Sandra’s Luxurious Modern in Brentwood
Name: Sandra Location: Brentwood — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 2,400 square feetYears lived in: 8 months — Own Months ago I was visiting interior designer Craig Olsen at his showroom on La Brea. In the corner window, he had a gorgeous black and white striped couch on display. He told me how he had custom upholstered it for his client Sandra’s new home. After almost a year of residence, Sandra welcomes us to her new Brentwood abode.
Aug 31, 2011
Before & After: Inspired Reading Chair Makeover
Inspired by NicoleMari’s reading chair makeover, Rachelle decided the time had come to make some changes to the reading chair passed down from her parents when she was young and furniture-free. Since she still loved the comfort and scale of this chair, changing out the fabric to bring it up to date was the ideal (though challenging) solution. Though she originally planned to reupholster the chair, in the end she opted to make a custom slipcover instead.
Aug 31, 2011
Before & After: Old Door to Herringbone Table
I don’t think I’d ever be able to tackle this impressive DIY project, not unless my dad decides to take up carpentry when he retires. Luckily for Sarah, her father is a self-taught carpenter who was happy to help her transform an old oak door, some plywood and some wood strips into a herringbone-pattern dining table. Prepare to be jealous!Sarah details the entire project from start to finish over at Design*Sponge. The steps sound tedious, but not impossible.
Aug 31, 2011
Before & After: 4 Garden Furniture Makeovers
With a long weekend ahead and a summer full of travel and fun in the past, I think it is high time I finally wrap up a few of those projects that I meant to finish earlier in the season. There is still time, and I am taking inspiration from these four outdoor furniture makeover projects…First up, old and tired becomes new again with a little TLC and some new accessories.
Aug 31, 2011
Kelly’s Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA
Name: Kelly ReemtsenLocation: Downtown — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 3600 square feetYears lived in: 11 years — rented When you enter Kelly’s loft you are taken aback by its enormity, the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, great lighting, bright colors, incredible art and mid-century charm. Kelly is an artist in Los Angeles who has lived in her space for over a decade and is one of my dearest friends.
Aug 30, 2011
Before & After: A Surprising Fireplace Reveal
Something about making over a fireplace always seems daunting to me. I think it’s all the tile or brick work that makes me feel I should leave it to a professional, but after seeing Heather’s surprisingly smart and simple fireplace facelift at Home Modern I’m gonna take a deeper look at it from now on.
Aug 29, 2011
Beatrice & Ramsey’s Cultured Echo Park Casa
Name: Beatrice Valenzuela (shoe designer and hairdresser) & Ramsey Conder (clay modeler for Tesla Motors) Location: Echo Park – Los Angeles, California Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 1 year A good friend, Kathryn Bentley, suggested I tour Beatrice and Ramsey’s unique and well decorated Echo Park home. From the moment I walked through the door I knew their place was very special. There were no barriers between the indoor and outdoor areas.
Aug 26, 2011
Before & After: Garage Sale Vanity Gets a New Lease on Life
When Carrie found this vintage vanity at a garage sale, the large center mirror was missing, the finish was in desperate need of some TLC, and the drawers were full of dead bugs. Despite the obvious condition problems, and the fact that she herself had no need for a vanity, Carrie knew this lovely piece deserved a second chance to grace a home. After a little reflection on the piece and on her actual needs, Carrie was able to give her secondhand vanity a new lease on life.
Aug 26, 2011
Harper & Caleb’s Sophisticated Southern Gem
Name: Harper and Caleb Carnes with Piper the PomeranianLocation: Dalton, GeorgiaSize: 2000 square feetYears lived in: Own — 9 months Sure, we used the word “sophisticated” in the title because it pairs so cheerfully with the word “Southern,” but make no mistake; the Georgia home of cute couple Harper and Caleb might be grown-up and good-looking, but it’s also bold, bright, adventurous, fun and full of inspiring ideas and enviable thrift store finds.
