13 Homes That Prove This Classic Wood Trend Is BackTours
Not covering your wood with paint can let the wood's texture and pattern shine. These 13 stunning homes below let natural wood finishes be the star of the show.
Mar 10, 2023
Two Creatives Personalized a Blank New Build With Marvelous Modern MillworkTours
Jeff and Emily Daws have combined their creative fields — textile design and woodworking — to create a one-of-a-kind home out of a blank slate new build.
May 25, 2022
This Oakland Home Is an Homage to Beautiful, Natural WoodTours
Where are all my natural-wood enthusiasts? Aleksandra Zee and Antrom Kury, artists and woodworkers, live in this rental house that showcases the beauty of warm wood tones and terrific natural textures.
May 24, 2022
These Are the Best Types of Wood for Furniture, Flooring, and CabinetsHome Projects
We're breaking down the differences between cedar, teak, cherry, and more.
May 23, 2022
Eric Hollenbeck Talks Restoration and His New Show ‘The Craftsman’News
We caught up with Hollenbeck ahead of the premiere of “The Craftsman” to chat about the basics of woodworking, the merits of restoration, and sharing his passion with the world.
Mar 17, 2022
This Ingenious Etsy Desk Takes Up Practically No Space in My Tiny ApartmentLiving
It's the perfect WFH solution!
Nov 2, 2021
6 Different Ways to Build Floating ShelvesHome Projects
From "I feel comfortable using thumbtacks" to "Let me get my power tools," we've got a little something for everyone.
Jun 22, 2021
15 Stylish DIY Loft Bed Ideas of All Sizes to Help You Max Out Your Small SpaceStyle
Lofting your bed is one of our favorite design ideas for a small bedroom or even a studio apartment. Doing so reduces the amount of space your bed takes up, provides additional living or working space underneath the bed, and introduces lots of storage (in some cases). Lofting a bed could mean finally getting that chic home office setup you’ve been dreaming of or adding a sleeper sofa for weekend guests.
Apr 28, 2020
This Man Has Built Over 3,000 Birdhouses to Honor His Late WifeNews
The bluebird—a symbol of joy and happiness in various cultures—was Pat’s favorite.
Dec 19, 2019
Your Home’s Missing This One Multi-Purpose Piece of FurnitureHome Projects
My entryway is an awkwardly narrow space to begin with, situated between our front door and a stairwell. But it’s also a perpetual mess, as piles of shoes inevitably crowd the small area. I don’t like that it’s the first thing you see coming in or out, so here’s my solution: An entryway bench that will contain the shoe tornado and dog toys, but still look like a nice piece of furniture that belongs in the living room.
Dec 16, 2018
17 Unique Ways to Create One Wood Accent WallHome Projects
It's a warm, welcome solution to your big blank sterile white wall problem.
Nov 7, 2018
How to Make A Quick Floating Shelf with Invisible BracketsHome Projects
This is a quick and satisfying project.
Oct 20, 2018
Proof We Should All Use Giant DIY Jenga Games as Side TablesHome Projects
There is so much beauty and elegance to gaze upon in this wonderfully minimal house tour, but our eye was drawn to one particular—and highly unlikely—element: that museum-worthy pedestal, which is secretly a giant Jenga set. Looking at this house tour on Emily Henderson’s site of designer Melanie Burstin’s home, one would never guess that such a chic, refined space would feature something as chaotic and, let’s face it, loud as a giant Jenga set.
Oct 13, 2018
Wainscoting Is One of the Easiest Room Details to Get WrongHome Projects
Let’s talk about wainscoting. Wainscoting is one of our favorite ways to dress up a boring or unremarkable room, to give it an instant dose of old-world style. But it can also be an easy detail to get wrong. Specifically, a lot of people struggle with how far up the wall the wainscoting should be hung—an important detail that makes a huge difference in the look of the finished application. Here’s what you need to know.
