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The Top Kitchen Sink Trends of 2022 Prove Cottagecore Is Here To StayDesign Ideas
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Jan 25, 2022
This TikTok Account Reviews Public Bathroom Sinks, and People Are Loving ItDesign Ideas
Sink Reviews, as its name suggests, is an account dedicated to critiquing public bathroom sinks. It might sound strange but the videos are surprisingly entertaining.
Apr 16, 2021
The One Big Drawback to Undermount SinksProjects & Improvements
Undermount sinks are often a no-brainer decision when remodeling a kitchen. There’s lots to love: they look nice, let you to wipe water and crumbs directly from the counter into the sink with a single swipe, and they eliminate that gunk-magnet seam around the lip of overmount sinks. With all these pros, what’s the catch?
Jul 17, 2020
Before &amp After: A Mid-C Modern BathroomProjects & Improvements
Designer Gina De Pasquale renovated this Las Vegas residence that needed a little updating throughout. Her work is most impressive in the bathroom where she did a great a job of mixing high and low pieces, all while staying true to the mid-century aesthetic.
Mar 11, 2020
DIY Project: How To Remove and Install a Kitchen SinkProjects & Improvements
Earlier this week, I showed you my newly renovated sink and backsplash area in my kitchen. If you’re interested in learning how to remove and install your own sink, follow these steps to complete the process yourself! A new kitchen sink that fits both width, length and depth of the existing space Plumber’s putty Your brand new sink!
Dec 19, 2019
The Surprising Kitchen Trend We’re Starting to See More OfDesign Ideas
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Dec 12, 2019
Before &amp After: Andi &amp Dean’s Master Bath on a BudgetProjects & Improvements
Budget is the name of the game, but you’d never know after taking a peek at Andi and Dean’s newly renovated bathroom. Following the purchase of their San Francisco Victorian last year, the couple has taken on the remodel room by room. Check out the amazing transformation of their master bath!After falling in love with an Anne Sacks tile that was slightly over budget, the couple did some research and found a similar Italian porcelain for less.
May 6, 2019
What Kitchen Sink Is Right For You? A Look at Stainless, Cast Iron, Marble & MoreProjects & Improvements
One of the most important decisions you’ll make with regards to your sink is what it’s made of. Here, we take a look at nine different materials you could choose for your sink, from the common (stainless steel) to the luxurious (marble) to the unusual (wood), and give you the lowdown on what you need to know about each one. Stainless steel sinks are popular for a reason: they’re inexpensive, attractive, and easy to maintain.
May 3, 2019
Apron Front Farmhouse Sinks: Best, Budget-Friendly Picks For Your KitchenProjects & Improvements
If you love the look of an apron front (or farmhouse) sink, look no further than this handy guide, where we’ve rounded up 22 different sinks, in all kinds of different materials and price points. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a sink that will be a complete showstopper in your kitchen. Before you shop, here’s something you should know about apron front sinks right off the bat: they’re not cheap.
May 3, 2019
Small Vanities & Sinks You Can Squeeze Into Even the Tiniest BathroomProjects & Improvements
These fixtures can squeeze just about anywhere.
May 3, 2019
We’re Transfixed by this Kitchen Sink Drain that Makes Cleaning EasierCleaning
It’s a sign of my age that I get crazy excited about the little things at home. Sure, the frivolous things of my youth still hold some sway, but all I really want is a good vacuum that will suck up rogue animal fur, and a sink that cleans itself. I can probably manage the vacuum, but a self-cleaning sink is most likely not in the cards. That’s ok though, because this one from Elkay is the next best thing. I was recently online, drooling over someone’s recent kitchen renovation.
May 3, 2019
The Humble Yet Dreamy New Spot to Add Marble to Your KitchenProjects & Improvements
These days, marble is everywhere. Marble countertops, marble backsplashes, kitchen islands and bathtubs and whole walls covered in marble. But my favorite spot to add marble is a particularly humble one — the kitchen sink. You know that emoji with the hearts for eyes? That emoji is a picture of my face the first time I saw this marble sink. The folks at deVOL, makers of dreamy British kitchens, have recently begun offering a line of dreamy Carrara marble sinks.
May 3, 2019
This Stunning Kitchen Trend is Ideal for Minimalist NeatniksProjects & Improvements
If you’re looking at kitchens that were designed in the last few years, you’ll notice a definite trend towards undermount sinks. It’s easy to see why they’re popular: having a sink that attaches to the underside of the countertop, rather than sitting on the top, makes for a clean, minimal look. And you can brush crumbs directly into the sink, which is nice.
May 3, 2019
Let’s Settle This: Are Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks Better Than Double Bowls?Projects & Improvements
Much like front- or top-loading washing machines or gas versus electric stoves, kitchen sinks inspire strong opinions and fierce debate — ones that transcend even the trends of the moment. People love or hate their single bowl sinks; others love or hate their double bowl sinks, too. If you’re in the position to choose, and/or you’re open to change, here are the pros and cons of each.
May 3, 2019
What Everybody Forgets About Elegant Pedestal SinksProjects & Improvements
See a bathroom pedestal sink and you can’t help but think things like sleek, streamlined, graceful. And they are undeniably handy in tight quarters when there’s no room for a full-fledged vanity, and they do tend to be much less expensive than a sink and vanity. Also? There’s just something romantic about them.
May 3, 2019
Before and After: This Unique Bathroom Bucks All the Recent Design TrendsProjects & Improvements
For everyone who has ever mourned the loss of a colorful retro toilet or sink in a bathroom renovation, this project is for you. The cream and white fixtures were replaced with far more charming versions, leading the installation team to clarify, “So you want to put this IN?” Minty vintage perfection! Marley of Bug & Bean—@bugandbeanstitching on Instagram—took this standard and heavily beige bathroom back in time to create a room full of color and retro delights.
May 3, 2019
Before & After: 15 Creative Kitchen RenovationsProjects & Improvements
There’s a big misconception in the renovating and real estate world that kitchen remodeling needs to be flashy and expensive to be good. That’s simply not true! We’ve found that with a little creativity, some reuse, a new coat of paint — and sometimes not even that much work, kitchen renovations can be not only eco-friendly, but also inexpensive. Here are our 15 best before and after kitchen posts of the year!
Apr 7, 2019
The Unfortunate Downsides to Having Two Bathroom SinksProjects & Improvements
Having two sinks in a master bathroom is either a nice little luxury, or a total relationship-saver, depending on how much your schedules overlap, how well you share space when they do, and just how messy you both are. Would anyone turn an extra one down? Turns out this set up does have a couple of drawbacks however, which might give you pause. There’s lots to love about having his/his, his/hers, or hers/hers sinks.
Feb 23, 2018