This $6 Amazon Find Instantly Organizes Your Bags (It Frees Up So Much Closet Space!)

published Apr 22, 2024
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A bedroom with an open-face closet.

Although I like having my purses lined up on a shelf inside my closet, I can admit that it’s not the most efficient storage method. Sure, I can see all of them and pull out the one I need with little effort, but this often comes at the expense of my other accessories, which have been relegated to bins under my bed. If you really want to store your bag collection effectively, you’ll want to use vertical hanging space. For this, you’ll need a good hanging organizer, as the wrong one can cause bags to slip off or, even worse, cause damage to them. The good news? We found a solid closet organizer (in a pack of two!) for just $6 on Amazon. The Daiimoon purse hangers are straightforward but brilliant, and they’ll have your bags organized in a snap. As a bonus, they’ll even help free up a good chunk of your closet shelf space if that’s where you were keeping your purses before.

What are the Daiimoon Purse Organizers?

Take one look at these purse hangers, and you won’t need us to explain how they work, but we’ll highlight their best features regardless. Each hanger has six hooks where you can hang bags, hats, bras, belts, ties, and any other accessories that will fit. The individual hooks are also pretty wide and sturdy, so you can even get away with placing more than one accessory per hook. Best of all, you get two hangers for only $6, which is a pretty great deal. Although each one requires some assembly, you only have to snap the hooks into their slots, so it shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds. Each hook also boasts a beveled edge, which will keep your bags from sliding off. Whether your collection boasts shoulder bags, crossbodies, or handbags, these purse hangers can hold them all neatly.


What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4/5

“This is such a simple, quick thing to add to my very packed closet. I have numerous crossbody bags, and they were just on hangers, which is super inconvenient, so most of them ended up lying on the floor. This hanger is so easy to install and saves SO MUCH SPACE! And it’s so easy to pull out the items.” — Elle

“Product comes with two [hooks] and holds so many bags and purses! Comes with enough space to have two on each peg depending on the size of the straps… Store it in your closet, and reach for your favorite bag effortlessly.” — Chuck

“This is very lightweight, heavy-duty plastic and easy to assemble. Comes in a small package. Great price for two!! Recommend if you’re trying to give yourself a little extra closet space!!” — Maria

For such a low price, these hangers are a no-brainer, especially considering how much shelf space you’ll get back. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s only a matter of time before they become bestsellers on Amazon, so stock up now!

Buy: Daiimoon Purse Hangers, Set of 2, $5.99