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Yesterday I explained the basics of how to care for air plants and then I showed you how certain species’ forms lend themselves best to different types of containers. Today I will walk you through the super simple steps I used to turn a vase sea sponge into an unique vessel in which you can hang your air plant (yes, it’s a natural dried sea sponge that is shaped like a vase!).
Apr 14, 2020
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On a scale of 1-10, organizing cables and cords behind an entertainment center ranks about a .001 on my scale. But when it’s all done and finished, the results are often night and day, not only just improving the aesthetics in and around the home entertainment center, but also possibly making your home a little bit safer thanks to better organized power and wiring.
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Good, green design is wonderful, but when you live in a cluttered home, it can feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. This was the case for my friend, Susan, so she asked for my advice on how to organize her living room. In her modestly sized home, the living room is the big multitasker. In it, she runs her small business of bath and body products, does billing, packages her products, does all her online work, exercises, meditates, and watches television. Whew!
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In a world where everyone is repurposing and making over things in their home, diy’s are a dime a dozen. So it’s always special when we come across one that stops us in our tracks and has us reading the entire tutorial. You won’t ever look at foam flooring pieces the same way again after you see what these are magically turned into!Yesterday over at Design*Sponge we saw this really rad rug makeover scroll past our screen.
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I’ve taken trip after trip to my local Re-Store and always take a moment to gaze at the pile of unloved cabinet doors. My husband and I have purchased a few in the past to mount artwork on or paint up for other projects — but we never had the vision to see their true potential: hot honeycomb shelving!Joshua and Sara Rhodes make up the dynmaic duo of Arrow & Apple and they’re always up to something wonderful.
May 6, 2019
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Anyone else have a garage, basement, or storage space that looks like this? There’s hope: Marji was fed up with the clutter in her tool shed, and she decided to first purge and then create a clever system that works for her.From Marji: As you can see, our tool shed was an unbelievable, disorganized mess.
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