15 Stylish DIY Loft Bed Ideas of All Sizes to Help You Max Out Your Small SpaceDesign Ideas
Lofting your bed is one of our favorite design ideas for a small bedroom or even a studio apartment. Doing so reduces the amount of space your bed takes up, provides additional living or working space underneath the bed, and introduces lots of storage (in some cases). Lofting a bed could mean finally getting that chic home office setup you’ve been dreaming of or adding a sleeper sofa for weekend guests.
Apr 6, 2023
13 Homes That Prove This Classic Wood Trend Is BackDesign Ideas
Not covering your wood with paint can let the wood's texture and pattern shine. These 13 stunning homes below let natural wood finishes be the star of the show.
Mar 10, 2023
Before & After: Eliza’s Baby Blue DeckPlants & Yard
I am gearing up to finish a few garden projects….one of which is a deck that we dug the footings for last fall. I have gone back and forth on the way to finish the deck. Do I do pressure treated wood that I stain (cheap), or do I invest in a hardwood that will be less maintenance (expensive)?I have obsessed so much that I even had an architect friend write a whole article about the pros and cons of all the decking options.
Oct 17, 2022
Great DIY Desks with IKEA Countertops and LegsProjects & Improvements
This is a pearl of wisdom that I received years ago and wanted to bring back right now. When in need of a really simple, nice, natural material desk, use IKEA butcherblock countertop (which is cuttable, sandable, stainable and paintable) and some cool legs (like the Vika Inge style seen here, which has been replaced with Vika Runtorp).
Oct 12, 2022
How To Remove a Stripped Screw Without an ExtractorProjects & Improvements
Almost everyone who has worked on a DIY or renovation project has applied too much torque and stripped a screw head clean. It can feel like a frustrating dead end, especially if you don’t have a specialized extractor kit on hand. But you might be able to remove a stripped screw using a very common household item probably already sitting in your desk or kitchen drawer.Ready to try your hand at removing that stripped screw? Here’s what you’ll need.
Sep 29, 2022
Two Creatives Personalized a Blank New Build With Marvelous Modern MillworkTours
Jeff and Emily Daws have combined their creative fields — textile design and woodworking — to create a one-of-a-kind home out of a blank slate new build.
May 25, 2022
This Oakland Home Is an Homage to Beautiful, Natural WoodTours
Where are all my natural-wood enthusiasts? Aleksandra Zee and Antrom Kury, artists and woodworkers, live in this rental house that showcases the beauty of warm wood tones and terrific natural textures.
May 24, 2022
These Are the Best Types of Wood for Furniture, Flooring, and CabinetsDesign Ideas
We're breaking down the differences between cedar, teak, cherry, and more.
May 23, 2022
Eric Hollenbeck Talks Restoration and His New Show ‘The Craftsman’Life
We caught up with Hollenbeck ahead of the premiere of “The Craftsman” to chat about the basics of woodworking, the merits of restoration, and sharing his passion with the world.
Mar 17, 2022
6 Different Ways to Build Floating ShelvesProjects & Improvements
From "I feel comfortable using thumbtacks" to "Let me get my power tools," we've got a little something for everyone.
Jun 22, 2021
Before and After: This Wagon Wheel Project Could Have Gone Horribly WrongProjects & Improvements
I was warming up to make a bunch of wagon wheel coffee table jokes — most referencing When Harry Met Sally — when I realized this is actually a mill wheel. We’ll just have to appreciate this project for what it is: an approachable, unique upcycle of a neglected old piece of equipment. Here’s how this project came to be, according to Roxanne of The Honeycomb Home: While at a flea market, an old wooden wheel caught my eye. The seller said it may have been from a grist mill.
Jul 17, 2020
Make It Last: How to Update & Repair Vintage Wood FurnitureProjects & Improvements
We’ve all heard the phrase “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” which in my experience, cannot be more true when it comes to quality-made furniture. Dovetailed drawers or burled wood veneer seems to have been replaced by the convenience of assemble-yourself, particle-board furniture. Although these pieces are affordable, the poor construction quality makes them practically disposable.
