5 Ridiculous, Tiny NYC Apartment Listings We’ve Seen So Far This Year

published Aug 18, 2023
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As an 11-year resident of New York City, it takes a lot to surprise me when it comes to the weird world of NYC apartments. Paying an average rent of $5,588 a month, it turns out, does not guarantee you a dishwasher, a garbage disposal (really!), an elevator, or any other sweet, sweet amenities.

If anything, 2023 has proven that the Big Apple is really trying to test the boundaries of what’s acceptable in calling something an “apartment.” If you’re currently hunting for an apartment and need a laugh-cry, or want validation that pretty much everywhere else is a better bang for your buck, look no further than these five tiny, ridiculous, and downright weird apartments we’ve seen this year. And if you live in New York, these will just remind you that despite the rats, roaches, and ridiculous rent, the city is truly one of a kind (for better or worse).

A $2,500 NYC Apartment That Doesn’t Have a Kitchen Sink

Why pay $1,244 a month in rent to live in a nice, big apartment in Minneapolis when you can spend double to live in New York and not even have a kitchen sink? An efficiency apartment, which went viral on TikTok, is asking $2,500 a month, just so you can wash your dishes in your bathroom sink. Lest you scoff, a real estate agent said, “This is the best I’ve ever seen at under 150 square feet.” I guarantee it’ll be snapped up by the end of the month.

An 80-Square-Foot NYC Apartment That Costs $1,750 per Month

You can pay well below the average New York City rent, and you can do it while touching opposite walls at the same time. A renter named Nikki showed off her micro apartment on TikTok, which features a mini fridge and a room that combines a dining area, bedroom, and closet. “I’m basically living in an RV or van without wheels,” Nikki said about her compact space, although honestly, given the decently sized shower and overall minimalist vibe, it really could be worse.

A 77-Square-Foot NYC Apartment That Rents for $2,350 — And Doesn’t Have a Bathroom

Do you miss college dorm life, where you had to shower in flip flops and dart across the hallway every time you had to go to the bathroom? Then move to New York, where you can spend half your paycheck to walk down memory lane! A Greenwich Village studio “features” a shared bathroom just like what you’ll find in dorms, along with a cute little kitchen and a big window. Hey, if location is everything, then what else do you need?

A Super-Narrow NYC Apartment Costs $3,275 per Month 

This Harlem apartment is actually pretty nice (check out those windows!), except for the fact that the front door barely opens all the way without hitting the wall in front of it. In fact, some extremely kind commenters on a realtor’s (@rentnewyork) viral video of the space had high praise for the space. “That hallway is a dream for a small dog that loves to play fetch,” a viewer commented. “I mean … I really like it tbh,” another TikToker wrote. “It’s super unique by default … I dig it!”

An 80-Square-Foot NYC Apartment Is the Size of a Parking Space

NYC resident Alaina Randazzo describes her own apartment as the size of a “parking lot space,” but what she doesn’t have in space, she makes up for in savings. She pays $650 a month in rent for her teeny-tiny home, which has a small kitchenette with a microwave, two burners, and a sink; a small closet; a loft bed; and room for a pull-out couch. (Plus, a shared hallway bathroom.) But when you live in a big city with all kinds of activities and excitement, who even needs space or a toilet to call their own?