33 Tiny Ways to Reset Your Life (and Your Home) This Fall

published Sep 8, 2023
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Ah, September. The month where everyone seems to collectively turn a new leaf as the air gets crisper and new routines start to fall into place. As summer turns to fall, I don’t even really need prompting to reset certain areas in my life — it’s a natural rhythm set by mother nature herself. But as someone who eagerly looks forward to fall every year, a list of ways to give yourself a fresh start at home and in life fills my heart with anticipatory joy. 

Whether or not you revel in excitement as pumpkin spice items begin to fill the grocery store shelves, or you’re quietly mourning the end of summer, a reset can help you recharge and reinvigorate yourself as you head into the last four months of this year. Taking stock of everything from your wardrobe to your mindset, here are 33 tiny ways you can reset your life and your home this season.

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1. Take an afternoon coffee and fall treat break (a tradition in Sweden known as fika!).

2. Light a fall candle.

3. Swap out summer throws and pillows for heavier knits and faux fur ones.

4. Buy a mid-year planner and fill it with fun seasonal plans.

5. With flu season right around the corner, you’re probably washing your hands more often. To keep them hydrated, whip out your hand cream and keep it on your nightstand. Apply daily.

6. Do a fall closet clean-out, but make it extra special. Light the fall candle, throw open your windows, and welcome your sweaters with a bit of fanfare.

7. Check in with your own personal style. Are there certain fall pieces that are missing from your wardrobe? Or maybe there’s a new trend you’ve been wanting to try. Make a wish list, shop your closet, and have fun putting together some new fall outfits.

8. Get a haircut. After being out in the summer sun, giving your hair some TLC will feel great. 

9. Don’t let students have all the fun — buy yourself some new pens and notebooks for your WFH space. 

10. Declutter a junk drawer. Let out a sigh of relief when you’re done. 

11. Make a fall playlist. Decide on what your go-to background music will be for chili making and pumpkin bread baking.

12. Make a fall reading list and create a cozy reading nook. Fuzzy blankets and plenty of pillows encouraged.

13. Invest in some new slippers, especially if your pair from last year is looking a little worse for wear. You deserve it!

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14. Spring cleaning? Try fall cleaning. Tackle a few cleaning projects before winter, cross off some items from this fall cleaning checklist.

15. Tidy up your outdoor spaces and add some fall curb appeal. Mums and pumpkins are always fantastic choices.

16. Change the wallpaper on your phone and your laptop. Opt for a pretty fall background, or simply swap out photos for something new. 

17. Take a trip to a botanical garden in your area and go on a long walk with a friend or loved one to witness the natural beauty of the new season.

 18. Flip the mattress and break out the cold weather bedding (hello, flannel sheets!). The cozier the better!

19. Give yourself a fall at-home mani. 

 20. Prep your kitchen for fall. Dust off the crockpot and put it within reach. Make room for fall treats.

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21. Take a drive with the windows down. Feel the cool air. Admire the changing leaves.

 22. Clean your coffee maker. It’s always a good idea to do it quarterly!

 23. Journal. Set aside some time to check in with any goals you made at the beginning of the year, reflect on the summer you had, and decide on what you’d like to focus on for the rest of the year. 

 24. Try out a new hobby. It’s the perfect time to take up hiking to check out fall foliage, and to get outside before it gets too cold. 

 25. Wash your makeup brushes and toss any makeup that’s expired, or is just plain old. If you can’t remember when you got it, it’s probably a good idea to throw it out.

26. Take a self-care day and put a fall twist on it. Perhaps you take your book to a coffee shop and sit outside, fall drink in hand. Or maybe you treat yourself to a facial or massage, followed by a walk to enjoy the changing leaves. However you decide to carve out time, give yourself a whole day (or at least an afternoon) to enjoy.

 27. Update framed art and photos. Are there any images you’d like framed from summer adventures? Take the time to print a few of your favorites and display them around your home.

 28. Make a fall bucket list. Decide on the fall activities you don’t want to miss and pencil them into your calendar now, so you’ll have something to look forward to throughout the season. 

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 29. Create a new nighttime ritual. The days are getting shorter, which means it gets darker sooner. Add something new to your routine like a cup of tea or some gentle stretching.

30. Check in on your mental health. Book appointments like therapy sessions, massages or facials, and coffee dates with friends ahead of time, so you can stay ahead of seasonal stressors. 

31. Prep your skincare for the colder weather now. Pull out the heavy moisturizers and oils, and stock up if you’re low on any products.

32. Fall means football. Print out your football team’s schedule and put it on your fridge.

33. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Acknowledge any wins, big or small, you’ve had since the beginning of the year, then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.