Jul 16, 2020
10 Impressive DIY Wall Art Projects from Our House ToursProjects & Improvements
“Decorative art isn’t necessarily created just by bona fide artists. Everyday folks can get in on the action too, and make custom work for their walls. We asked our house tour residents to tell us about their DIY art projects, and the results are endlessly impressive. 1. Above, a Southwestern rug-inspired painted canvas from Kathryn & Perry’s “Have Less Do More” Apartment: My proudest DIY has got to be our little dining nook/statement art wall!
Jul 16, 2020
Before & After: IKEA Rast + Salad Bowl to Sleek Bathroom VanityProjects & Improvements
Some IKEA hacks go so far above and beyond the standard “coat of paint and new handles” that they somehow become whole new pieces of furniture. This one, for example, started out as the ubiquitous Rast dresser and a salad bowl, and was transformed into an elegant, modern bathroom vanity with plumbing and everything. I for one am impressed.
Jul 16, 2020
Before & After Roundup: Refinished Wood Furniture ProjectsProjects & Improvements
While applying a new coat of paint can be a quick and easy way to make over a piece of furniture, refinishing a quality wooden piece is often worth the added time and patience. And it’s often not too hard — a little light sanding and a few simple restoring products is often all it takes to breathe new life into old pieces, and bring out the beautiful grain of wooden furniture.1. A Revamped Kitchen Table, from Door Sixteen2. An Old Dresser, Apartment Therapy3.
Jul 15, 2020
Pallet Furniture: How to Choose and Prepare Reclaimed Wood for DIY ProjectsLife
Pallet projects, in every possible form, were early guests to the DIY party and have stayed around ever since. Using them for the reclaimed wood certainly has its risks (more on that later), but you can’t beat the price (which is usually free). Here’s a guide to everything you need to know: finding, choosing, cleaning, and breaking down one for use. Once you know the what’s what, you can decide for yourself if they are worth the effort.
Jul 15, 2020
15 Stunning Deck Ideas That Will Get You Excited for SummerPlants & Yard
From the simple to the extravagant, here are a few backyard ideas to get you started.
Apr 14, 2020
Furniture Fixes: A Roundup of DIY Repairs & Redos That Disguise All FlawsProjects & Improvements
When you’re dealing with tired and busted furniture, you have a couple of options. You can fix the easy water stains, dents, or cracks. But if fixing all the boo boos takes too much time, or you want a completely new look, you can cover up the old with a completely new material. When you’ve tried everything, and it still doesn’t look right, it might be time to start from scratch and take your furniture back to its beginnings.
Apr 14, 2020
Easy Wood Finish: Tung Oil and WaxProjects & Improvements
Finishing wood can take days and even weeks, but there are a few natural and easy wood finishes that Ben Light recommends as alternatives. Today, he brings us: Tung Oil and Wax. Finishing wood can take days and even weeks, but there are a few natural and easy wood finishes that Ben Light recommends as alternatives. Today, he brings us: Tung Oil and Wax.
Mar 11, 2020
Make It Organized: 10 DIY Wall Shelving & Storage IdeasProjects & Improvements
One of the best ways to maximize storage in a small space is to go vertical with your storage. And what better way to accomplish that than with some stylish, handmade shelving? From gold and glam to rustic and industrial, here are ten stylish options to add some storage space to your home. TOP ROW: 1. Minty Gold Shelf Inspiration 2. Under $50: DIY Threaded Rope Shelves 3. How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System 4. DIY Honeycomb Shelves from Reclaimed Wood 5.
Mar 11, 2020
Before & After: Jenny’s Built-in IKEA Billy BookshelvesProjects & Improvements
Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook consistently executes beautiful DIY projects with precision and flair. Most recently, she and her family used Ikea’s Billy bookshelves in combination with lumber, mouldings, and spray paint to create a custom look at a non-custom cost.Jenny has slowly been revealing updates to her New York home, and these shelves give the living room a sophisticated feel that’s still young and fun. It looks so good!
