These Are the 12 Products Our Editors Are Buying to Help Them Stick to Their New Year’s Resolutions

published Jan 11, 2024
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I’m not usually someone who makes New Year’s resolutions. The thought of seeing a goal through an entire year often feels like too much pressure, and when I inevitably stop working toward it, the self-resentment that follows is always disappointing. That being said, I think I went too many years without making a resolution, because for 2024, I’ve made a bunch. Last year was stressful, so this time around, I’m aiming to take it easy and just take better care of myself both physically and mentally. Broad, I know, but I’ve already taken some steps (a.k.a. gotten some stuff) to jumpstart my objectives. I’ve also been curious to see which products other people are buying or planning to buy to help stick to their own resolutions, so I polled some of my colleagues here at AT.

Below, you’ll find a list of the things our staffers are buying to ensure a better, healthier, and more positive 2024. Have a look, and if you think there’s an overlap with your own resolutions, you might try some of them out!

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Commerce SEO writer Haley has also made a resolution to be more organized, and she's betting on Papier's Joy planner to help her do so. It's sold out in the spiral design, but you can still get your hands on the hardcover version, which also features weekly, monthly and yearly overviews, as well as pages for goal-setting and a personalizable cover. It'll upgrade your desktop and your day-to-day.

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Day Designer

In my effort to de-stress this year, I switched out my usual basic weekly planner for this pretty daily agenda from Day Designer. I have so much more space to write down all of my daily objectives, from work tasks to dinner plans. Plus, it kind of doubles as a gratitude journal, as each page features an inspirational quote and a dedicated spot in which I write down what I'm thankful for. The first six pages are also totally dedicated to helping me map out my weekly, monthly, and overall life goals. I now look forward to planning my days and feeling more organized than ever!

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Every writer knows that putting pen to paper can be a lot harder than it sounds, which is why senior commerce editor Alicia decided to pick up "1000 Words" by best-selling author Jami Attenberg. "For the past few years, 'write your novel' has been on my resolutions list, but I've never done it," Alicia said. "So, I'm going to see if this book can help me finally create the habit of writing every single day. I've subscribed to Jami Attenberg's newsletter for years and know other people swear by her methods, so I'm going to use her new book as a guidepost."

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was $23.49

"Self-care is one of my top priorities this year, and I just ordered some Bio-Oil to add into my skincare routine," said commerce editorial assistant Morgan. "My mom absolutely swears by this stuff, and it’s supposed to help with acne scarring and uneven skin, so I have high hopes for it!" With more than 47,000 five-star Amazon ratings, Bio-Oil is one of the most popular solutions on the market for textured skin. And, it's paraben-free, vegan, and non-comedogenic.

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If you have a goal of saving money, one of the best things you can do for your wallet is to avoid eating out as frequently. That's why Sam, AT's social media manager, invested in this all-in-one countertop appliance. "One of my resolutions is to make more meals at home, and my morning coffee is included in that," she said. "Having an espresso machine at home means saving money on coffee runs by being able to make it at home myself, including the frothed milk.” The machine can also make cappuccinos and lattes, and it heats up in just 45 seconds.

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Staying hydrated is always a good objective. Commerce SEO editor Sarah has long been a fan of Owala's FreeSip water bottle, but she recently upgraded from the 24-ounce size to the 32-ounce. "The FreeSip features a patented spout that allows you to drink in not one but two ways: through the built-in straw or through the wide-mouth opening, giving you the option to sip or swig," she wrote in her review. "My favorite thing about this bottle? Aside from its excellent temperature retention, I’ve noticed that I’ve been drinking more, something that I attribute to the FreeSip top. You see, some days I prefer a straw, and some days I prefer to sip, but with this bottle, I never have to choose an ultimatum or change my bottle. J’adore."

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was $149.99

Last year, I bleached my hair twice, so it was pretty damaged. As a result, another resolution I have this year is to use as little heat on it as possible. The only problem is that I shower at night and don't like going to bed with wet hair. The Laifen Swift SE hair dryer has been a life-saver thanks to its thermo control technology and cool setting, which is still powerful enough to dry my hair about as fast as its warm and hot settings. I also love that the hair dryer comes with two magnetic nozzles and that it's super compact for traveling. I can now dry my hair quickly and avoid the frizz and heat damage.

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It can be hard to find a protein powder that's made with good ingredients and doesn't taste bad. Ian, our sister site's senior commerce editor, swears by this stuff for his workout and nutrition goals. It's free of GMOs, added sugars, hormones, soy, gluten, and artificial flavors. The whey protein also comes in eight delicious flavors, such as cappuccino and chocolate peanut butter, and an unflavored version. Additionally, one serving contains 25 grams of protein.

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was $12.01

“I'm running a half-marathon this year, and I have unexpectedly gotten injured already — before training even officially began!" Alicia said. "I added this foam roller to my cart in hopes that it can help me deal with some hip pain now (and help with general muscle recovery later)." Even if you don't have a concrete fitness goal in mind, it never hurts to own a foam roller for post-workout cool-downs and stretching. It comes in four sizes, all of which are under $20.

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Under the Canopy

Personally, I've found that what I'm wearing has a big impact on my mood. In my attempt to de-stress this year, I opted for this chic lounge robe from one of my favorite bedding brands, Under The Canopy. Even if I'm wearing mismatched pajamas underneath, the robe's waffle pattern and refined bone color keep me looking (and feeling) put-together. Its cotton material is also super cozy and helps me stay warm when my apartment's radiator isn't working on chilly mornings.

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was $7.99

"One thing I’m trying to get better at is getting more protein during the day to fuel my workouts," said Tamara, AT's managing commerce editor. "I know I’ll never make breakfast before I go into the office, so I decided to start making egg cups in my air fryer ahead of time so I can take them with me on the go. These reusable silicone liners mean I never have to buy muffin liners again!" You'll also be happy to learn that the liners are made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, which is nonstick and easy to clean.

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was $25.95

Overwhelmed by an overflowing closet? It might be time to clean out your wardobe, and this book will help you approach the task mindfully. “One of my resolutions is to be more deliberate about how I get dressed in the morning and develop my sense of style," Alicia said. "This book helped me declutter my closet and figure out how to put outfits together that fit the image that I'm going for." Author and stylist Allison Bornstein uses quick and effective techniques, such as the Three-Word Method and Nine Universal Pieces, to help you curate a personalized wardrobe that you'll love.