These Mattress Toppers Made Our Best List, and You Can Score Them on Sale Right Now

published Aug 4, 2022
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Your mattress is a crucial determinant of whether you get a full night’s rest on a regular basis. But maybe you already own one that’s either too soft, too firm, not cooling, or just overall not meeting your needs comfort-wise. It’s not as if you can easily swap it out — mattresses can get expensive! The good news is that there are ways around this problem in the form of other bedding, including pillows, comforters, and, perhaps most effective, mattress toppers. Earlier this year, AT published its Best List for the best mattress toppers in a variety of categories, including best luxury, best down alternative, and best budget-friendly. Three of these marvelous picks are on sale right now, so read on to get a full break-down of why each one is worth some serious consideration.

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Down-filled bedding is great at keeping you warm when temperatures drop. But if you're looking for something cooling, Brooklinen's down alternative mattress topper has an evenly distributed microgel fill that doesn't trap heat. AT’s social media manager Rachel Otero gave this topper a try and loved it. "I splurged on a good mattress, so I didn’t realize I needed a mattress topper in my life until now," she shared in the Best List post. "This down alternative one is SO SOFT and feels just like my favorite blanket." For those who don't want a sleeping surface that's too firm, this is a solid option!

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This mattress pad by the Martha Stewart Collection is by far one of the most affordable options on the market, so it's no wonder it won our best budget-friendly category. To make things even better, it's marked down to just $63! AT brand partnerships director Camey Hess tested this product and credits it with improving her sleep. "My mattress is on the firmer side, and this mattress topper makes the bed perfectly soft with the firmness I want," she said. "It also feels much cooler than my previous topper, which is a HUGE plus considering I’m a hot sleeper.” If you want something that's going to totally transform the way your mattress feels, this isn't it. But for adding some extra softness and support to an already perfectly fine bed, Martha is the way to go.

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As we head into the final stretch of summer, it's time to start thinking about warmer bedding for the fall months. You'll want an add-on with insulation, but not something so heat-trapping that it makes sleeping an unpleasantly sweaty experience. Enter the PlushBeds 100% natural latex topper, whose thickness and firmness levels are totally customizable. "My mattress is a little too plush on its own, so the topper has made it a little more firm," shared AT senior sales research manager Marisa Ortiz, who ordered the medium firm version. "I notice less back pain, and it’s comfortable whether I sleep on my side or my back." This topper also absorbs jolts resulting from body movement, so it's perfect for those who share a bed.