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In the bathroom, space is always at a premium, and that’s esepcially true in a smaller bathroom. If you’re at a loss as to where to store all the necessities in your teeny tiny bathroom, these 11 hardworking products can help. The Componibili is a great piece for adding a little storage anywhere in the house, but it’s especially nice in the bathroom: the doors mean less visual clutter, and the unit can tuck neatly into a corner or under a pedestal sink.
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Keeping bathroom ephemera organized—and possibly even attractive—requires constant vigilance, ruthless culling, and the right tools. This baker’s dozen of bins, caddies, shelves, and hooks will keep all of your supplies in order, whether on display for easy access or tucked away for privacy reasons. As seen in Ana and Patrick’s bathroom, above, a storage ladder can provide a ton of attractive storage on a small footprint.
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