Mar 11, 2020
Before & After: Floorboards to Cheese BoardsProjects & Improvements
Brooklyn to West‘s Ariele has done it again. In my opinion, she’s the junkyard, dumpster diving, demo-ed house DIY Queen. This gal finds discarded household materials throughout Brooklyn and transforms them into artistic, thoughtful, and beautiful everyday objects. Most recently, she’s taken floorboards and changed them into cheese boards. Genius? YES!Ariele never ceases to amaze me.
Mar 11, 2020
DIY Home Decor: How To Make a Sliding Door for Under $40Projects & Improvements
Do you know what kind of looks you get when you go to the hardware store and tell the clerk you want to DIY a sliding door? When they point in the direction of “Doors & Windows,” you know it’s time to take matters into your own hands. I needed a door for a lofted space above our living room, and wanted the sliding effect. However, since it was a temporary solution, its construction needed to be simple and easy to do.
Dec 19, 2019
How to Make An (Easy!) Wooden Shoe RackProjects & Improvements
A shoe rack is a great way to keep high traffic areas from getting cluttered with piles of shoes. To make one for the fancy footwear in your household, all you need is a free afternoon, power tools, and a can-DIY attitude! Personalize your rack by scaling up the length of the dowels for big shoes and boots, or scale down for those little pitter patters.
Dec 19, 2019
Fast & Fashionable: A Sweet Wooden Wall Hanging to DIYProjects & Improvements
Who says Valentines Day has to be all about flowers and perfume, and delicate things? Sure, those are nice, but if your snookums fancies craft projects and lovely artwork instead — well, this project is for them! 3′ wood dowel rods (I used 2 3/4″ diameter rods) String or twine Wood, styrofoam, or clay beads in all sizes Craft paint Power drill Saw Drill bits Scissors Sandpaper Small level (optional) Wood clamp (optional) Packing tape (optional) Craft needle (optional) 1.
Dec 19, 2019
Build Your Own Beautiful Moon CradleProjects & Improvements
When my wife was pregnant I started looking for inspiration for the nursery. I found some nice designs for a cradle, but really fell in love when I found images of a moon shaped cradle. This cradle was made by someone in France and also featured on Apartment Therapy. I decided to try and make this myself based on the images I could find online.
Dec 19, 2019
The “Tiny Trailer to Cozy Cabin Conversion” MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Project by: Erin’s Mom and Dad Location: Wilamette Valley, Oregon My parents live in a small rural town in Oregon Willamette Valley. My younger brother and his wife live nearby, but my sisters and I are all spread across the country. We try to visit as often as we can, but it’s quite a journey with little ones, so we manage to make one trip a year.
Dec 19, 2019
The “Low-Cost Built-In Lookalikes” Dining Room MakeoverProjects & Improvements
Project by: Katherine Location: Wichita, KS When we moved into our almost century-old house five years ago we were in the throes of planning a wedding (in the backyard of that house) and so a lot of things got the quick and dirty treatment. The dining room was one of those things. A coat of paint on the walls, a craigslist table and chairs, and a CB2 light fixture and call it good! This past fall, my father-in-law gave us a massive amount of books and along with them, several shelves.
Dec 19, 2019
How To Make a Custom Baby GateProjects & Improvements
Chris and Julia’s daughter was growing up fast, and they needed a baby gate for their soon-to-be-mobile child. Not thrilled with the readymade options they saw in stores, they devised this custom option for the top of their stairs. The plexiglass makes it less conspicuous than others out there, and the special size works nicely for their extra-wide staircase.
Dec 19, 2019
How To Make a Magnetic DIY Frame for Artwork…in 10 MinutesProjects & Improvements
I’m on a DIY framing kick right now, and dealing with all the artwork I’ve accumulated in the past year. I’ve also discovered rare earth magnets, which are proving very handy for various projects (like this wall organizer). Put the two together and you get a cheap and custom way to temporarily hang artwork that’s easy to swap out when you’re ready to display something else.
