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Jan 31, 2023
Look We Love: Traditional Table + Modern ChairsDesign Ideas
One of our favorite ways to add a little excitement to an interior is by mixing old and new pieces. Nowhere is this more true than in the dining room, where an old-fashioned table and modern chairs make an especially attractive pair. Here are eight of our favorite examples. Above: An antique table and modern shell chairs mix in the dining room of a Madrid home spotted on Planete Deco.
Oct 13, 2022
The Most Iconic Mid-Century Modern Pieces You Need to KnowDesign Ideas
Simple silhouettes, minimal hardware, and pared-down color palettes. Let’s face it, most design enthusiasts can spot a modern piece from a mile away. (Psst… we broke down the difference between minimalist, modern, and contemporary, if you’re not up to date!) In 2018, almost every store has a slew of furniture and accessories that are inspired by mid-century modern classics—and for good reason. The style is contemporary, timeless, and looks good in virtually any space.
Oct 12, 2022
Quick History: Cane FurnitureDesign Ideas
The British Colonial look is always especially appealing during these tropical New York City summers, when creamy neutral spaces provide a cool haven from sizzling concrete. Caned furniture is classic in a colonial interior. Lightweight and airy, it seems at home in a palm house or on a veranda (image 1).
Oct 12, 2022
Get In My House: 3 Eccentric Designer Pieces I Totally CraveDesign Ideas
The world of design is a weird and a wonderful one, and in my line of work I see plenty of unique things. There’s plenty of really peculiar furniture out there, and I’ve written about a lot of it, but out of all of it, there a few pieces that stand out to me: things so unusual and yet so arresting that I can’t get them out of my head; things so bizarre and yet so lovely that I would gladly take them home, no matter how many friends were to ask me “What is that?
Oct 11, 2022
This New Canadian Brand Has a Scandi Modern Meets Laidback, West Coast AestheticDesign Ideas
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Oct 21, 2021
This Rental's Home to 3 Kids & an Impressive Array of Minimal & Modern FurnitureTours
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This Modern Melbourne Apartment Proves a Rental Can Be Colorful and Playful Tours
Josh and Matt struggled to decorate their home while ensuring they didn’t damage their rental... so they make their own home decor and art that's easy to install AND remove.
Jul 19, 2021
This Home Brand Creates Stylish Furniture From Recycled Milk JugsDesign Ideas
Introducing Hoek Home, a new sustainable flat-pack furniture brand.
May 8, 2021
This Stunning Home Is Filled with Incredible Custom Furniture and ArtTours
Both supremely talented individually, architect and designer Alejo Petrucci and designer and artist Francisco Miranda worked together to create a home that perfectly showcases each of their styles and all of their skills.
Apr 26, 2021
Ellen DeGeneres Has a New Furniture Design Competition Series On the WayDesign Ideas
The competition is stiff in HBO Max’s debut trailer for “Ellen’s Next Great Designer.”
Apr 18, 2021
This Stylish Coffee Table Doesn’t Require Any Hardware to AssembleDesign Ideas
Russet's new offering is stylish and sustainable.
Mar 13, 2021
A Lot of Furniture Has Feet, But This Wacky Chair Wears ShoesDesign Ideas
If you’re looking for a conversation piece for your home, here is an armchair that your guests will get a , ahem, kick out of. LC23, an Italian fashion brand, is selling a collection of armchairs that, oddly, have feet. Handcrafted by local craftsmen, the legs are made of linden wood and can be fitted with socks and sneakers, giving the piece of furniture a streetwear aesthetic.
Feb 24, 2021
This Art Exhibit Reimagines the Classic Children’s Book “Goodnight Moon” With Home GoodsDesign Ideas
“Goodnight House” reimagines the bedroom in the children’s classic with contemporary artwork and home goods.
Feb 6, 2021
Allow Tracee Ellis Ross to Make the Case For an Unconventional Couch ColorDesign Ideas
We're taking style cues from the Golden Globe winner.