Jul 3, 2018
Everything Sucks, So Here Are 8 Fun Games to Play Outside This SummerHome Projects
I know I am not the only one depressed by the state of the world right now, growing more and more incredulous and outraged with each passing day. If you work hard, and do what you can to make things better out there, it’s okay to take a break too. One of the best ways to recharge is to gather a group of friends, go outside, and indulge in some brainless fun this summer. Balance your rage/shock/concern with some wholesome/ridiculous/playful outdoor games.
Jun 23, 2018
Before and After: This Wood Panel Living Room Wall Puts Shiplap to ShameHome Projects
In just under a month, this living room went from cozy and sun-soaked to the homeowner’s favorite aesthetic: “boho surf-scandi.” And while the above photo reveals that the wall is in somewhat rough shape, just wait until you see the walls now… Those near-black walls alone are dramatically to-die-for—I especially love the way they work with the fireplace and stove—but then you add the paneling and wow! Amazing.
Jun 10, 2018
Crown Molding is the Best Budget Way to Beautify Your HomeHome Projects
If you want to add just one thing to a room to fancy it up, to really take the space to the next level, you can’t do better than crown molding. Crown molding draws the eye up and gives a room instant architectural character. And depending on the profile you choose, it can be a very inexpensive upgrade — and even one you can install yourself. Choosing the right crown molding for your space depends not just on style, but on scale.
Apr 25, 2018
16 Stunning Deck Ideas That Will Get You Excited for SummerHome Projects
From the simple to the extravagant, here are a few backyard ideas to get you started.
Apr 15, 2018
Before and After: This Wagon Wheel Project Could Have Gone Horribly WrongHome Projects
I was warming up to make a bunch of wagon wheel coffee table jokes — most referencing When Harry Met Sally — when I realized this is actually a mill wheel. We’ll just have to appreciate this project for what it is: an approachable, unique upcycle of a neglected old piece of equipment. Here’s how this project came to be, according to Roxanne of The Honeycomb Home: While at a flea market, an old wooden wheel caught my eye. The seller said it may have been from a grist mill.
Feb 8, 2018
Before and After: A Clever “Wall Plus Headboard in One”Home Projects
We featured Malcolm’s epic small kitchen renovation earlier this week, but couldn’t resist sharing another DIY project from his condo. In less than a week (while being sick as a dog), he installed new wainscoting that transformed a second bedroom into a guest-ready retreat. Not only is it a subtle yet striking architectural statement, but no additional headboard is needed.
Jan 24, 2018
This Guy Built a Farmhouse Table & Redditors Ate Up The End ResultHome Projects
Mark Haggerty shared his DIY table project on the social media platform earlier this week and people are really loving it — both for the amazing end result, and for the price tag: $850, including lumber, hardware, tools, glue, and stain. From Mark: I have always wanted a farmhouse table, and when I bought my first house, the space next to the kitchen was begging for it. Buying a table wasn’t in the budget— plus, what’s the fun in that!
Jan 5, 2018
Make It Last: How to Update & Repair Vintage Wood FurnitureHome Projects
We’ve all heard the phrase “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” which in my experience, cannot be more true when it comes to quality-made furniture. Dovetailed drawers or burled wood veneer seems to have been replaced by the convenience of assemble-yourself, particle-board furniture. Although these pieces are affordable, the poor construction quality makes them practically disposable.
Oct 7, 2017
How To Build Your Own Nightstands (Even If You’re New to Woodworking)Home Projects
Even as a self-proclaimed “maximalist,” I still find myself drawn to the clean lines and effortless simplicity of Scandinavian style. The soft, neutral color palette is very versatile in a variety of spaces without adding too much visual weight. If you’re down with hygge (and willing to try your hand at some amateur carpentry), then these nightstands are definitely for you.
Sep 29, 2017
Balancing Act: A Simple & Fun Game Even DIY Rookies Can MakeHome Projects
One of the greatest intersections of design happens when function and taste meet. Even more so is finding the sweet spot between functional kid-friendly toys and tasteful decor. In an age full of plastic, heavily-branded games, and now fidget spinners and glitter slime, it’s hard to imagine a world where toys and games can double as home decor. Unless, that is, you purchase an expensive artisanal alternative, or make your own.
