This Sleek, Cordless Hand Vac Cleans Dirt from Every Corner and Crevice Without Kicking Up Dust (It’s On Sale!)

published Mar 22, 2023
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Until recently, I’d always had an upright vacuum with attachable crevice tools in a nearby linen closet. But when I moved out of my parents’ house and into a shared apartment, I had to start making do with the vacuum the landlord had left us. This new machine is lightweight and easy to use — I’ll give it that — but aside from its main cleaner head, there’s not much else to work with. And because I live in an old pre-war building, it feels like I’m constantly swimming in dust. My point is, there are many moments while I’m cleaning that I catch myself thinking, I could really use a small tool to seamlessly eliminate all the dust in this narrow spot. A tool that won’t disturb the debris and send it floating into the air, ideally. Really, anyone who struggles with this problem will appreciate Bissell’s AeroSlim hand vac, which is just the tool you need and available now at QVC.

My apartment was already small to begin with, and I feel like it accumulates new miscellaneous dust, dirt, and debris every week. Even if you find yourself in the same situation as I do, you’ll have no problem finding space to accommodate this compact hand vac. It measures just over a foot wide and barely weighs more than one pound, so you can easily stick it inside a drawer, on a shelf, or even under the bed when you’re not using it. And although this tool is small, its size doesn’t prevent it from sucking up dirt like a pro. If you ask us, the best practice is to clean as you normally would with a standard-sized vacuum, then go over the areas it couldn’t reach with this gadget. For instance, use the AeroSlim for spots between furniture and cushions, in tight corners, inside your car, and atop window frames. Because the machine is cordless, you have total free range of motion.

QVC shoppers largely agree that as long as you don’t push the vac beyond its limits, it’ll work like a charm. “I eat at a carpeted area with a tv stand tray,” one reviewer wrote. “I used to have crumbs all over near the chair I eat on. This picks up all those food crumbs… (and) I am able to clean up the rug each time I eat.” You’ll also want to make sure you wash the hand vac’s filter in between uses (with this purchase, you get two!) and recharge it before your next cleaning sesh. With this handy machine, you’re home will truly be spotless from top to bottom.