11 Surprising Laundry Room Superheroes That You Never Knew You Needed

updated Apr 26, 2024
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Ah, laundry—the most polarizing of all chores. You either find it meditative and relaxing or will literally turn your clothes inside out and re-wear them multiple times to avoid doing it too frequently (we’ve all been there). Whichever side of the coin you fall on, there’s no denying that having the right gear — and, even better, a well-equipped laundry room — can make it a lot more manageable (and *gasp* enjoyable?).

Whether you have a souped-up laundry room straight out of an HGTV show or cart your clothes to the laundromat down the block, the right tools and supplies can make a big difference in how efficiently and effectively you can do your laundry. From essential gadgets that keep creases at bay to handy storage solutions that help you separate your whites, colors, and delicates, there’s an innovative piece of wash day gear that will take (nearly) all the pain out of this pesky chore.

The Best Laundry Room Organizers and Accessories

Below, we’re rounding up 11 genius MVPs that your laundry room simply isn’t complete without. These hampers, organizers, and washing hacks earned our stamp of approval through lots of trials, testing, static cling, and more than a few stains. Check out our picks below to benefit from our laundry labor.

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was $12.99

In case you didn't already know, you should be cleaning your dryer vent regularly in order to ensure the best performance and extend its lifespan — and doing so goes beyond just wiping the lint-catching screen clean. Our writer raved about this handy lint brush set from Amazon which, for under $10, promises to improve dryer performance and cut down on the risk of lint-induced fires. The kit is comprised of two wire brushes that are complete with lush bristles and are flexible enough to reach deep into the slim crevice at the front of your dryer that houses most of the lint.

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Yamazaki Home

This narrow metal shelving unit from Yamazaki Home is backed with extra-strong magnets which allow it to attach to the side of your washer or dryer, making it an ideal solution for snug spaces. The unit itself contains all sorts of smart stuff that will help make laundry day a little less hectic, from a shelf where you can keep your dryer sheets and detergents to a rack for towels and hooks for other accessories.

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From our partner

If you've been looking for a narrow shelf to hold all your linens and bath towels, look no further than this cabinet storage organizer. Its breezy shutter door hides an adjustable shelf perfect for tucking away laundry essentials — including detergent and laundry sheets!

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Buying in bulk is one of the best budget hacks there is — but it can mean back-breaking labor, especially where large jugs of laundry detergent are concerned. This clever riser solves just that, keeping your bottle at the right angle to easily dispense detergent without any lifting or tipping. Our commerce SEO editor Sarah calls the organizer a "miracle worker," writing that each one only takes a minute to set up and stays in place afterward. "If you’re tired of fumbling around with giant gallon-sized bottles of laundry detergent, give yourself (and your back) a break with one of these stands," she wrote.

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There's laundry day and then there's sheet laundry day, which is a whole other beast entirely. If you're sick of waiting what feels like eons for your sheets to dry — or, even worse, ending up with a tangled mess once they do — then this little gadget is for you. A Shark Tank success story, these plastic tabs promise to keep your sheets tangle-free in the dryer, ensuring they'll dry faster and be easier to fold when all is said and done. Genius.

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was $16.99

If floor space is at a minimum in your laundry room (or apartment in general), a hanging hamper is the way to go. This seamless option hangs on the back of any door, taking up zero floor space and folding completely flat when empty. The wide mouth opening lets you easily toss in clothes and you can even pick up the bag and carry it to the wash on laundry day.

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A longtime AT editor favorite, the Whitmor Over-the-Door Drying Rack is beloved for its straightforward and simplistic design. It effortlessly hangs off the back of any door (no drilling necessary!) and boasts four bars and four included hooks. It's the ideal solution for hang drying in small spaces so you can preserve the integrity of delicate wares like sweaters or blouses without draping them over every chair in your apartment.

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This gadget's likeness to a sea creature is no mistake — it will literally act as an extra set of hands (or eight!) in the laundry room. AT contributor Amy relies on PRESSA's 8-Claw Octopus model to hang clothes throughout her apartment, using the 16 available hooks to house everything from socks to bathing suits. It even folds up super compact, so you can take it on your next vacation!

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was $14.99

Nothing makes your clothes look worn out and past their prime faster than pilling. Lucky for us all, Conair's solved this issue with their Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer. A favorite of AT readers for years, this handy device safely removes pilling, fuzz, and lint from fabrics, giving new life to sweaters, blankets, and even couch cushions (really!). Keep one in your laundry room to de-fuzz before you wash (not while the garment is wet!) and your wardrobe will look brand new for years.

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was $120.00

Bold statement, but ironing may be about to become your favorite part of doing laundry — at least if you have this handheld innovator on your team. Designed similar to a flat iron hair tool, Nori's hand press is magic for anyone who finds traditional ironing clunky and burdensome. It has six fabric settings plus a steamer function and is especially adept at targeting tricky spots like collars and hems.

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Joseph Joseph
was $130.00

If you're a full-blown adult that separates out their laundry by colors or fabric type, allow us to first give you kudos — you are officially on a higher plane of functioning than most of us. Second, this laundry basket from Joseph Joseph is going to be your new BFF. Their Tota hamper boasts three different bags to organize your dirty clothes — one for dark-colored clothes, one for white-colored clothes, and one for bedding or delicates. Simply use the bags to sort as you fill up your hamper throughout the week and save yourself the trouble of separating everything out in one mad dash during laundry day.