How to Cope with Little or No Bedroom Storage (& Maximize the Storage You Have!)

published Jan 26, 2017
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If your bedroom storage situation is such that you laugh-cry every time a person on “House Hunters” (or any given home show) sashays through a walk-in closet and then pouts, “This just isn’t enough closet space,” then grab a cup (okay, more like a big pot) of tea and settle in. I’ve rounded up 13 of our best articles filled with DIY ideas, pro tips, lovely photographs, and smart solutions for those of us who can’t even shimmy—never mind sashay—in our own bedroom closets.

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Pro organizer Amelia Nicholas (above) of Urban Cottage NYC offers this wise piece of advice for closet storage: “One of the first things anyone can do to make their closet less frustrating is to streamline their hangers. Uniformity cuts down on hanger tangle—when different kinds get stuck on each other. The thin-profile velvet flocked hangers are key for a small space. You can fit so much more across the hanging bar, plus things stay put.

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A list designed as a choose-your-own-closet adventure; feel free to pick and choose the ideas that best fit your closet design and storage needs.

(Image credit: Foster House)

This post is filled with smart and attractive ways to get just that much more storage space, such as a set of baskets under the bed seen here from Foster House. They are visually attractive and a nice option if the floor under your bed is visible.

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Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed, as seen in this post, which offers some ingenious ways to organize your belongings, including building a platform for extra storage space.

→ Smart Storage Lessons: 10 Ideas from Small Spaces

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

These secrets come from Tesha, who lives in a 224-square-foot apartment. She offers great advice on maximizing the space you have and “making furniture work for you by picking pieces that incorporate drawers and shelves.

(Image credit: Julia Brenner)

A basic clothing rack is a functional and stylish way to store your clothes when closet space is lacking. Along with functionality, there’s something both personal and chic about showcasing your wardrobe this way.

→ You Can Conquer Your Clothing Storage Without a Closet. Here are 6 Strategies

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

As Taryn notes, “My closet is wherever I keep my clothes. Let’s just grab a sturdy garment rack (or make one from scratch) and set up shop in the living room or bedroom. It can look great, with the right inspiration.” As shown above, displaying clothing and accessories can be downright gorgeous.

(Image credit: Julia Brenner)

Over-the-door hooks, wall hooks and valet stands are some of the ideas offered here for storing worn-but-not-dirty clothes. Check out the rest at the link below.

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And for those of us (raising hand) who toss our worn-but-not-dirty clothes on a chair, we’ve got options for a neater and more orderly place than our poor never-sees-the-daylight seat, like a proper clothing organizer.

(Image credit: Refinery29)

Four real-life closet-less bedrooms offer a lot of storage inspiration, such as the above example from Refinery29, in which an intentional closet area was created using wall-hung rails and dresser for clothing, a rolling cart for corralling accessories, and hooks for hanging purses.

(Image credit: The Decorista)

In the above example from The Decorista, the IKEA Kallax is painted the same shade as the wall to create a built-in effect, which is an inspiringly elegant spin on a functional storage piece.

(Image credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion)

Those of us with tiny closets (and no closets) quickly grow tired of the sea-of-shoes look. From shoe organizers to wall-mounted racks, we have creative shoe storage solutions to calm the sole tides.

→ So You Need a Little Extra Shoe Storage…

(Image credit: Decor8)

If you’re lacking bedroom space in general, check out these smart solutions for storage and organization. In this bedroom spotted on Decor8, the homeowners made use of an IKEA TRONES as a nightstand and shoe storage.

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