This Ingenious Amazon Find Belongs in Every Beach Bag (It Gets Sand Off Your Skin in Seconds!)

published Jul 5, 2024
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Young couple and their two kids spending the day at the beach
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Although going to the beach is usually a fun time, the activity is a lot more relaxing in theory than it is in practice. Peaceful lounging is usually sandwiched between the not-so-fun practicalities of setting up your umbrella, putting on sunscreen, then packing up and making the trek back to your car or bus stop in the hot sun. Although you do your best to shake and shower off any sand that gets stuck to your towels and legs, a trail of it still somehow ends up on your floors at home. Thankfully, there are little hacks you can implement to make your next beach day a more comfortable experience, like investing in a quick-drying towel or packing your beverages in a portable cooler instead of a basic tote bag. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to grab a SANDSCREEN sand removal bag (or two) from Amazon. With this ingenious product, you can skip the line at the beach shower station and still get rid of all the sand on you and your stuff in mere minutes.

What Is the SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag?

A not-so-secret hack for removing sand from your body after the beach is to use baby powder. Although it’s technically effective, the solution is not without its problems. For one, you might not want to use a talc-based substance, which is totally understandable. Additionally, the white powder can often be messier than sand, which is counterintuitive, not to mention very strong-smelling. As a result, we recommend the sand removal bag instead. It’s talc-free and reef-friendly, so you can use it on yourself and your loved ones without worry. The Sandscreen substance, itself, is stored inside a soft microfiber pouch that you rub on any area from which you want to remove sand. Each pouch also comes with a waterproof carrying case, which you can throw in your bag to have on hand for any sandy activity, whether you’re at the playground with your kids or playing volleyball on the beach. Best of all, a few quick passes of the sand removal bag leave your skin feeling clean and no longer gritty or dry.

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What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“This is my fourth summer using this product and only my second time replacing it, so that shows how long it lasts. I don’t do the beach a whole lot — maybe five times in the summer. However, it’s so nice to have. It’s not like regular powder. This leaves your skin so smooth. Must-have beach item if you are a beachgoer!!” — Kelly

“This is a must-have, especially if you are going to the beach with little children. I was able to keep my baby sand-free using this, and it also helped get salt/sand off from the water for us to reapply sunscreen.” — Kristen

“Took this little pouch on a beach vacation and was thrilled at how well it worked. The material is sturdy; toddler couldn’t tear or rip. It removed the sand from all parts of the body with a couple pats, and with the carry zip bag, it was easy to pack without a mess. Never go to the beach without it.” — Joan

The sand removal bag is available for purchase individually, or you can stock up on a pack of three, which we’re sure you’ll want to do after you discover how well this product works. In any case, it’s sure to become a summertime essential in your beach pack that’ll save you time in the long run and make your outdoor excursions truly relaxing.