Sep 16, 2017
How To Make Your Own (Affordable) Floor MirrorHome Projects
Ryan and Michelle are all about DIY projects in and around their Annapolis, Maryland home. Whether it’s propagating bamboo for privacy fencing, re-tiling bathrooms, or building custom furniture pieces, they love projects that allow them to save money while making their house more of a home. Ryan’s latest project – a DIY floor mirror – is no exception. Learn how to make your own by following his helpful tutorial.
Sep 10, 2017
How To Make a Leather Bench with Only One Power ToolHome Projects
I have a confession: Sometimes using power tools scares me. I know – that’s embarrassing for a DIY-er to admit. But I also know, deep down, I can’t be the only one who feels this way. So, what if I told you that you could make this bench with minimal tools and minimal upholstery skills? Seriously, there is no sewing involved.
Sep 7, 2017
How To Refurbish Old Furniture: A Damaged Dresser Gets a Second ChanceHome Projects
As the popularity of mid-century modern furniture has risen, so have the prices. Finding an “MCM gem” for anything less than a few hundred bucks has become rare, so I practically did a double take when I stumbled on a Facebook listing for a four-drawer, tapered-leg dresser for a shocking $20. But on closer inspection I saw that the price was indicative of severe damage.
Aug 28, 2017
How I Finally Added Some Much-Needed Privacy to My Exposed BackyardHome Projects
I live in a city, which means my backyard isn’t a quiet, outdoor oasis populated by trees and wildlife — where the only sound is the wind and maybe some crickets. Instead I’m surrounded by cell phone conversations, kids whooping it up while waiting for the school bus, and tons and tons of barking dogs. While I love living here, sometimes it would just be so nice to feel like I’m the only person in the world.
Aug 8, 2017
Kitchen Pegboard Storage Wall DIYSponsored
Don’t walk away from a potential home because the kitchen cabinet space is too limited. This DIY kitchen pegboard storage wall will put everything from big pots to tiny doodads in its own place.
Aug 3, 2017
Made for Your Shades: A DIY Display for Organizing SunglassesOrganize & Clean
On any given week, I’ll see anywhere from one to seven pairs of glasses and sunglasses make their way onto my kitchen island. (Why is the kitchen island the ultimate catchall for junk?) Coming in or going out, it’s the landing pad for shades.
Jul 24, 2017
How To Customize Your Bookshelves With Diagonal Shelf InsertsHome Projects
I wanted to change up the look of my bookshelves as well as add a third shelf. With the help of a friend and a trip to the hardware store, this project took an afternoon to pull off and can be accomplished by someone with minimal experience. And, to help you out, I documented the process to walk you through each step. In my head, this project was super elementary. I’m not afraid of using a saw, so I wasn’t worried in the last bit.
Jul 19, 2017
How To Master a Modern Twist on a Classic Design DetailStyle
Traditional types of architectural woodwork — I’m looking at you, wainscoting — are cropping up more and more in homes these days. Woodwork like this is gaining in popularity due to two main phenomena: folks currently purchasing homes that have original woodwork are interested in restoring the historical craftsmanship, and those who live in homes that weren’t built with charming, handcrafted wooden details are opting to install it to add architectural character.
Jul 12, 2017
Building a Better Bench: DIYs For Every Area of Your HomeHome Projects
A good bench can be difficult to find, especially if you need one that’s just the right size for an awkward space. The available options tend to be too big, too small, or just too utilitarian. These DIY benches solve this common problem, letting you customize a bench that literally fits in better with your decor.
Jun 8, 2017
How to Turn the IKEA EKET into a Rolling Bar Cart or Bedside TableHome Projects
The cube-shaped EKET cabinet has us thinking outside the box, to all the stackable, modular options this simple design presents. By adding wheels to the bottom and stacking one on top of another using Velcro, you can easily switch out the cabinets or roll them from room-to-room—proving that this little storage unit has big potential.
