29 Color Combos that Take Blue to the Next Level

updated May 31, 2024
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​​If you’ve ever wondered what colors go with blue, the answer is just about any color! Blue is a true design chameleon, and when done properly, can mix with just about any other color. “Blue is one of the most versatile colors in the designer’s toolbox,” says designer Courtney McLeod, principal at Right Meets Left Interior Design. “It can move from soft and calming to strong and masculine, from urbane sophistication to French country. Blue is a universal favorite because there is a shade to suit every personality and every style.” 

Whether you’ve committed to true blue, teal, or turquoise, you may wonder what are the complementary colors for blue. Take a look at the 29 spaces below for some inspiration and get ready to embrace these designer-approved blue color combos in your own home.

Quick Overview

How to Pair Colors With Blue

  • Pair with cooler colors for a calming effect: Falling on the cool side of the color wheel, blue is often thought to pair best with other cool tones like greens, grays, and purples. Sticking to cooler colors can give your room a sense of stability and calm.
  • Pair with warmer colors for a bold statement: For higher contrast — and a bolder look — blue can actually play well with warm colors like oranges and reds. 
  • Keep an open mind: There are many more beautiful possibilities for decorating with blue than you might think, and new-to-you blue pairings (peacock blue and magenta? Yes, please!) might be just what you need to shake things up in your home.

1. Blue and Burgundy

Lynne and Ty McDaniel paired a cobalt sofa with a gorgeous burgundy area rug in their eclectic Chicago studio apartment. The furniture store owners installed a gallery wall of locally-sourced art that complements the bold colors. 

Credit: Connie Zhou

2. Blue and Blue

Don’t be afraid to decorate with varying shades of blue, like Clay Crider and Julian Kline did with the living room in their Brooklyn apartment. The monochromatic look is calming and cozy, perfect for unwinding and entertaining. 

3. Teal and Mustard

A teal and mustard pairing seems like a daring choice, but the risk is well worth the reward. Design consultant Allison Pierce’s stunning dining room in her colorful Los Angeles home is the perfect example: The sunny tablecloth acts as an energizing centerpiece, perfectly juxtaposed against the blue-green bookcase and moulding. 

4. Blue, White and Brown

This peaceful kitchen by @antique_arte_y_deco shows just how well this color combination works. Light blue kitchen cabinets contrast with the dark wood beams, drawing the eye upward. The homeowners have cleverly added dramatic brown decor as well, counting on the white kitchen countertop to balance the space. 

5. Turquoise and Gold

Blue and gold is a color combination that’s stately and elegant. But when you change the blue to turquoise, you get a fun, mid-century modern vibe, as shown here by @delightfulll. They’ve chosen to embrace the look with funky chairs and an amazing, dramatic gold light fixture.

Credit: @nimbus.beds

6. Navy and Beige

If you’re wondering what colors go with blue to create an elegant look, beige is always the right answer. Navy and beige combine to create a pulled-together look in this room by @nimbus.beds. The subtle, patterned wallpaper is a perfect partner for the dark and dramatic bedding and curtains in this attractive room.

Credit: John Neitzel

7. Slate Blue and Rust

McLeod is a proponent of this cool meets warm combo, noting, “A rich orange is a beautiful and unexpected pop that adds life to a slate blue color palette.” That said, you won’t want to overdo it. “A little goes a long way, so I recommend sticking to accessories for adding the orange to your decorating scheme,” McLeod explains, as illustrated in the living room above. Use art and objects to your advantage, peppering in those pops of burnt sienna around your space to create a sense of contrast—and movement—against a grayish blue backdrop.

Credit: Erica Thomas

8. Midnight Blue, Black, & White

Midnight blues, mixed liberally with black and white, make for an edgy combo that’s ideal for a minimalist who wants to put an eclectic spin on a classic color pairing. This Brooklyn rental features a large piece of blue DIY artwork that adds some drama to an otherwise simple scheme of hotel style linens, white walls, and black window trim.

Credit: John Neitzel

9. Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

McLeod describes this high-contrast pairing as an excellent combination that works particularly well for more gender-neutral interiors. What’s nice about this sunny look is that popular pieces right now, like natural wood tone furniture and brass accents, only emphasize the warm, golden tones at play with blue here. So many of your existing furnishings already jibe with this color combination. Use navy for a large anchor piece in your space like a sofa or rug — it’ll balance out a zingy mustard yellow accent chair and set of decorative pillows.

Credit: Franke Chung

10. Blue and Gray

Don’t shy away from this calm and cool color combo in fear that it will be too boring or miss the mark. Blue and gray complement each other wonderfully; the key is just selecting shades that contrast enough to make an impact, as seen in this Chicago living room. Try this in a bedroom or living room to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and kicking back.