Dec 19, 2019
How to Make a Small Entryway Wall Organizer (with Magnets!)Projects & Improvements
As renters, we take what we can get, and what we often get are miniscule (or non-existent) entryways and a lack of built-in storage. This multi-faceted organizer has a variety of ways to hang your stuff — coats, bags, and umbrellas — so they are at your fingertips as you head out the door, and stay tidy when you come back in. As a neat bonus, it also has a magnetized area for keys. You can learn how to make one yourself, right after the jump!
Dec 19, 2019
How to Build a Custom DIY Floating Frame for ArtworkProjects & Improvements
This inexpensive painting ($40 on eBay) needed a frame, but I didn’t want to invest the money in an expensive custom job. After doing a little research, I came up with a DIY floating frame that’s simple and modern, and very easy to make. This particular painting was done on a masonite board, but the plan can be modified for wrapped canvas as well. 1″ x 2″ lengths of wood (in actuality they are about .75″ x 1.
Dec 19, 2019
DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving SystemProjects & Improvements
As DIY projects go, this is one of my favorites. A photo of one popped up here on Apartment Therapy last year, and it’s been in my crosshairs ever since. I love this shelving system because it’s simple, yet pretty, and can be configured in multiple ways. It’s also very easy to make, with a little precision and patience.
Dec 19, 2019
This Man Has Built Over 3,000 Birdhouses to Honor His Late WifeLife
The bluebird—a symbol of joy and happiness in various cultures—was Pat’s favorite.
Dec 19, 2019
Before & After: From Busted Sofa to Stylish Safari BenchProjects & Improvements
You are not going to believe this. If you, like me, are only able to see this old busted leather sofa as an old busted leather sofa, you may be pretty astonished at what one enterprising DIYer managed to make out of it. Leather furniture, as you may know if you’ve ever shopped for leather furniture, can be really expensive.
Jul 29, 2019
How To Make Your Own Wood PolishCleaning
If you’re tight on space and don’t want a bottle of rarely-used wood polish hogging the shelf, don’t buy it! Wood polish is easy to make in small, single use batches, so you don’t have to worry about trying to jam yet another bottle away under the cupboard. Depending on the size lemon you use, the polish ends up being around about 1/2 cup of liquid.
Jun 5, 2019
Before & After: Rescuing a Vintage DresserProjects & Improvements
When Elisa picked up this vintage dresser for only $60 at her local secondhand shop, she knew the horrid brown paint just had to go. Though she initially considered repainting, once she revealed some of the wood grain below the paint, she decided this piece deserved a full refinish all the way down to the bare wood.Using a hand sander and liquid stripper, Elisa was able to remove all of the dull brown paint from her vintage dresser.
May 6, 2019
How To Add a Drawer to Any Flat-Top Table or DeskOrganizing
Sleek, tall desks look chic, non? But that slim aesthetic comes with a price: Storage. If you took our advice and opted for an IKEA Melltorp as your main workspace, you might be interested to see how one DIY’er created a portable drawer for the svelte white table.Wein Krisztina, an IKEA Hacker from Budapest, yanked a wooden drawer from an old IKEA Moppe chest of drawers and turned it into a portable storage drawer to hold gadgets at her dining table.
May 6, 2019
Before & After: Box Spring Chair & TableProjects & Improvements
Of the many Before and Afters we have featured, this one may take the prize for the biggest blindside, meaning when you click through, you will in no way have figured out what was coming and the ‘After’ photo just may knock you flat. While you can sometimes predict how a thrift store dresser or end table will be saved and transformed, just try it with this box spring. You’ll be wrong. Trust us. Just go look.We told you!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Old Wooden Crate Gets a Fun New LifeProjects & Improvements
Jolene kept some old nail boxes in her garage for some time, waiting for a way to repurpose them into something useful. Can you guess what she made for her kids? Click to see what she and her husband did with one crate in an hour’s time, with a few tools and additional supplies. I’ll give you a hint: it involves eyebolts.Jolene cut some holes for legs and her husband secured the rope before hanging it from a tree in their front yard.