Apr 21, 2017
Clever (& Cheap!) Ways To Organize With Wooden DowelsOrganize & Clean
Walk into almost any hardware or craft supplies store and you’ll find a bin full of inexpensive wooden dowels. Buy one of these 48-inch-long wooden wands for under $5, and magically transform it into a useful organizing tool — everything from a DIY pegboard to a simple coat rack, like the one in the entryway above. If your home’s in need of some serious organizing help (whose isn’t?), let these hardware store hacks put things in their place.
Mar 14, 2017
How To Oil Your Wooden Furniture & CountertopsHome Projects
It’s a fact of life that things tend to get dry and crackly in the winter: your skin, your lips, even your wooden furniture. And if you think your apartment feels like a dry, cold, relatively inhospitable place at this time of year, chances are your furniture agrees.
Feb 2, 2017
DIY a Deal: Make Your Own $329 Agate Accent Table for Under $60Home Projects
There’s a particularly gorgeous $329 accent table at CB2 right now that I can’t buy because I should really pay the mortgage this month, so I made a super easy DIY version. Sure, it doesn’t come close to the cast aluminum bamboo-shaped legs of the original, but did I mention it was cheap and easy? The top is inspired by blue agate, and if you sit far enough across the room while you drink your gin and tonic, the legs resemble something like bamboo.
Dec 13, 2016
No More Ugly Radiators: How To Buy (or DIY!) Your Way Around an EyesoreHome Projects
While you may be grateful for it in the middle of a cold winter, an ugly heater can be an eyesore that you get tired of having to decorate around. Peeling or chipping paint, the wrong color or shape, or an awkward location can all make a radiator your least favorite piece of your home. Even if you don’t have a problem with how it looks, it may just be taking up valuable real estate that could be put to better use. But, don’t despair!
Dec 13, 2016
A No-Fuss Holiday Decoration that Lasts Forever & Doesn’t Take Up SpaceHome Projects
Remember the fabric Christmas tree that IKEA used to sell? Yeah, they don’t carry those any longer. Which is such a shame, because not only do these types of wall hangings last forever, but they are also great for small spaces because: a) they don’t have a footprint; and b) they are small and easy to store after the holidays are over. You can try searching for an old one on eBay, or you can easily make your own custom version that’s just as lovely as the original.
Nov 24, 2016
Watch These Mesmerizing GIFs of Traditional Japanese JoineryStyle
When it comes to furniture assembly, screws and nails may be quicker, but joinery is the gold standard of quality and beauty. While you can probably tell your miters from your dovetails, traditional Japanese techniques are another level of technique and artistry. One Twitter account is illustrating this 1,400 year old practice—using GIFs.
Oct 13, 2016
DIY Furniture Knock-Offs That Really Knock It Out of the ParkHome Projects
Once upon a time there used to be a fairly definitive line between what a person should buy and what was possible to DIY. This is not the case any longer. Thanks in part to the maker movement growing to epic proportions over the last decade, and the buzzing blogosphere that churns out jaw-dropping tutorials at record speed, our collective confidence and relative body of DIY knowledge is out of sight.
Oct 4, 2016
How to Make An ’80s-Inspired Patterned Tile Planter With 98¢ TileHome Projects
House plants are a great addition to any home and stylish planters make them even more part of your decor. We asked artist and surface designer Dana Finnigan to share her favorite method for making a handmade tile planter — which you can customize with your own pattern. Take it away Dana…. 10 x 10 cm Tiles (or, for U.S.
Sep 24, 2016
Beyond Shiplap: 6 White Walls That Will Make You Rethink Wood PanelingHome Projects
If the term wood paneling makes you think either “70s Brown Hot Mess” or groan at the thought of yet another episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, then take a look at these alternatives. They are a great way to add visual interest to flat surfaces. Above, Dana Frieling created this graphic pattern by adding panels of MDF to a plain white wall to her home in Dallas. The full home tour is in D Magazine. Nam Dang Mitchell designed this residence and its paneled entryway.
