The Most Beautiful Terracotta Tiles: Our 24 Favorite Styles

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Frenchy Fancy)

Lately we’ve been seeing a trend towards more textured, storied finishes in the home, things that look like they’ve been there for years, whether made from reclaimed materials or new materials made to look old. Terracotta tile, with its beautiful texture and intriguing color variation, fits the bill perfectly. And it comes in all kind of finishes and shapes — not just earth tones and squares or hexagons. Here are 24 of our favorite terracotta tiles.

Shapes and Textures

(Image credit: As linked)

Top Row:

1. Star and Cross terracotta tiles from Tierra y Fugeo. They also have quite a few other shapes.

2. Belgian black terracotta tile from Clé, also available in square and hexagonal shapes.

3. 5″ Square antique French terracotta flooring tiles from Vintage Elements

Second Row:

4. Farmhouse Provençal French Terra Cotta tile from Pavé Tile.

5. Antique terracotta tile from Clé (also available in 6″ squares).

6. Girasol, a unique pattern of hexagons paired with triangles from Todo Barro.

Third Row:

7. Antique Terracotta hexagons with black cabochons from Chateau Domingue

8. Antique Terracotta square tiles from Chateau Domingue

9. Black glazed star and cross tile from Tierra y Fuego.

Bottom Row:

10. Rectangular terracotta tile from Todo Barro

11. Antique French terra cotta tiles from Exquisite Surfaces

12. Tunisian terra cotta tile by Tabarka Studio (shown here in white but available in a huge variety of colors).

Colors and Patterns

(Image credit: As linked)

Top Row:

1. Picket tile by Tabarka Studio

2. Fan tile by Tabarka Studio

3. Zig Zag tile by Tabarka Studio

Second Row:

4. Hexagon Los Verdes Vintage tiles from Arto

5. Corteo 5 tile by Tabarka Studio

6. Grafico 2 tile by Tabarka Studio

Third Row:

7. Mediterranean 9 tile by Tabarka Studio

8. Antique white glazed terracotta tile from Chateau Domingue

9. The New Terracotta range from Domus comes in 46 colors, 9 different finishes, and 11 sizes.

Bottom Row:

10. Hexagon tile by Tabarka Studio

11. Textured brick tile by Tabarka Studio

12. Antique Square Terracotta Tile from Chateau Domingue