Aug 25, 2011
Amy & Greg’s Fresh Traditional
Name: Amy & Greg Strunk, their brand new baby, Graham, and their two kittens, Pips and Fawkes Location: Penderbrook (Fairfax, VA)Size: 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 ½ baths on 4 floorsYears lived in: owned 4 years I didn’t even have to look at the house number to find Amy and Greg’s home on photo shoot day— as soon as I saw the flowers and foliage cascading down the front steps I knew I had arrived. Knowing that Amy is a landscape designer, that part was a giveaway.
Aug 25, 2011
Before & After: From Old Door to New Bookcase
I’ve been trying to come up with a pun on this door-to-bookcase project — you know, something like opening the door to a new bookcase or some such cleverness. But, well, as you can tell by that sentence alone, i have not had much success. So let’s just make it simple: this project is totally rad!I love a project that re-imagines stuff that would have otherwise been bound for the junk heap. And Gail, from the blog My Repurposed Life, is the queen of such projects!
Aug 25, 2011
Before & After: Divine Dresser Makeover
Kate found this great dresser for only $20 at her local thrift store; though it had lovely lines, she knew it needed some TLC before it found a place of pride in her home. Kate originally planned to sand and stain the piece, until she discovered the top of the dresser was laminate rather than solid wood. Faced with this unexpected curveball, Kate was forced to change her plans for this inexpensive piece.
Aug 24, 2011
Maegan’s Unabashedly Feminine Home Office
Name: Maegan TintariLocation: Los Angeles, CASize: 12′ x 13′Years lived in: 1 ½ Maegan’s home office started off like many rooms designated for work use: it was thrown together. Back in January 2010, the style+design blogger and her husband moved into a new house, designating a spare room for double duty as both a home office and dressing room.
Aug 24, 2011
Nickel Tile Floor! A DIY Bathroom Renovation
This project was completed by some regular readers from Seattle: “In March 2010, I came upon the ever-popular Penny Tile floor post on your site. At the time, we were in the process of renovating our 1950s rambler and I was unsuccessful in finding a contractor to complete a concrete overlay (thin-set concrete) design on our master bathroom floor.
Aug 24, 2011
Rich &amp Emily’s Somerville Surprise
Name: Rich and Emily and their daughterLocation: Somerville, MassachusettsSize: 2000 square feetYears lived in: 3 — owned I tend to be a little Jamaica Plain-centric with my house tours so it’s always fun when I scooch on over to the other side of the river for a house tour. Rich and Emily’s Somerville home was well worth the trek! Their condo includes the second and third floor of a two-family house.
Aug 23, 2011
Anu’s Global Canvas
Name: AnuLocation: Seattle, Washington My home is like a canvas bringing my thoughts to life. Its a haven for me and my family. I love to decorate my home with things that have a special meaning for me. In my home silver treasures go together with a few sea shells from a memorable trip to the beach.I believe that one should not be afraid to blend different styles and colors as it will all come together to create the”look” thats all yours!
Aug 23, 2011
Cool Lunch Bags for Older Kids
Yesterday we looked at lunch bags for young kids, but dripping-with-cuteness probably won’t fly with tweens and teens. So, your choice, pay for turtle lunchbox-induced future therapy or pay for a non-embarrassing, mature lunch bag now? Here are ten inconspicuous lunch bags that fly under the radar (suitable for parents, too): • Read the full
Aug 23, 2011
Alex Fulton’s Flirtatious Use of Crazy Color
Name: Alex Fulton Location: Sumner Beach — Christchurch, New Zealand Size: 180 square meters Years Lived In: 5 years this Christmas. A few weeks back I practically spit my drink all over myself trying to get shouts of exclamation out when stumbled upon this home in New Zealand. Although I would have loved to have flown there to photograph it myself, we called in the big guns (aka Li’l Magoolie). This home is so packed with color, you might actually need to sit down.