Sep 13, 2016
A One-Size-Fits-All DIY Project That’ll Keep Your Kitchen Drawer Organized ForeverHome Projects
We all know that the kitchen tool drawer can get messy fast. Housing everything from uni-tasking gadgets to everyday workhorses like cooking spoons, it’s easy for them to become a tangled jumble. And since we all have different items and drawers, there’s no one organizational solution that will work for everyone. Or is there? The answer is to build your own drawer inserts. You can customize them to fit both your exact drawer dimensions and your specific needs.
Aug 22, 2016
How To Make a Basic Bench a Secret Storage Weapon For Your EntrywayHome Projects
Envision for a moment that your entryway is the gatekeeper Zuul, minion of Gozer the Destructor, who is intent on bringing ruin and damage into the rest of your home. (In this questionable Ghostbusters analogy, that’s all the mail, grocery bags, shoes, and other gear of your comings and goings.) Left unchecked, Zuul will let the evil in, and your overall home’s survival is dependent on a heroic ability to stem the glut of clutter and prevent it from invading your main living space.
Aug 18, 2016
Next Level Shiplap: Creative Ways to Take Wood Paneling Way Beyond WallsHome Projects
Wood paneling’s having a major moment. We’ve written several times about the look as a clean, classic and affordable feature for walls. It also recently showed up in Design Manifest’s cottage kitchen makeover (part of the One Room Challenge) above. If you love what this look has to offer, take a look at all the other ways you take it beyond that one surface… Olive green cabinets and a shiplap-covered range hood FTW, from Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook.
Aug 18, 2016
A Catio is the Coolest Thing You Never Knew Your Cat NeededHome Projects
Here’s something to add to the list of awesome things you can build for your cat: a catio. It’s a portmanteau of cat + patio, and it’s an enclosed outdoor space that lets your cat enjoy the great outdoors, without the attendant risks. If you’ve got the DIY itch, here a few inspiring projects to get you started. Your neighbors may look askance at your new outdoor room, but your cats will be happy, and that’s what matters.
Jul 25, 2016
There Are 5 IKEA Hacks in This Bedroom: Can You Spot Them All?Home Projects
The only thing better than a brand new IKEA hack is five brand new IKEA hacks, all in one bedroom. Can you tell which bunch of DIY projects began their lives as items from the Swedish big blue retailer? Here are the projects, and the IKEA items used to make them: 1. The WHITE CANE BED uses the FJELLSE Pine Twin Bed ($39.99) as a base, and dresses it up with woven cane, molding strips, curtain finials, and a lot of spray paint. For the full tutorial: → How to Hack An IKEA FJELLSE Bed 2.
Jul 20, 2016
Practically Magic: DIY Projects Using Rot Resistant & Insect Repelling Cedar WoodHome Projects
Cedar is known for its rot resistant properties, not to mention its ability to repel insects. It comes in a nice smelling package to boot! All this makes cedar wood a good choice for home projects, both indoors and out. On the smaller end of the spectrum is a cedar bath mat. This one was made my Merrythought and is an easy way to get a spa-like bathroom. Jen made a cedar planter with a tapered edge for her front stoop, knowing it can be exposed to the elements.
Jun 11, 2016
Before & After: A Drab, Beige Wall Gets a Bold, DIY UpgradeTours
When Paige and Thorben moved into their San Francisco apartment, they knew they were going to stay put for a while. And though they were renting, the couple made it a goal to customize their apartment to their liking—something they could call home and be proud of. Throughout the years, they’ve tackled many ambitious projects: building a Murphy bed, custom shelving, and “hacking” their kitchen lighting.
May 26, 2016
How to Build a Long Wood Floating Shelf (That Won’t Sag in the Middle)Home Projects
All this week we’re talking about bathroom renovations, starting with Ashley’s recent remodel, and following up with tons of helpful posts about the process! Floating shelves are fantastic, and I knew I wanted one above the tub in my new bathroom. We searched high and low for a floating shelf that not only looked good, but could hold a lot of weight without sagging —especially because the wall is pretty long.
