is more than just a purely utilitarian space, and it’s more than worthy of a little decorating attention, no matter if it’s a petite powder room or a spacious, spa-worthy suite. (If it’s the latter, we’re 100 percent jealous).

Check out our collection of some of the best green bathrooms if you need inspiration to add this fresh, natural hue to your most private room.  

1. Mix green with another bold shade.

This beautiful green bathroom by @my_homely_decor is punctuated by a dramatic, oversized orange sink that totally works as a statement piece in this otherwise peaceful room. 

Credit: Shawn Outley

2. Use yellow-green for a funky vibe.

Even if you’d like to deck your bathroom out in something a bit off the wall, the color green can still get the job done. The clever bathroom in this eclectic Ohio home  features a unique yellow-green shade with hand-painted dashes in white. 

3. Use green subway tiles.

We love how the slightly tinted green glass subway tiles add a zen vibe to the bathroom in this vintage and antique buyer’s home in Philadelphia. 

Credit: Jessica Rapp

4. Don’t try to make your green match.

One way to pull off a green bathroom? Just add a cool accent in a bright green color. The best part? It doesn’t even have to match, just like this pretty green mirror from the eclectic powder room in Leslie Sumner’s St. Louis house

5. Dark versus light.

Not ready to fully embrace a green bathroom? No worries, simply add an accent wall. This bathroom from @makingmanzanita features a dark green hue that coordinates well with a dark wood vanity. They kept the rest of the bathroom white to lighten things up a bit. 

6. Be inspired by nature’s palette.

Green is one of the most prevalent colors in nature, so using any green shade will automatically play a part in bringing the outdoors inside. Pair your paint color with some plants (real, fake, or a mix) to add life and texture to the space, as seen in this Philadelphia rowhome. Succulents or a dangling pothos are common choices for the bathroom and can be purchased inexpensively.

7. Pick a bold shade.

The bathroom is an excellent place to experiment with a funkier paint color that you might not normally incorporate in your home. If you’ve always had a soft spot for a bold green, go ahead and implement it in the loo! Let a small amount of the shade make a big splash in a powder room, as demonstrated in this Montreal flat.

8. Or pick a soothing, soft shade.

If muted colors are more your style, there’s nothing wrong with opting for something softer. This light green hue, seen in this LA apartment, will bring springtime, spa-like vibes to your space all year round.

Credit: Jeff Mindell

9. If you’re looking for a really rich hue, choose emerald.

Whether it’s in the form of paint or tiles (as seen in this LA bathroom), it’s a winner in our book. Emerald is bound to jazz up any bathroom and equally complements wooden, black, or white cabinetry. It also looks pretty darn fab with marble.

10. If you’re looking for a sleek shade, moss can make it modern

We’re seeing moss hues used everywhere these days—for headboards, throw pillows, and yes, even bathroom tiles! This Brooklyn space is nice and modern without being stark. Plus, we love how moss makes brass accents truly pop.

11. For a more traditional room, choose a hunter green.

Hunter green reminds us of our favorite pair of wellies but also looks darling on the walls. The above bathroom is vintage chic and skillfully mixes traditional pieces, like a wooden chair and shelving, with more current elements, such as the sconces and brass hardware.

12. Need drama? Choose a green so dark it’s almost black.

The tiles above are indeed green, but we don’t blame you if you had to do a double take! If Kelly green isn’t your thing, opt for a dark shade like this one to infuse drama in a space. It’s oh-so sophisticated.

13. If your bathroom needs a dose of energy, go for a neon hue.

Neon green isn’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling something more unique, why not opt for a shade with some personality? This California craftsman shows us how it’s done. Bonus: your morning shower is really bound to wake you up!

14. Create a green bathroom with wall-to-wall paint.

Looking for a quick, affordable fix? Choose a color that speaks to you and go to town, no intricate stencils or borders needed. This New Jersey home proves that coating a bathroom in bright green is A-OK.

15. Cover your walls and/or shower with green tiles.

Try a classic, tiled look. (Or, if you already have tiles like these, don’t be so quick to cover them up, as they can look quite nice!). A seafoam green is calming and adds a beachy vibe to any bathroom, as demonstrated in this California home.

16. Or install green tiles on the floor.

If there’s no way for you to paint or install new tiles, you can always add a pop of color to the floor! Geometric green tiles add a dose of funk to this London bathroom. With so many floor tiles on the market today, you’ll have a blast selecting a print that best suits you. Or, try painting a green pattern on your floor.

17. Can’t paint or install tiles? Add green with a bold botanical shower curtain.

Palm leaf it is! We love this tropical print, which is a nod to Hollywood Regency style. We’ve seen it on pillow covers, lounge chairs, and now… shower curtains, like the one in this Brooklyn bathroom! This print will make your ordinary apartment feel hotel-like in an instant, and bring a huge dose of green color to a bathroom you can’t make permanent changes in.

18. Lots of green plants can make a bathroom look green.

If you’re into a more minimal look but still want to add some green to your space, bring on the plants! Add as many or as few as you’d like (and can care for!). Display them on cute stands or even hang them from the ceiling, as seen in this Australian home.

19. Cover your cabinetry in green paint.

Olive green cabinetry is a show-stopper, that’s for sure. Paired with a rustic mirror like the one above, it adds a farmhouse touch to this Louisiana rental. It can also be a great alternative to adding green paint to your walls.

20. Add green with bold botanical wallpaper.

Palm leaf strikes again, this time in a San Francisco apartment! Removable wallpaper is everywhere these days, and for a good reason⁠—it’s full of life and personality while still being rental friendly. Opt for a botanical print to add a pop of color above the sink.

21. Use a colorful wallpaper and tile combination for a green bathroom.

Wallpaper and tile? Hey, we’re digging it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various materials and textures to create a custom look. This particular pattern of wallpaper adds a stylish Art Deco touch.

22. Pair green with pink for a powerful color combination.

Pink and green are more than just a combo for preppy clothing⁠—the two shades will look lovely paired in your home, too. Pink tiles make for a beautiful backsplash against Kelly green walls in the small bathroom above.

23. Or pair green with peach for a vintage vibe.

What we would do to be able to get ready in this bathroom! The black clawfoot tub is already a stunner and pops against green walls with muted pink accents. The whole setup is a vintage lover’s dream.

24. Embrace geometry.

Whether you splurge on tiles that sport a geometric pattern, play around with painting a geometric pattern on your walls, or DIY an oversized shape (arches are in right now), you can bring a modern twist to the color green in your bathroom by emphasizing geometric shapes, as seen above.

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