Aug 22, 2011
Cool Lunch Bags for Toddlers and Young Kids
If your child is just starting daycare or school this year or if last year’s lunch bag is worse for wear, you may be in the market for a kid-sized, kid-friendly lunch bag. We recommend letting your child pick it out – it’s fun and maybe they’ll have a stronger attachment to it and not
Aug 22, 2011
Cody & Kamie’s North Beach Hideaway
Name: Cody, Kamie & Sophia RasmussenLocation: North Beach — Seattle, WashingtonSize: 2240 square feetYears lived in: 5 — rown Cody, a graphic designer and owner of the custom furniture shop Modgrain, his realtor wife, Kamie, and their daughter, Sophia, have settled into one of the hidden gem neighborhoods of Seattle.
Aug 19, 2011
Before & After: $69 Loveseat Makeover
It takes a keen eye see past the dingy upholstery and waiting-room feel to focus on the possibilities of this loveseat. When Kelli found this piece at a garage sale for only $20, she knew she had a steal of a project on her hands, but she had to wait a few months to find the time to get this makeover started.Kelli stripped this seat down piece by piece, saving the fabric to use as a pattern for the new upholstery.
Aug 19, 2011
Before & After: From Extra Room to “Artist’s Dojo”
I love it when readers leave links to their blogs in comments, which is how I found out about this project from Gloria at A Little Paint. She commiserated with my can’t-paint-another-stroke pain by showing a room makeover she took on earlier this year. The “after” is proof that a little paint can make the biggest difference in the world.I am so impressed by how Gloria transformed this once boring room, from the eye-catching detailing on the ceiling to the cool ombre cabinet.
Aug 19, 2011
Kathryn & David’s Mix of Modern & Craftsman Apartment
Name: Kathryn Bentley & David ScheidLocation: Echo Park – Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 800 square feetYears lived in: 2 years Craftsman love! Every time Kathryn and David start the search for a new apartment with more space, they are reminded how lucky they are to live in a space with the original architectural details beautifully restored.
Aug 18, 2011
Noa & Stuart’s Boho-Chic Bungalow (and Shed Remodel!)
Name: Noa Azoulay-Sclater & Stuart SclaterLocation: Spring Valley — San Diego, CASize: Home: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. 1100 sq ft, built in 1951. Studio: about 300 sq ft. Shed-to-studio remodel in 2010.Years lived in: 2 yrs — owned A suburban corner of San Diego’s Spring Valley neighborhood feels more like Laurel Canyon in its bohemian heyday, at least at the midcentury house owned by Noa Azoulay-Sclater, a photographer, and her husband Stuart Sclater, a musician.
Aug 18, 2011
Before & After: A Rescued Rocker Gets Brightened Up
When Ashley’s aunt brought her this old rocking chair, which she had rescued from a dumpster, it was an ugly sight to behold. Still, Ashley was confident she could give it new life and, $10 later, she did just that…The first thing Ashley did was peel the fabric and foam off the chair. After removing the fabric, Ashley sanded the chair frame, then primed and painted it. Once the paint had dried, Ashley replaced the chair foam and then applied new fabric, using small finishing nails.
Aug 18, 2011
Before & After: From Breakfast Bar to Storage Space
Remember when every home we saw on HGTV was being renovated with a breakfast bar? They have their place for sure, but they don’t really lend much in the way of design as far as storage or even looks go. Many homes, rentals, and apartments have them, but did you know that overhang of countertop can be doing more for you? Want to see what this space looks like now? Should I keep asking silly questions?
Aug 18, 2011
Before & After: Quick & Inexpensive Kitchen Changes
I love my quaint, 1940s condo, but the kitchen has always felt unfinished and out of place. Not being in the financial situation to completely remodel to my liking, I decided to do a few quick, inexpensive projects to brighten the space as much as possible.The original flooring in the kitchen was a clay-like, synthetic tile which was glued down like nobody’s business.
Aug 18, 2011
Shannon’s Eclectic Decorative Bay Area Home
Name: Shannon KayeLocation: San Mateo — just south of San Francisco, CaliforniaSize: 1,000 square feetYears lived in: 6 years — rent Shannon Kaye, a Bay Area interior designer is “making room for more”. With years of experience in the design industry and host on the DIY Network, she opens up her personal home to share her ideas with us. She has used a rich palette of textures and color to bring out the charm of her DIY home.