Jan 23, 2021
Mindy Kaling’s Chic Sofa Follows a Subtle Yet Bold Design TrendDesign Ideas
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Jan 17, 2021
This Sofa Transforms Into a Bed By Lowering From the CeilingLife
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Dec 19, 2020
This Collection of Modern Cat Furniture is Pawsitively StylishDesign Ideas
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Oct 17, 2020
These Stylish Velvet Couches Are Made From Recycled Water BottlesDesign Ideas
Sabai, an eco-friendly furniture company, doesn't want you to sacrifice style for sustainability.
Oct 4, 2020
A New Exhibit Showcases IKEA’s Design Evolution With 70 Years of CatalogsDesign Ideas
Revisit the catalogs by the decade.
Sep 12, 2020
These Soft Foam Cabinets are the Funkiest Storage Spaces We’ve Ever SeenDesign Ideas
Designer Dewi van de Klomp aimed to utilize the whimsical material in a "poetic way."
Sep 6, 2020
The Best “Grown Up” FutonsDesign Ideas
image:415c2e7e33ce9d98b1087d352c8378b162311b6e w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" Growing up, the only type of couches my family owned were futons. I thought they were the coolest — you could change the covers, they expanded for sleepovers, and they seemed much more modern than an overstuffed sofa. Nowadays futons are more often associated with dorm rooms than cool furniture.
Sep 2, 2020
These Pillow Chairs Evoke a Summer Vacation on the Italian RivieraDesign Ideas
Pretend that you're vacationing off the coast of Portofino.
Aug 29, 2020
An Attic Apartment in Barcelona Comes With Built-In FurnitureReal Estate
It's multifunctional *and* chic.
Aug 16, 2020
Forget Blankets, Wrap Yourself Up In This Cozy ChairDesign Ideas
As temperatures begin to drop, now’s the time to turn your place into a cozy nest. Sure, you could break out a throw blanket or light a fire, but this duvet inspired armchair is some next level cocooning. The chair, called COLE, is a product of Russian furniture designer Kseniya Alferova.
Jul 17, 2020
Kanye Designs His Own Furniture (Not That We’re Surprised)Design Ideas
Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has been not so subtle in his desire to enter the world of furniture design. And now we have confirmation that he’s living his dream—at least in his own home. This week, Architectural Digest interviewed Kim Kardashian, and Mrs. Yeezy revealed that her husband has become friends and collaborators with Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt. From AD: “My husband makes all of his own furniture in his office,” she says.
Jul 16, 2020
This Convertible Chair Is Also ‘a Desk for Those Who Do Not Wish to Have a Desk’Design Ideas
If you'd rather nap than answer emails, there's a desk for that.
May 24, 2020
This Modular Desk Set Can Easily Move from Office to HomeDesign Ideas
Lightweight, compact, and beautiful.
May 24, 2020
What's the Most Iconic Piece of Furniture? We Made a Bracket to DecideDesign Ideas
Sixteen well-known, beloved furnishings face off against one another to be crowned the most iconic home item. Winner takes all!
Apr 16, 2020
Inspired by One Artist, People Are Making Mini Chairs Out of Objects Like Lemons and Fish SticksDesign Ideas
Chair materials include paper clips, matches, lemons, and fish sticks.
Apr 11, 2020
You Can Bring Frank Lloyd Wright Design Into Your Home with the “Usonia” Furniture LineDesign Ideas
Get Wright's design vibes without the cost of an entire house.
Apr 10, 2020
Perhaps the Most Popular Chair Ever MadeDesign Ideas
It may be hard to believe, but the design for the bentwood chair — that staple of restaurants and cafes everywhere — is 158 years old.
Mar 25, 2020
8 Excellent Ways to Make a Cheap Furniture Find Look More ExpensiveDesign Ideas
Whether it’s a piece of furniture you found for free on the side of the road, a hand-me-down you’ve had for ages, something you found in a really affordable big-box store or just something that feels cheap looking to you, there are some successful things you can DIY to make a piece of furniture look a lot more expensive (and personal!) to you. Splurge on some seriously rad hardware like pulls or handles and remove the less impressive ones that the furniture piece came to you with.
Mar 11, 2020
Before & After: Brittan’s Chair for the GenerationsProjects & Improvements
Last week I posted about Joy Cho’s photo album of her daughter Ruby’s first year. Today I’m sharing another project that captures memories in a completely different way. Click to see how this chair was transformed into a cherished memorial to family.Brittan grew up loving her mom’s photo albums.
