10 Under-$50 Hacks That Will Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel So Much Bigger

updated Jan 24, 2024
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Some home goods do exactly what they say they will on the box — nothing more, nothing less, and honestly, that’s great. But when you find things that go the extra mile and improve the space you put them in, that’s cause for celebration. We love any products that make your home seem cleaner, calmer, and chicer because you deserve all your purchases to work just as hard as you do. One area where these above-and-beyond goodies have a really noticeable effect is the bathroom, which is often a little small and stuffy (especially if you live in an apartment).

To help refresh your bathroom’s vibe, we found a handful of budget-friendly organizers and upgrades that all contribute to making your bathroom feel more spacious. While these tools can’t actually increase your home’s square footage, they create a greater sense of roominess and comfort, usually by being compact, sleek, and efficient themselves. Any one of these under-$50 finds will instantly improve how you feel about your bathroom, and if you get every single one, you might not even recognize your bathroom — in a good way!

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Using their self-adhesive strips, you can install these compact bins literally anywhere in your bathroom to give yourself more storage room — without sacrificing any space from your sink counter or medicine cabinet. They're the perfect spot to hold Q-tips, cotton pads, and any number of small toiletries. Check out our story to see how else they can improve your bathroom.

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Instead of having body wash and shampoo bottles cramping every corner of your shower, get this silicone organizer so you can round up your shower products in one tidy spot. As The Kitchn's senior commerce editor Ian noted, you can even use this to store bar soap. It also significantly cuts down on mildew and soap scum buildup that can occur around your tub.

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Add this all-in-one cabinet/organizer to your bathroom to get a ton of versatile storage space. It has two shelves for keeping toiletries and beauty products, a cabinet for storing cleaning products, and even a toilet paper dispenser built right in the middle. Because of its slim design and small footprint, this easily fits in any sized bathroom.

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The designers at OXO really thought of everything when they put together this shower caddy. It has shelves (with little railings) to corral all your shampoos and body washes, as well as a smaller shelf for soap bars, and even hooks to hang loofahs and shaving razors. This one organizer can completely declutter your shower and make it feel luxuriously roomy. No wonder it made our editors' list of best shower caddies.

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The Company Store
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Opt for this just-right-sized bath mat to reduce clutter on your bathroom floor. It's made of 100-percent Turkish cotton, comes in over a dozen colors (so you can choose the one that looks best with your floor and decor), and can be draped over the side of your tub when not in use to save even more space. Check out our Best List editor Britt's full review here for more details.

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Our commerce editor Sarah wrote that this under-sink organizer "completely transformed her bathroom." It fits around your sink's plumbing and has two shelves (one that even extends outward) for keeping all your cleaning supplies in one contained spot. It also has storage hooks and a little caddy for holding random things that would otherwise take up space in drawers.

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We perceive a room's size through all our senses, including our sense of smell. With this compact reed diffuser — which you can place on a sink or on top of a wall-mounted or free-standing organizer — your bathroom is continually refreshed with your favorite essential oil scent. Tiny bathrooms can easily become musty, and this diffuser replaces that unwanted odor with a clear-headed feeling of freshness. No wonder our editors chose this as "the best diffuser for small spaces."

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In addition to the remarkable softness and absorbency of these stylish bath towels, they have one super neat feature that makes them great for reducing bathroom clutter. Each one has a small loop sewn in so you can hang them on a hook instead of draping them over a towel rod. And they dry nearly the same while hanging on their loops, so you won't have to worry about your towels feeling less than totally fresh. Read our in-depth review to learn how amazing they are in person.

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Grove Collaborative
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This liquid soap dispenser takes up minimal counter or sink space and brightens your bathroom's mood with its cheerful white and yellow color scheme. Because it's reusable, you can keep larger refill bottles in another closet or storage area outside of your bathroom instead of taking up space with them under your sink.

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While white paint can make a room appear larger, plain furnishings don't always achieve the same effect. A bright and colorful item, such as this patterned shower curtain, can make tiny bathrooms seem bigger by creating a distinct separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. It also adds a lot of cheer to your bathroom and can make it feel like a more pleasant place to be. Read our full review here.