10 Little Luxuries at TJ Maxx Under $50

published Oct 4, 2023
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Sofa and lounge chair in the living area of a studio apartment.
Credit: Erin Derby

If there’s one retailer keeping brick-and-mortar stores alive, it’s TJ Maxx. Whether you have time to kill between appointments, need to find a housewarming present on the fly, or you just want to dissociate after a long day while browsing cutely packaged hand soaps, their packed aisles never disappoint. Because they have so much stock, however, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for if you enter the store with a certain item in mind. The good news is, TJ Maxx’s website has a selection of products, namely home decor and storage solutions, that’s just as impressive as what they carry in-store — except you don’t have to browse for nearly as long to find them. We were easily able to view them by selecting desired categories, including wall art, coffee table books, accent pillows, and more. From our favorites below, you can tell there are many solid picks to choose from. The best part is, they’re all under $50! You’ll be able to effortlessly upgrade your space without breaking your budget. What could be better?

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TJ Maxx

You could certainly use this black urn as a holder for your favorite indoor plant, but it works just as well as a purely decorative object. Its upturned side handles and distressed finish give the urn an antique look, though it'll fit right in with a variety of decor styles. At 10" tall and nearly 10" high, it makes a statement without taking up too much space.

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TJ Maxx

Another way to draw attention to any surface is by placing this vase of pampas grass on it. The three 24-inch stems are actually held inside a glass apothecary-style jar, which lends the piece a slightly boho vibe. There are plenty of other faux plants to choose from on the site, though this is one of the trendier examples.

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TJ Maxx

This bath mat might be too shaggy to place in front of the tub, but its plush construction is perfect for your bathroom entryway or vanity. The soft fibers will serve as a nice respite from cold tile floors, plus they look so much more luxurious than low pile. Even if you do happen to get the mat dirty or overly wet, you can simply throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

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TJ Maxx
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You've likely seen similar storage baskets go for double or even triple the price of this one at other retailers, but TJ Maxx is all about balling on a budget. Besides, this basket's intricate seagrass construction, large side handles, and fitted lid make it look just as sophisticated as pricier options. Use it to declutter any corner and stow away anything from blankets to kids' toys.

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TJ Maxx

A Monet for $25? Not a bad deal. Although you won't be fooling anyone with this dupe, you still get a beautiful landscape to hang up above the sofa or in the hallway. Of course, the painting also comes with its own gilded frame, so you don't have to worry about buying that separately. The painting will imbue any room with old-world elegance without making it look stuffy or outdated.

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TJ Maxx

There are so many amazing tomes to choose from at TJ Maxx, we had trouble narrowing it down. But if you want to make your coffee table look a tad bougie, pick up this Vogue Paris volume for just $35. It details the visual history of the iconic magazine over 100 years, and its striking red cover will instantly draw eyes and make guests want to flip through its pages.

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TJ Maxx

You're missing out if you haven't had a look through all the funky vases available at this retailer. This one is made of unique blue-toned glass and sports an abstract design. It would look great holding a couple of flower stems or on its own. And because the vase is so inexpensive, you can pick out a few more to mix and match.

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TJ Maxx

Cozy up with this plush faux fur throw, which would look nothing short of opulent draped over your bed or sofa. It has a velvety texture and comes in a warm neutral fitting for the fall and winter months. Keep in mind that the blanket is dry clean only, so although it's durable, you might opt to use this as a decor piece rather than as a main covering.

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TJ Maxx

A lot of storage bins come in dowdy designs, but these pared-back wood grain bins are clearly an exception to the rule. They measure 12" wide and can go just about anywhere, from the closet to the pantry to the office. With these, you won't merely be replacing clutter with a bulky plastic bin, but rather elevating the look of your bookshelf or wardrobe in the process.

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TJ Maxx

Achieve a coastal aesthetic with the help of these simple, ivory-colored accent pillows. They'd look wonderful atop a slipcovered sofa, or, really, any sofa. They're slightly overfilled and therefore super cozy-looking, and at $15 a piece, the pillows are a steal. If you're looking to break up a boring couch or add texture and softness without making your living space look too busy, these are for you.