Aug 17, 2011
Kyle & Erin’s U Street One Bedroom with a View
Name: Kyle J. Avarell, Erin Berteaux, and Buddha the catLocation: U Street Corridor, Washington DCSize: 594 square feetYears lived in:1 ½ years, rented Down to their beautifully blue-eyed cat’s food dish, Kyle and Erin have brought style and personality to every aspect of their penthouse home. In turn, the modern apartment makes a great backdrop for their collection of locally sourced vintage furniture, strategic Ikea buys, and handmade projects.
Aug 16, 2011
Before & After: Paint-By-Number Wall Mural
Time to do laundry because Curtis Robertson is about to knock your socks off! His niece and her husband just moved into their first home and he wanted to do something special for his great nephew’s room. With two vintage eBay paint-by-number paintings as his guide he meticulously recreated them in an incredible whole room mural. It’s a must see:After!
Aug 16, 2011
Retro, Chic Pitcher and Cup Sets
Lemonade on the deck, iced tea over a weekend lunch, martinis as the sun sets. Why not class up your summer drinking with a vintage pitcher and glass set? • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Aug 16, 2011
Before & After: A Major China Hutch Makeover
Jesyka D’Itri over at Visual Vocabulary did a remarkable makeover on a china hutch a few months ago. The original piece had a lot of scratches, missing pieces and a broken door, but she really kept on it and was able to bring it back to life in a very unique, stylized and surprising way…After sanding and stripping the wood, repairing the door and getting new glass for the broken cabinet, Jesyka was ready to get her style on.
Aug 15, 2011
Chloe’s Connected Little Nursery
Name: Emily StearsLocation: Zurich, Switzerland                        Size/Room: 161 sq. ft.
Aug 12, 2011
The Easy Way to Remove a Stuck Light Bulb (with Tape)
Old apartments come with a lot of character. They also sometimes come with really old fixtures, the kind of fixtures that are caked with centuries of wear and tear. Those kinds of fixtures don’t like to let go of light bulbs too easily. Luckily, you have this tip in your back pocket.Don’t let a stuck bulb be a bigger problem than it has to be. Before you go bonkers trying to loosen that dead bulb (and inevitably break it* in the process—natch!
Aug 12, 2011
Michael’s Masculine & Modern Open Studio
Name: Michael Yates, furniture designer and founder of Michael Yates DesignLocation: South — Austin, TexasSize: 800 square feet studioYears lived in: Rent 6 years It’s evident upon walking into the studio of furniture designer Michael Yates that this is a guy with a whole heap of style.
Aug 11, 2011
Jennifer’s High/Low Home in the Hills
Name: Jennifer DyerLocation: Hollywood Hills, CaliforniaSize: 2960 square feetYears lived in: 1 1/2 years Jennifer has a designer’s eye for confidently pulling together different styles across a mixture of unique furnishings. She loves scavenger finds — her leather dining room side chair was found on the side of the road. She is not afraid to shop at high and low sources to create a personal and unique home. At the end of the day, it comes down to the design and not the price tag.
Aug 11, 2011
Michael & Shannon’s Mix of Tradition and Travel
Name: Michael and ShannonLocation: Upper West Side, New YorkSize: 400 square feet one bedroom rentalYears Lived In: 5 years “We’ve always had a thing for the relaxed library [look],” explains Michael, a travel photographer, as he gives me the grand tour of his and Shannon’s home. You may recognize this well-curated (small!) apartment as one of the ‘teeny-tiny’ category finalists in this year’s Small Cool Contest.
Aug 10, 2011
Sabrina Ward Harrison’s Creative Space in Silver Lake
Name: Sabrina Ward HarrisonLocation:Silver Lake — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: Approximately 1100 Square FeetYears lived in: 5 months — rent Sabrina Ward Harrison, a prolific Los Angeles based artist, has shared her entire life in print for over a decade. Mixing medias such as photography and painting in with her text, she has this sentimental way of bringing out the rawest of emotions through everything she writes about.