11. Pale Blue, Mint Green, & Bright Yellow

“Pale blue and mint green combine to create a fresh and youthful look,” McLeod explains. “I like to see these colors used in a balanced way within a space — the addition of a bold touch of yellow really gives it personality.” Feel like adding more? A pop of pink can’t hurt either, as this home in Israel illustrates.

12. Turquoise and Magenta

Feeling bold? Maximalists will love the idea of pairing turquoise with hot pink or magenta — the sofa and rug setup in this LA home makes for great design inspiration. This living room also exemplifies how easy it can be to add pops of bright color to a space without picking up a paintbrush. Between the sofa, rug, artwork, and coffee table with a yellow frame, there’s more than enough hue happening here that you don’t even notice the white walls.

Credit: Dustin Peck

13. Moss Green and Sky Blue

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, this may be the pairing for you. “Moss green and sky blue are a classic, early 20th-century American Craftsman color combination,” McLeod notes. “Use this palette to create a nature-inspired space with a nod to history.” This bright combo is a sunny alternative to the classic, black-and-white subway tile bathroom that dominated this period in design.

14. Deep Blue and Olive Green

A deep blue and olive green make for a dreamy bedroom setup in this Michigan home. Once again, burnt orange also shines in the space and keeps the room looking extra warm and welcoming.

Credit: Viv Yapp

15. Teal, Peach, and Charcoal Gray

This kitchen in this colorful UK home is making quite the case for pairing geometric teal tile with peach walls. Pastel hues always give rooms a bit of a retro feel, but this cook space doesn’t look too dated or saccharine, thanks to the dark gray cabinetry and black appliances that ground the entire setup. Even the butcher block countertops play off of the peachy-pink wall color, so the whole kitchen is really comprised of harmonious tones in just a few key color families.

16. Blue and Emerald

Truly any shade of blue will shine when paired with this jewel-toned green. The color combo can help achieve a quirky, almost glam vintage look as seen above or could be used to make a space look ultra-sleek and modern when paired with matte black finishes.

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque)

17. Jewel-Toned Blues and Purple

On the other side of that coin, the deep jewel-tone blues in this armchair are accented by a pillow featuring a rich purple and other earthy hues. The green paint peeking out from behind the bookshelf ties the look together. Don’t be afraid to mix a jewel-toned blue with another jewel tone like eggplant.

(Image credit: Aimée Mazzenga)

18. Blue, Yellow, & Gray

Neutral walls make the perfect backdrop for this bright blue table and yellow chairs. The rest of the room is kept simple to let this colorful vignette really shine.

(Image credit: Anna Spaller)

19. Blue, Brown, & Taupe

The inky blue on this headboard is highlighted by minimalist, neutral bedding and a pair of throw pillows with brown, taupe, and black touches. As well as blue can pair with black, it can also hang with earthy hues, if you are looking for something a little softer and less stark.

(Image credit: Winkie Visser)

20. Blue and Blush

Millennial pink has quickly become a new classic color in decor, and it looks totally on-trend in this blue and gray living room. This is a common color paring in children’s rooms, but really chalky pastels can looks lovely all throughout the house.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

21. Yves Klein Blue and Black

Going all-in with royal blue cabinets is not for the faint of heart, but the white walls and black windowsills make the color feel a little more accessible. The jute rug also helps to add texture and softness to what might otherwise feel like a stark combination.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

22. Blue and Gold

Reminiscent of the night sky, this color combo adds a dreamy feel to any room. Even if you don’t go this literal with a star-print pillow, it’s easy to riff on this scheme with brass decorative accents and lighting fixtures.

(Image credit: Lana Kenney)

23. Dark Blue and Hot Pink

Hot pink really pops when its paired with other bold colors, especially a rich, saturated blue. This color combo just screams summer and is high-energy. You could also try it in a playroom or even a home office, if you dare!

(Image credit: Emily Billings)

24. Blue and Orange

Blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, making them ideal complements, as evidenced by this orange lamp and navy wall pairing.

(Image credit: Hannah Puechmarin)

25. Light Blue, Green & Red

A softer blue can feel almost neutral when paired with wood accents, a patterned bedspread, and a smattering of colorful pillows.

(Image credit: Cathy Pyle)

26. Blue and Canary Yellow

Dark navy walls allow these yellow flowers to really pop, and the color combo would work just as well throughout the home.

Credit: Minette Hand

27. Blue and Red

A pop of red can make almost any room look good (as proven by the “unexpected red theory)” but nothing makes it stand out like setting it against blue. This corner in this Brooklyn apartment makes it evident that these colors are meant to go together.

28. Teal and Lilac

Don’t be afraid to mix two lighter colors on the spectrum! This houseboat in Amsterdam juxtaposes a teal bookshelf against a dusty purple wall, all tied together with pops of lilac in the chair and sofa cushions.

29. Ocean Blue and Lime Green

Think lime green is too bright a color to pair with blue? Think again. This bright green and blue wallpaper melds perfectly into a lower blue wall in this eclectic home , with a perfect pop of orange to finish it out.