We Tested a Bunch of Bedding and Bath Essentials from Parachute, and These Are the 10 Best

published Feb 9, 2023
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Everyone has a different home aesthetic, but there’s one interior attribute most people seem to desire: coziness. Even if you have the most austere, minimal taste, when you climb into bed after a long day, we’re willing to bet you like to feel as snug and comfy as possible. To achieve this, you’re best off heading to Parachute’s site.

This soft goods brand has been an editor-favorite here at AT for years now, with our staffers raving about their organic materials, absorbent bath products, and stylish loungewear. These items are usually a splurge, but you’re paying for luxury-level bedding and bath essentials that’ll last for years without losing their splendor. Parachute has lots of great fabrics and styles to choose from, so to help you get started, we’ve list a few of our editors’ top picks below. So check them out, and who knows? You might just find your next home favorite in the lineup.

1 / 10
was $289.00

Your bed might not know it yet, but it's sorely missing this ultra-soft quilt. Blair, our style editor, tried it and loved it, writing, "What makes this comforter so vastly superior to all others I’ve tried is that Parachute has perfected the product to feel equal parts lightweight and cozy. The former can likely be attributed to its 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton construction, while an insulated, overstuffed fill makes up the latter — and thus, the high-quality cloud-like allure." As a result, this quilt is the perfect year-round covering.

2 / 10
was $49.00

When AT contributor Ivy tried Parachute's Turkish cotton bath towel, she immediately found it to be the most luxurious towel she'd ever used. Even after a few cycles through the washer, it never lost its plush feel. "The weight envelops you in the most soothing, comfortable way, and it gave me almost the same feeling as my favorite weighted blanket draped over me," she wrote. "It’s also somehow quick-drying, using innovative Aerocotton Technology." Absorbs moisture like a dream and still dries in no time? Yes, please.

3 / 10
was $89.00

After testing the organic cloud cotton quilt, it only made sense that Blair would also love the organic cloud cotton pajamas. You can purchase this top and its matching bottoms separately, and both are on sale! "Taking a cue from the Cloud Cotton Quilt itself, these pajamas manage to feel perfectly lightweight and breezy, yet simultaneously cozy (think your favorite old sweatshirt, but even gentler)," she wrote. Plus, the monochromatic set looks undeniably elegant.

4 / 10
was $269.00

Cotton is naturally soft and cooling, but the brushed cotton fabric that makes up this sheet set takes comfort to the next level. "I’ve never been a huge fan of crisp sheets; rather, I prefer bedding that feels like it’s been around for awhile—it’s just so comforting," wrote contributor Sarah after sleeping on her own gray set. "This bedding is exactly that, and I have no plans to go back." The sheets are also available in seven tranquil colors.

5 / 10
was $49.00

If you hate getting up on cold mornings, grab a pair of these fluffy slippers to make your next awakening a bit more pleasant. According to Best List Editor Britt, the footwear's sculpted ribbed cotton conforms to your feet, making it feel like the slippers were made just for you. "I wear these slippers all the time at home," she wrote. "They’re the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off before going to bed at night. In fact, if I don’t have them on at my apartment, then I’m probably sleeping." What's more, the slippers have non-slip bottoms, so you won't succumb to any accidents.

6 / 10
was $2400.00

When we say Parachute makes some of the best bedding we've tried, that also means mattresses. The eco comfort mattress is made of New Zealand wool, organic cotton, and steel coils that provide firm support for your back and plenty of softness for your head. AT contributor Marshall described it as the best mattress she's ever owned, writing, "It’s the feel of a traditional mattress I grew up with, with zero drawbacks. Or another way of looking at it: the contouring benefits of foam, without hot sleeping or sacrificing support."

7 / 10
was $59.00

You probably never realized the importance of a good bath mat until you stepped into the bathroom after someone else showered, only to realize that the floors were soaking and the mat had a swampy consistency. Say goodbye to that icky problem when you buy this organic cotton mat, which Britt likened to something you'd find at a spa. "It’s easy to assume that the more plush an item feels, the more water it’s going to hold onto and the longer it’ll take to dry, but that’s not the case for this bath mat," she wrote. "My feet were dry enough to comfortably slip back into my slippers in the time it took to towel off."

8 / 10
was $220.00

Parachute's famous brushed cotton also comes in duvet form, which AT contributor Stella described as, "crazy soft, while still feeling crisp and clean." She went on to add, "Somehow it wrinkles minimally and seems to self-smooth across my bed." The cover's material also wicks moisture away and remains breathable even in warmer temperatures, so you can continue to use it way past winter.

9 / 10
was $149.00

Parachute's waffle robe is one of the best bathrobes on the market. Our source? Beauty editor Olivia, who's tried tons of them. "I have extra fluffy robes, short robes, long robes, cotton robes, terry cloth robes," she listed. But it wasn't until she tried this one that she found a robe for all seasons. It's simultaneously breezy and cozy, giving you free range of motion with its short hem and sleeves. You'll find yourself wearing it all the time on chill days in.

10 / 10
was $129.00

Also flowy and fuss-free is Parachute's linen house dress, which is the ideal garment for lounging around the house, especially as we transition into spring. It comes in four lovely colors and sports a relaxed boho design. It's one of those pieces that looks effortlessly chic even while wrinkled. "It isn’t stiff, and I love that my legs don’t feel trapped in it, Britt wrote of her own dress. "Every time I wear it, I feel a little more luxurious in a low-key kind of way."