May 26, 2016
Make This Modern Geometric Puppy Bed for Just $30Tours
The star of Tanika & Brian’s chic and modern NYC apartment? That just might be Tansy the dog and the cozy geometric cubby she calls home in their space. It’s a handmade piece that you can slap together in a weekend and take home to your own fuzzy family. Amid cries of “Ooh” and “Ahh” and “Where can I get that?,” reader reldihs pointed out in the comments of Brian and Tanika’s tour that this cubby looked a lot like a DIY project by Ben Uyeda.
May 15, 2016
Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems You Can DIYHome Projects
One of my favorite small space hacks is swapping your bookcases for wall-mounted shelving. We’ve created roundups of wall mounted shelving systems before, but for those of you who are especially crafty there are also plenty of DIY options. Here are eight different DIY ways to turn a blank wall into a storage mecca. Above: Dabito from Old Brand New used components available at the hardware store to create this wall-mounted shelving system, which includes a desk.
May 13, 2016
Party-Ready Patio: 4 DIY Fire Pit Projects You Can Make This WeekendHome Projects
This mid-spring weather is a fickle thing, isn’t she? One moment you’re entertaining guests with cold drinks on your sunny patio, and before you know it, the sun sets and your city space is transported to a frigid tundra. To keep the party going into the night you don’t need a teleporter, you need a fire pit. And you can make one yourself! Check out these four projects from around the web. Each one was completed in a weekend for $100 or less.
May 6, 2016
Make It Yourself: 9 Smart & Stylish DIY Nightstands for Small SpacesHome Projects
A nightstand is a nice thing to have: everyone could use a little spot for a glass of water, and maybe a lamp, and a little bedside reading, and their phone while it’s charging. If your bedroom’s too tiny for a traditional nightstand, you could try one of these 11 nightstands that are perfect for small bedrooms — or, if you’re feeling especially crafty, use one of these nine DIYs to make your own. Above: DIY Parsons nightstand from A Beautiful Mess.
May 5, 2016
This Handmade Modern Bean-Bag Toss Set Is Perfect For SummerHome Projects
Summer is quickly approaching (thank goodness) and with it lots of outdoor time. If you’re looking for a fun summer activity that doesn’t involve running (just me?) but fuels healthy competition, bean-bag toss is a great option.
Apr 11, 2016
How To Make a Quick & Easy Folding Room ScreenHome Projects
Privacy screens are like folding sculptures, both visually interesting as well as functional. In an outside space, they are a buffer between you and the neighbors, or can block out the bright sun. Inside, they divide spaces, hide clutter, or even serve as a headboard. Making a custom screen is also (surprisingly!) a quick and easy DIY.
Apr 8, 2016
How To Hack Sliding Doors for IKEA BILLY BookcasesHome Projects
I thought I’d already found the best example of a BILLY hack already —these built-ins from Gwen of Makerista, which we posted early last year. Then this project came to my attention, and I’ve made room in my heart for two loves instead of just one. Kristina of Ich Designer created a series of these sliding doors for her BILLY bookcases. They move on casters with the help of a u-shaped channel she affixed to the front of the shelves. IKEA bar pulls complete the job.
Mar 24, 2016
Before & After: From Busted Sofa to Stylish Safari BenchHome Projects
You are not going to believe this. If you, like me, are only able to see this old busted leather sofa as an old busted leather sofa, you may be pretty astonished at what one enterprising DIYer managed to make out of it. Leather furniture, as you may know if you’ve ever shopped for leather furniture, can be really expensive.
Mar 13, 2016
How to Make An (Easy!) Wooden Shoe RackHome Projects
A shoe rack is a great way to keep high traffic areas from getting cluttered with piles of shoes. To make one for the fancy footwear in your household, all you need is a free afternoon, power tools, and a can-DIY attitude! Personalize your rack by scaling up the length of the dowels for big shoes and boots, or scale down for those little pitter patters.
Mar 10, 2016