Costco’s 3-Pack of Tropical Plants Is $30 (and Sure to Sell Out)

published Jan 16, 2024
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COSTCO on Raleigh Road. Headquartered in Issaquah, WA, Costco Wholesale Corp. is a membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise.
Credit: jejim / Shutterstock

If you have done any plant shopping at Costco, you’ll know that most of the retailer’s plants are worth the shopping trip for the price and quality. Ranging from money trees to fiddle leaf figs, shoppers have spotted a variety of plants below $30, and they even occasionally have decorative faux plants. But Costco’s latest deal will have you filling your cart up with more plants than groceries.

There’s a three-pack set of tropical foliage at Costco for only $30, and it appears that there’s a bunch of different plants to choose from, including pothos and ferns. Although the trio isn’t listed online, Instagram account @costcoguide shared a sneak peek of the deal on their Instagram Stories, and there’s no way that these plants will be there for long.

According to r/Costco, this isn’t the first time that the retailer has sold a three-pack of plants, but the price and plant types usually vary depending on the store. In August 2022, the set of potted houseplants were sold for $18.99, including the highly sought-after Philodendron Birkin. 

Tropical plants thrive in the summer, so be prepared to take thorough care of your new greenery, especially during this winter. This includes keeping your plants away from drafts, providing indirect sunlight every day, and avoiding fertilizer until spring. As long as your plants are inside, you shouldn’t have to worry about any leaves dropping.

If you’re not located near a Costco, no worries. You can purchase a six-pack of indoor houseplants on Amazon for $21, and you can still end up with a pothos. While you’re planning a stylish spot in your house for plants, check out IKEA’s newest collection of planters and hanging pots.