I Test Cleaning Products for a Living and This Is the One Tool I Recommend to Everyone (It’s So Versatile!)

published Apr 22, 2024
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In my seven years as a shopping writer, I’ve tested a lot of products. And while that number is easily in the hundreds by now, there are many that not only stick out to me but that are still in my everyday rotation. From my beloved Loftie alarm clock (yes, it’s possible to fall in love with an alarm clock) to the under-sink organizers that truly transformed my bathroom, these mainstays aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Over the years, many of my favorite finds have been in the cleaning and organizing category (what can I say, I like keeping my space tidy). But out of all of the products I’ve tested, there’s one in particular that I will continue to vouch for until the day I (or it) dies, and that’s the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber. The best part? You can save over 40% on this bad boy when you pick it up today!

What is the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber?

I first came across this scrubber while looking for a scrub brush attachment for my drill after seeing a viral TikTok. However, after remembering how heavy and not waterproof my drill is, I began to step back from the idea — and then this brush popped up on my feed (search algorithms for the win!). A waterproof device that could remove layers of grime from my shower without the need to get on my hands and knees sounded too good to be true. So, naturally, I needed to test it out.

Extendable, versatile, and rechargeable, this powerful electric scrub brush instantly became an essential in my cleaning kit. Powered by a rechargeable 3.6-volt battery, it offers a 90-minute run time, which in my experience was more than enough time to get my shower tiles absolutely sparkling. (Watching the color of my grout change was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever witnessed.) To personalize each clean, this kit includes four interchangeable heads: an extra-wide flat brush head (perfect for floors and walls), a small flat head brush (great for detailing), a round brush head (ideal for handling the curves of tubs and sinks), and a corner scrub brush (my favorite, and grout’s worst nightmare).

Why I Love the Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

For me, the biggest plus of this scrubber is its extendable design. My two chief complaints when it comes to cleaning the shower are reaching the top of my high shower walls and the back pain I experience from scrubbing the tub (plus, bending over the track of my shower door only doubles the pain). Thanks to Homitt’s thoughtful design, those issues are a thing of the past. This brush can be extended an extra 21 inches, so I can finally scale the walls as well as scrub the tub, all without bending down. Bonus: Each head can be conveniently angled thanks to the device’s adjustable tilt-neck design, meaning no twisting and contorting to get into those especially hard-to-reach areas.

Another major bonus to this device? It’s not just for the bathroom! Yep, I’ve used this machine in various parts of my home, most notably my kitchen. After I unexpectedly found myself away from home for a month, I came back to find a milk carton had exploded, leaking into EVERY crevice of my fridge. I truly didn’t know how the heck I was supposed to get into all of those tight nooks and crannies. That’s when I remembered the scrubber! Reader, it took care of that stuck-on and, frankly, gross mess in minutes. Oh, how I adore my Homitt!

Ready to say goodbye to your messes and all the pain that comes with them? At just $60, this electric bathroom brush is a tool well worth the investment. Even better? You can currently get your hands on it for just $36! If your experience ends up anything like mine, you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t pick this brush up sooner. 

Buy it: Hommit Electric Power Bathroom Scrubber, $35.98 (normally $59.99)