May 5, 2019
How To Build a TreehousePlants & Yard
In spring of 2013, I decided to bust out and build a tree house for my daughter Ursula, which I’d never done before. I remember having one as a kid and loving it. I wanted one that I could build in a day, wouldn’t be too high up so as to worry me or other parents, and which was SIMPLE in design to maximize playtime and allow for adding on later. It’s light, open and can go up and down easily.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Upcycled BookshelfProjects & Improvements
When Emma’s local Goodwill held a competition for upcycling, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to make her two-year-old son the bookshelf he’d been needing. I found the broken down old dresser for fifteen dollars, and the legs came from another end table that I got for only two. After a ton of sanding (through a coat of white, yellow, and even blue!! paint), I began to see what pretty wood there was underneath!
May 5, 2019
DIY to Try: Travel Photo DioramaProjects & Improvements
Materials: Any deep photo frame smaller than 8.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: A Headboard Gets ReincarnatedProjects & Improvements
What do you do with a three dollar headboard you found at a yard sale? Why, put it in your foyer, of course. Follow me to find out more… That’s exactly what Kelly from A View Along The Way did. She was ready to get her foyer in order and needed a bench. Since the kind of benches she was looking at came with a hefty price tag, she put her creative cap on and figured out a really stunning solution. Her husband took the headboard apart and cut it in half to fit in the space.
May 4, 2019
How To Make a Rooftop Cutting BoardProjects & Improvements
Inspired by Danish rooftops, Ferm Living has turned useful kitchen accessories into design-worthy décor. After coveting these, along with Susanna Vento’s self-made cutting boards, I decided it was absolutely necessary that I made one of my own. Here’s how to make your own rooftop cutting board… Upon research I found that maple and ash hardwood has a nice tight grain — suitable for daily use.
May 4, 2019
IKEA Drawer Unit to DIY Designer DeskProjects & Improvements
Some IKEA hacks go so far beyond a simple IKEA transformation that they should be considered custom furniture with IKEA elements. In some of those cases (like this one!) the results are exceptional. IKEA Hackers user colsey blew my fragile little mind with this custom writing desk inspired by the Cavour desk by Carlo Mollino. It took some work, but considering that the original desk would cost $14,000, the work was well worth it.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Boring Blank Wall Becomes UnbelievableProjects & Improvements
A long weekend to Amanda and her husband usually involves some sort of DIY project. Recently, they had an empty wall in their living room that was in desperate need of some attention, and more storage. Their project is pretty remarkable… In need of a solution that took up minimal space, but added more functionality to our living room, Amanda and her husband figured out how to build a wall mounted shelf and combined desk. Shelves can be moved around as needed.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: A Thrifted Table Gets More GlamProjects & Improvements
Tiffany loves thrift shopping and regularly brings home furniture that’s seen better days. This $5 table looked a little worse for wear, but nothing that a couple of coats of white paint couldn’t fix. When disaster struck, the tabletop veneer got ruined, and Tiffany was forced to find a new solution…. Since the top wasn’t salvageable, Tiffany made an entirely new one!
May 4, 2019
Before & After: A Bunch of Old Pallets Gain PurposeProjects & Improvements
Kevin rounded up some old wooden pallets by driving around to various warehouses, and through Craigslist. He had a project in mind, and just needed a bunch that were roughly equal sized. Want to see what he did with them? This impressive reclaimed wood backyard deck is the result! After measuring the space, he laid the pallets where he wanted the deck to be. Starting with the first row, Kevin lined up all gaps and used pavers to level and support the pallets.