Mar 11, 2020
Coffee Table Roundup: Round, Square & BeyondDesign Ideas
My search for the perfect coffee table is endless. Not because of a lack of variety, just the opposite. There are tables in so many sizes, shapes and materials that, as often happens to me while decorating, I’m paralyzed by choice.There are so many beautiful options that each new, amazing find just reinforces my idea that committing to one table will, through the evil influence of Murphy’s Law, lead me down a path to an even more perfect choice.Then there are the rules.
Mar 11, 2020
Small Space Solutions: Compact & Smart Home WorkstationsOrganizing
A clean, organized, and well-lit home work space is a must. And what better time to tackle this issue in your home than the fresh start of a new year! Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate home office or studio, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a healthy environment for working at home. Even if you don’t work from home, carving out a space for productivity is important and a smart way focus on specific tasks without distraction.
Mar 11, 2020
We Want to Buy Everything from Leanne Ford’s New Crate & Barrel Collection, But Especially That BedDesign Ideas
Get ready for lots of neutrals, shapes, and modern design.
Feb 20, 2020
IKEA’s New Music-Inspired Collection Is Designed to Help You Throw a Great PartyDesign Ideas
IKEA decided to create a collection that revolves around the importance of sound—and a new way to listen to music through home furniture.
Jan 27, 2020
Design Dictionary: What’s the Difference Between a Couch and a Sofa?Design Ideas
Do the two words really mean the same thing? Where did they come from? And what, then, are a settee and a loveseat?
Nov 19, 2019
You Can Finally Get Design Within Reach Furniture for Less—but Only for a Limited TimeDesign Ideas
Yes, including that iconic Eames chair!
Nov 6, 2019
Make It Work: The Complete Guide to IKEA Hacks & ProjectsProjects & Improvements
You know the saying: give someone a fish and they eat for a day. But teach that person to fish and they eat for a lifetime? Wise words, and completely applicable to IKEA hacks. Because, we can show you good examples of “Before & After” projects all day long but, sooner or later young lady, you’ll find yourself standing in front of a broke-down MALM dresser and you won’t know what to do. And then where are you going to be? Huh? Can you answer me that?
Aug 12, 2019
Quick History: Shaker DesignDesign Ideas
image:091a0421120d147dd94cb74569189c01f6d2e4ed w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" Ideally, our furniture can reveal something about how we live and what we value. But in reality, other factors like cost, space and what is available in the marketplace ends up limiting us or diverting us from our true values. We might believe that form should follow function, but own an uncomfortably lumpy hand-me-down desk chair.
Jun 5, 2019
Before & After: Box Spring Chair & TableProjects & Improvements
Of the many Before and Afters we have featured, this one may take the prize for the biggest blindside, meaning when you click through, you will in no way have figured out what was coming and the ‘After’ photo just may knock you flat. While you can sometimes predict how a thrift store dresser or end table will be saved and transformed, just try it with this box spring. You’ll be wrong. Trust us. Just go look.We told you!
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Fabric Front DresserProjects & Improvements
What do you do with a dresser that has already been redone once before but has seen better days? Redo it again in a completely different way, of course. Check out how the sad little deer decal got put out of its misery and this basic little dresser got a major style boost.Fabric on a drawer front. We have seen it before, and it doesn’t always work, but Ann Marie from Twice Lovely got it just right.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Coffee Table Turned Tufted OttomanProjects & Improvements
Brooke, from the home décor blog Inside-Out Design, started with this run-of-the-mill old coffee table, and with some ingenuity and a lot of handiwork, she and her husband transformed it into a one-of-a-kind hand-tufted ottoman.Brooke used West Elm’s Ikat Print by the Yard fabric as inspiration for completely transforming the coffee table.
May 5, 2019
Before & After: Retro Chair Reaps Benefits of ReupholsteryProjects & Improvements
Kaylei McGaw, Associate Editor at Lonny, inherited this ripped vinyl saucer chair from her Great Grandmother. Not wanting to get rid of it, she decided to hand it over to the talented folks at Chairloom. She picked fabric, they reupholstered it, and now the chair’s got another fifty years of life. See the transformation next…. Not only did baby get a new pair of shoes, she got a whole new wardrobe!
May 4, 2019