Aug 10, 2011
Before & After: Fabulous DIY Reupholstery Project
Who among us can’t empathize with Joy, who found a fabulous pink chair at the thrift store and convinced her husband that of course she had the necessary skills for this reupholstery project? Though the initial chair is one anyone might easily bypass, the end result is a reminder that good things come to those who invest the time and energy to give new life to an old favorite.For only $35 (!), Joy bought this wonderful chair with slightly less than wonderful upholstery.
Aug 10, 2011
Unusual Wooden Backsplashes
We’re used to seeing the standard tile or a continuation of a natural stone material climbing the walls behind a countertop, but a wooden backsplash can have great functionality, and unusual one can add an interesting design element to a modern kitchen. • Read the full post at Apartment Therapy
Aug 10, 2011
Samantha & Lindsey’s Bright Beach Cottage
Name: Samantha, Lindsay and UshaLocation: Downtown — Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSize: 1,500 square feetYears lived in: 2 Samantha, Lindsey and their housemate, Usha, have made a sunshine–drenched home of their own with a few coats of paint, some great DIYs and a whole lot of art work made by family members. Their laid back style is both accessible and inspiring.
Aug 9, 2011
Elizabeth & David’s Happily Growing Home and Garden
Name:: Elizabeth Low and David Cash and their 2 year old daughter VioletLocation: Mar Vista — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 903 Square FeetYears lived in: 2 — Own Elizabeth Low and her husband David Cash have created a lush and happy home. With no shortage of good weather, this small family enjoys the perks of rich landscaping and plenty of open space. Their daughter Violet has the best of both worlds; a cozy little bedroom to call her own and huge backyard to play in.
Aug 9, 2011
Before & After: Rope Wrapped Bar Stools
I bought these bar stools at Target about ten years ago, when my husband and I were renting an apartment with a little breakfast counter. Since then, I’ve used them in my studio, where they’ve gotten beat up and paint splashed. I moved out of my studio but I’m still not quite ready to part with the stools so I decided to give them new life…It was immediately evident when I brought the stools into our little apartment that I would need to cut them down.
Aug 9, 2011
Before & After: A New Headboard Makes the Bedroom
For every home I’ve lived in, there has always been a room that steadfastly defies decoration, opting instead to act as repository for odds and ends and lack of style. Up until a couple of weeks ago, that room was our bedroom. But thanks to a fortuitous score while photographing a recent house tour the space is finally good for more than jumping on the bed.
Aug 9, 2011
Before & After: Empty Patch of Earth To Fairy Garden
Did you know that “if you build it they will come” applies to fairies? Well we haven’t proven it, but we’re pretty sure. Crystal had an unused plot of earth at her house and decided to turn it into a hospitable home for homeless fairies.Charming isn’t it? We’re sure some fairies will be moving in soon. See more photos and read a bit about what Crystal used to make it on her blog, The Weekend Homemaker.
Aug 8, 2011
Sean & Mandi’s Custom, Modern Modular Home
Name: Sean and Mandi EhmanLocation: West VirginiaSize: 1,977 square feetYears lived in: 4 This contemporary-style home in West Virginia is a unique example of how to customize a modular home and make it beautiful, but more than the aesthetic result, it’s the fruit of living intentionally that shines.
Aug 4, 2011
Mitch’s Multi-Monitor, Over the Top Home Office
It’s not always easy to create a multi-monitor setup with 3 or more screens, but Mitch Haile’s updated attic home office sees your three monitors and raises you two more. Not many people use 5 monitors all at once, but the overall look and feel of his home office accommodates for the wraparound display with some thoughtful planning (if not a little obsessive).
Aug 4, 2011
Before & After: The Chezerbey Kitchen
In case you’ve been missing out on Chezerbey, a blog chronicling a young architect couple’s ongoing renovation of a 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle, this reveal of their new kitchen is an excellent start. The chic “after” bears zero resemblance to the “before.”Lauren and Kyle Zerbey (their bathroom was featured on Apartment Therapy) saved cash with IKEA cabinets and put the savings into better countertops (lyptus butcherblock and silestone quartz).
Aug 3, 2011