May 4, 2019
Reuse + Recycle: 10 Upcycled DressersOrganizing
Do you have an old dresser that is missing a drawer or two? No problem. Check out these 10 dresser DIYs and turn that old dresser into something new. TOP ROW: 1. Book Shelf and Toy Storage from Apartment Therapy 2. Hidden Laptop Workspace from Lucky Me Studios 3. Garden Potting Bench from Jarden Designs 4. Kitchen Island from Dressy Isles 5. Kitchen Catch All from Clover Lane BOTTOM ROW: 6. Kitchen Buffet from Frugal Chic Living 7. Entertainment Center from Better Homes and Gardens 8.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Busted Balcony Gets a New BasePlants & Yard
Reddit user mebeonreddit had the potential for a beautiful balcony, but it was a little worse for wear. Most importantly, the joists were rotting, which made everything unsafe as well as unattractive. It’s never a good sign when things are “spongy underfoot.” Mebeonreddit tore everything up and replaced a number of joists, then rebuilt the deck entirely. He even added a new, modern railing with wire.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Backyard Patio with DIY Built-In BenchesPlants & Yard
Sarah, from Smitten Studio, and her husband, Rupert, recently bought a house in Los Angeles, and worked very hard to renovate it. With this big project complete, they now have the time (and space) to work on some of the smaller ones, like their backyard. According to Sarah, the corner of the yard pictured above was basically used as a dumping ground for old plants and furniture, and now with some custom built benches, paint and accessories it’s another full living area.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Backyard Blight Turns Out of SightPlants & Yard
Last time we checked in with Aaron & Heather Hawes in Saint Louis, they shared the transformation of their old firehouse into a modern and sleek photography studio. Today they are back with a new project: the recent makeover of their outdoor parking area. As before, the Hawes’ did all the work themselves, and the results are quite incredible. Now before anyone freaks out, the photo was indeed taken at a different angle, but I think you can see why.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: IKEA Hack Renders KURA Bed Unrecognizable…and AmazingProjects & Improvements
IKEA’s KURA bed is meant to be flexible — the structure is reversible and the mattress can either be put on the bottom or on top as a loft bed. But even IKEA couldn’t have anticipated the changes that Gisela made to it, in this really nice hack… Gisela built up the structure of the bed (which she calls “The Little Forest House) then wrapped it entirely in a sheath of wood veneered MDF, making it both sleek and sturdy.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: IKEA Futon Graduates From CollegeProjects & Improvements
Certain decor doesn’t transition well from college to more grown-up digs, and your futon is one of them. Which makes this a good hack for folks who don’t want to get rid of the one they currently own, or spend the money on a new sofa. Elizabeth shows you how to do it with IKEA’s GRANKULLA, but you can use any similar type of wooden futon. To make this new daybed happen, Elizabeth disassembled the futon, made a few modifications, and then reconstructed it into a different shape.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Recycled Pallet Pops With New PurposeProjects & Improvements
As upcycled projects go, this one is pretty impressive. Using recycled wooden pallets, Jack created a piece of DIY furniture that barely resembles its former life as industrial supplies. It also has a special feature that’s as surprising as it is inventive! Jack deconstructed the pallets to create this modern, angled coffee table, complete with a glass top from IKEA. And not only is this table nice looking, it’s also collapsible, making it great for small spaces.
May 4, 2019
Before & After: Wall Goes From the Woods to WoodProjects & Improvements
Sandy grew tired of her painted birch tree entryway, and needed to switch it up. A quick trip to the hardware store and $28 later, she created a completely new look. Check out what she did and see what you think… Sandy bought four packs of shims and covered the wall from floor to ceiling with cedar. Here’s Sandy with the details on how she did it: Start at the top left hand corner of your wall.
May 4, 2019
How To Hack Sliding Doors for IKEA BILLY BookcasesProjects & Improvements
I thought I’d already found the best example of a BILLY hack already —these built-ins from Gwen of Makerista, which we posted early last year. Then this project came to my attention, and I’ve made room in my heart for two loves instead of just one. Kristina of Ich Designer created a series of these sliding doors for her BILLY bookcases. They move on casters with the help of a u-shaped channel she affixed to the front of the shelves. IKEA bar pulls complete the job.
May 3, 2019
A Catio is the Coolest Thing You Never Knew Your Cat NeededProjects & Improvements
Here’s something to add to the list of awesome things you can build for your cat: a catio. It’s a portmanteau of cat + patio, and it’s an enclosed outdoor space that lets your cat enjoy the great outdoors, without the attendant risks. If you’ve got the DIY itch, here a few inspiring projects to get you started. Your neighbors may look askance at your new outdoor room, but your cats will be happy, and that’s what matters.
May 3, 2019